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MODERN FAMILY: Dance Dance Revelation

December 9, 2010 by  

Well, MODERN FAMILY fans, what did we think of this week’s episode? There was a lot going on so let’s get to it!

It’s Manny and Luke’s first dance and of course Claire is there to micro-manage everything. Gloria is the co-chair and Claire won’t let her do anything. When Gloria decides they need to move the arrangement of the tables, Claire loses it. In retaliation, she makes Gloria climb under the stage in the gym to get more chairs. At the dance, they have a fight that ends with Claire crying in the bathroom with a drink spilled on her. Gloria goes to comfort her and tells her that the reason she volunteers is because she wants the other moms to see there is more to her than being hot and having big boobies. Things are resolved between them when Claire says she shouldn’t have made it into a competition and reveals she has stuffed her bra.

Because Manny still needs a pocket square for the dance, the men go on a date to the mall. He would have borrowed one from Cam, because he not only has teal, but seafoam and aqua as well, but of course he’s lent out the teal one. Jay can’t help but make Phil’s life miserable. From mispronouncing his last name, to getting on to him when someone takes his parking place, to getting upset when Phil lets someone go ahead of him in the store, Jay is just a pest. Phil snaps and goes for a walk. Jay decides he’s going to teach Manny and Luke how to be real men when he spots the guy that took their parking spot and goes to confront him. The man bursts into tears saying his dog died earlier in the day and didn’t want to go back to his apartment. Was I the only one who thought he was lying? OK, good. When Phil encountered the cologne guy was the minute I burst out laughing. Chasing the guy through the store spraying him with his cologne is something we’ve all wanted to do to those types of salesmen, am I right? I’m still giggling at the salesman screaming like a girl through the shoe department followed by Phil – “men!” (spray) “men!” (spray) “men!” (spray).

Cam and Mitchell. Oh, Cam and Mitchell. At the playground, a mother comes up to them and says Lily bit her son. Cameron and Mitchell think she’s just blaming the gay dads until Cameron is buckling Lily into her car seat and she bites him. “She bit me! She did it again! It’s like Twilight back here!” Ha! Back home, Mitchell pulls out the parenting books and logs onto parenting websites. Between Cameron telling Lily he’s going to nibble her toes and Mitchell opening everything with his teeth, wherever would Lily get this idea? Cam not agreeing with Mitchell’s solution to put pepper in her mouth and subsequently trying to fight Mitchell to get some in his mouth was another laugh-out-loud moment for me. When Mitchell bit him in retribution, I thought it was perfect payback. I don’t have kids so I don’t know how to keep them from biting, but I would do the same thing if someone put pepper in my mouth!

I thought the scene of Gloria and Claire dancing with their sons (who wearing matching teal ties, no less!) at the end during Phil’s voiceover was sweet, but my absolute favorite scene of the night was the one that played over the credits with Cameron on the phone with his friend who was harassed by maniac at the mall who attacked him with Oasis for Men. Although my favorite character changes week to week, this week I really did love Cameron. I just thought he had some of the best lines of the night. “Don’t bite my head off! I’m not a pack of batteries,”. Hilarious.

A few more favorite moments…

  • Jay calls Claire to ask if Phil has a teal pocket square for Manny, Gloria hands him a teal bra and says that it should work.
  • Gloria climbing under the stage to get more chairs and yelling “smells funny, Claire!” That line delivery was perfect!
  • Gus, the janitor, completely ignoring Claire when a student spills a drink on her and handing Gloria, who got something on her fingers, a paper towel. Claire’s look of anticipation and then defeat was hilarious!
  • The whole Grandpa Lucas exchange was hilarious and the comedic timing was perfect:
    Jay :“If I said something was white, he’d say it was black. Although he never said anything was black, because he was a pretty big racist.”
    Phil: “I wear his watch!”

What were some of y’all’s favorite bits from this storyline?

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  1. Laila on December 10th, 2010 1:24 pm

    Best line was Phil telling his son, who is about to burst out of his too-small suit, “let’s go, Incredible Hulk.” His resigned/matter-of-fact tone just killed me.