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BONES: Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson Preview the Sniper Arc

January 27, 2011 by  

More than five months after BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan first teased that “one of our own will be a victim,” the long-awaited sniper arc kicks off with Thursday’s episode, “The Bullet in the Brain.”

The hour — directed by series star David Boreanaz — features the return of the Gravedigger and the introduction of Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (played by Arnold Vosloo), the sniper who will haunt Booth, Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian gang for multiple episodes.

While I did my best to get BONES creator Hart Hanson to hint how many victims the sniper will take out during his run on the show, Hanson declined to give a number.

“There’s a story where Booth [either] stops the sniper before the next victim or he doesn’t manage to,” he explained. “I don’t want to tell you how many [victims] there are before — and if — our people stop him.”

Fair enough.

However, he was a little more willing to talk about whether Cam’s study of brain damage in veterans and Hannah’s investigation into the corrupt cops — which led to Hannah getting shot — would be brought up again this season.

Take a look…


And what does BONES star Emily Deschanel (Brennan) have to say about the sniper arc and what it means for Booth and Brennan’s relationship?

Check it out…


Are you excited that the sniper arc is finally kicking off?


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43 Responses to “BONES: Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson Preview the Sniper Arc”

  1. Kat on January 27th, 2011 6:46 am

    Yes. Very excited about the sniper arc. The first episode, the Jan 27, 2011, looks totally awesome. It’s going to open up alot for Booth and for us to start seeing into his past as a sniper himself. It should be a great episode and of course David directed it and he did a fantastic job on the 100th. I’m totally looking forward to it.

  2. booth24 on January 27th, 2011 6:57 am

    My god, the man can use a lot of words to day nothing!!

  3. ct on January 27th, 2011 7:52 am

    “Other things occurred.” Like Hannah? Vom. I’d rather have my Cam, thanks.

  4. Drippan on January 27th, 2011 8:52 am

    Well, it sounds to me that HH got himself into a bad corner and trying to fight his way out!

    This season they are repeating things that have been done in the past but are stretching them out.

    1. We all know how Booth feels about his sniper days and that he is torn up between his pride and his duty. They are stretching his sniper days out to 3 episodes now.

    2. Hannah is just like any other SO in that Booth/Brennan will turn to each other in times of crisis. Again, they are stretching this out.

    3. Sweets is facing a mortality crisis again like he did in ‘Blue Lines’ in which he proposed to Daisy. This time the crisis is in one episode and the proposal in Episode 13.

    Not only did HH reset B&B way back to earlier times but he is treading water on the same things we already know about them. I’m wondering if he finally got the message that it is DB/ED that has held the series together and not the writing?

  5. PoppyP on January 27th, 2011 10:30 am

    Pooh, pooh.
    Not impressed by the preview. Why don’t they find a resolution to the 1st half of the season before this?

    Please let us know if Bones does indeed be there as the ‘rock’ for Booth w/o calling him out on his behavior. I really cannot stomach or believe what a doormat she’s become.

  6. L.Knope on January 27th, 2011 10:38 am

    So is this sniper going to be cool?
    As cool as the season 4 dream was “real?”
    As cool as the season 5 ending had us “dancing in the streets?”

    In theory, I hope BB make it and the shippers get closure. But my trust that they will do it in a satisfying way has trickled down to nothing. Just look at the PR continuing to deny any problems in the characterization of B, B and H. Also, the condescending and dismissive attitude of the showrunners is making me hope Karma bites the show.

  7. PoppyP on January 27th, 2011 11:37 am

    (sorry, no edit function here)
    Kudos to the reporting itself. This is the only place where the articles/interviews actually seem to address what’s on fans’ minds, keeps track of the show, etc. And I know lots of fans are just relieved the Hannah storyline has been ‘abandoned,’ but I still think the show needs to acknowledge the problems for any BB connection to be believable in the upcoming arc.

  8. Camilla on January 27th, 2011 11:57 am

    Wow. Here I was getting excited that there was something new about tonight’s episode, but nooooo. It had to be old news that we’ve all known for, what? A week now? More? Stop giving us the same news over and over again. We got it the first time!

  9. Delph on January 27th, 2011 12:09 pm

    I’m not relieved about Hannah’s SL being abandoned, now it seems it was all for nothing, I was hoping she would have a real purpose…

  10. marple on January 27th, 2011 12:33 pm

    I want to know what happened to the solution of the triangle in january ? Was that the last episode or what. A lot of hype about nothing again i guess cause i haven´t found anyone mentioning any kind of solution. Or is it in tonights epi.

  11. NoName on January 27th, 2011 12:49 pm

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees the problem in moving to the sniper arc as if Hannah didn’t ruin the main characters. Also agree that Bones comforting Booth is NOT romantic considering how Booth has been this season.

    Why do I feel like I’m being punished for waiting out this Hannah arc? The character was a Mary Sue, and it ruined BB, and the writers are denying Booth ever did anything wrong. If I had been one of the viewers who skipped this entire arc, I could have returned during the sniper episode and accepted BB getting back on track. Against the tide of maybe returning viewers, this might be when I quit.

  12. Nelly on January 27th, 2011 12:56 pm

    So the whole third party plot device was just that? –a plot device?– what a waste of time!!!! And the way it sucked the life out of B&B and ultimately the show—another big waste of time!
    Anyway the hannah fatigue has got a lot of folks down about Bones right now. She’s been stinkin’ up the place for way too long. But I worry that B&B have been ruined by her stench.
    Booth and his apartment need to be fumigated before he even looks at Brennan.

  13. Eve on January 27th, 2011 1:13 pm

    I have watched very little of Bones this season, and it was once my favorite show. Still debating if I will watch tonight. I think it will take some time to get the show back to what it was before the 100th. The whole tone of the show has changed.

    For the sake of the cast, I hope HH can bring it back. First they must bring back the old Brennan and Booth. I don’t mean as a couple, I just mean the likeable versions of them. Bring on the squints. Bring back Brennan and Angela.


  14. EL on January 27th, 2011 1:17 pm

    This is the first evidence I’ve seen that HH realized early on that he’d hit a ferocious and implacable wall of loathing by viewers with the whole Hannah debacle. But still he and SN kept trying to force it down viewers’ throats, calling them names when they didn’t buy into it. Sad and sorry for the mess they’ve made of this once great show but karma is comin’ or maybe it’s already arrived.

  15. EL on January 27th, 2011 1:19 pm


  16. Lisa on January 27th, 2011 1:56 pm

    I’m echoing the ‘get rid of the trench coats’ and ‘I’m being punished’ and ‘karma’s a b*tch’ camps.

    I was a fun loving fan. – I couldn’t understand what was going on this season. – Came online to make sense of things and realized: 1. The writers are, umm, impolite. 2. Booth being a jerk is not part of the storyline, he’s still perfect. (Are 1 and 2 connected?) It would have been better if I never saw episodes 1~10.

    Hey, I gave this storyline a chance. I didn’t hate Hannah because she was a 3rd wheel- it made sense to me. The writers & actress did that all on their own. But as one poster pointed out, I’m being punished for being a loyal fan who stuck out this arc and made the extra effort to find out about the writers’ intentions and spoilers.

  17. :) :( ? on January 27th, 2011 2:57 pm

    Yeah…. I don’t know if I want to watch until I hear the show is really changing, not just bringing in flashy new action. The gravedigger episodes always brought out the best in the team, but if this sniper arc is again, yet again, just going to drive home the season’s message “Bones was an idiot for ever rejecting Booth, the most noble and tortured hero ever, and she must pay by showing her devotion,” I’m not interested.

    The only positive thing I have to say is that Marisa Hoffman seems great. She’s really going after answers there.

  18. Sonia on January 27th, 2011 3:02 pm

    -_- Wow. Honestly, what’s really been depressing me about this season has not been the show itself, but the fans. Every time I get excited about a new spoiler or article about Bones, I see all the negative comments from the fans and it acts as a big killjoy. Every time, the articles I enjoy most end up being the ones that don’t have comments, because then I don’t have to read these things that depress me.

    I’ll admit it: I don’t like Hannah’s presence any more than the next person. I also have noticed and disliked the distance between Booth and Bones for much of the season, and some of their behaviors and mannerisms. I haven’t liked this season thus far as much as I liked Season 5.

    I swear, though, some of you are really like fair-weather fans: when things with BONES are going very well, and working out the way you want them to, you’re really enthusiastic about the show. However, when it takes a turn that you don’t like so much, you whine and groan and complain and threaten to ditch it. What kind of fandom is that? Would you do that with your friends, ditch them when it seems things aren’t going well with them? Just like with everything on this entire planet, TV shows have their ups and downs. If you don’t ride with the show through the downs, the ups won’t mean as much. This is the problem with too many people these days; the minute things aren’t going the way they like, they just give up on it/ditch it. That’s why people have so many problems with life, whether it be relationships or fandoms or friendships, because they don’t wait it out and get through the hard times in order to reach the good ones. As someone once said, “Be strong now because things will get better; it may be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.” I, for one, have seen several good things in this season, like the Brennan-centered episode and now this sniper arc, and I will continue to stick with this show until its very last episode. After watching the past five seasons of the show, I’ve seen what the writers can do, and I am confident that, in the end, they are going to give us something amazing that’s worth waiting for. I’ve been dazzled by the show thus far, and I feel that I will continue to be, up to the very end. You people can give up if you want to; it’s these “downs” in the show that separate the true, strong fans who will stick with it no matter what from the fickle ones who will give up after a few not-as-good episodes. I’m continuing to watch and support BONES, and I know that the other fans who truly love and believe in BONES as well will be there watching and supporting it with me. =)

  19. Cheesy Wisconsin Cheese on January 27th, 2011 3:20 pm

    If I was a fair weather fan, I would have quit watching in September, seen the hype for the sniper episodes, and thought about checking back in.
    It’s ***because*** I was a loyal fan that I waited for this Hannah arc to go somewhere. It didn’t happen, and I just had to sit through some of the series’ most awkward scenes and more seriously, character assassination (though the Brennan change started before that). They really should have made Hannah more realistic or a ‘love to hate’ character. Villains are easier to play.

    Also, even though I stayed loyal, I would never make assumptions about ‘true’ fans or the like, especially for viewers who evidently have more experience with the show’s anti-climatic “resolutions.” Honestly, if viewers didn’t complain, we might have been stuck with Hannah all season long, with a Booth-Hannah at the alter cliffhanger!

  20. Eve on January 27th, 2011 3:37 pm

    This is not real life, it is a tv show. Fans abandoning a tv show is not like people who abandon their friends. People have a right to their opinions and express themselves. Critics have been vocal as well. It has also probably given TPTB some insight as to where they went wrong as well.

    Good for you for standing by the show each week. I have been back and forth but really have found more enjoyment in the office or a good book.
    It is the enjoyment of the show that I missed and the “light” in the show.
    It just seemed to go “dark” since the 100th. There have been a couple of good episodes but for the most part, most of them are either full of angst and sadness or just boring.

  21. Cheesy Wisconsin Cheese on January 27th, 2011 3:56 pm

    I don’t feel guilty for my honest reactions. The show is not some innocent bystander and HH and SN have gone on record as thinking it’s a good thing to rile up the fans. I did get fed up with the idea that if I don’t like it (i.e. can’t be manipulated according to the plan), I must not ‘really’ understand the character development though.

  22. JR on January 27th, 2011 5:10 pm

    I have been incredibly faithful and patient with this storyline, but that’s because I thought there was payoff. Personally, I found Hannah to be so bizarre, I thought there would be a big reveal about her as a villain. Now the interview sounds like HH is just going to start a new arc without acknowledging any problems.

    Most importantly, what’s this sniper arc going to do? Bring the team together or just bang us over the head with Brennan’s mistake and Booth’s greatness?
    If Bones continues to act like a kicked dog coming back for more, if the show acts like Booth is still God’s gift to the FBI, women, and world peace… all while the Jeffersonian team’s brilliance gets taken for granted, that will be the last straw. Not being a shipper, I really don’t think it’s romantic that Bones is becoming this insipid heroine to gain back Booth’s love or something. And I think Cam or Hodgins should have smacked Booth in the head when he essentially shut Hodgins up in the last episode’s opening.

  23. CJ on January 27th, 2011 5:37 pm

    I understand the hatred of the Hannah character. She has been poorly-conceived and written from the beginning. Supposedly completely perfect in every way with no complexity or depth. It isn’t the actress’ fault; it’s the writers. People want to see characters they can relate to. There is nothing relatable or realistic about the Hannah character.

    But I don’t understand what Booth has done wrong. If he’d continued to cling to Brennan after being rejected, he’s be pathetic and desperate. If he’d continued to flirt with Brennan while he was in a relationship with Hannah, he’d be a cad. Booth is neither of these things. He was rejected and hurt, but he made the effort to move on and find someone who did want to have a long-term relationship with him. Sounds like a mature, rational, healthy thing to do to me. He hasn’t been a jerk to Brennan. She can’t have expected nothing to change after she rejected him AND after they spent several months apart with no contact. In fact, Brennan obviously does understand. It’s viewers who for some reason want to blame Booth for the situation. Why is it always so easy to blame the man? (I am a woman by the way).

  24. JR on January 27th, 2011 5:53 pm

    I can’t speak for everyone, but 1. I don’t hate Hannah. I’m just disappointed she stayed so blah. 2. I was talking about Booth as a friend/man, not just rejected romantic hero. If the romantic hurt made him the way he is this season, some viewers may think it’s confirmation of how great his love was. I think he’s out of character for the guy’s guy alpha male.

    Again, just for me, Booth is like the bread in bread & butter. He (used to be) unpretentious, solid, comforting goodness. The Jeffersonian team is the butter that makes bread&butter magic. I also realize David Boreanaz has tons of fans, but there are lots of handsome law abiding heroes out there on TV and he’s part of a team with winning chemistry. If Booth continues to be the ultimate Chocolate Heaven cake with strawberry icing, good for you.

  25. marple on January 27th, 2011 5:56 pm

    “CJ you say everyone always blame the man. Take a look at the show, who do you see them blaming ? The all mighty god Booth can do no wrong and Brennan is supposed to be punished for not taking his offer.
    To me he has gone against most of his talk about love, family and friends this season. Also i think he treated Brennan really badly up to epi 7, after that i stopped watching.
    Imo there is no center any more this season Booth left it.

  26. Lonely Snowflake on January 27th, 2011 6:51 pm

    Agree with Marple and JR. (Wish GMMR had a reply button like EW)

    I think DB is hot, but he’s getting a little too long in the tooth to be playing a character who gets torn apart by romantic rejection. The age thing really was part of my problem with Booth’s characterization this season- I totally get all the lengthy explanations- and I think fans have done a better job than the actual show with this. I just expect a man of his maturity to swallow the hurt internally and continue demonstrating those values of family and friendship. Going between jerk/cold to Bones and her posse because he didn’t get into her pants/was really heartbroken is something I could see Chuck Bass doing, not Booth. (Although, according to HH and SN, there is no change in the characterization?! I’m so confused.)

    Speaking of which, Emily Deschanel looks confused about her own character in the video. Methinks the season is switching up storylines a lot, and there’s no coherence to it.

  27. Delph on January 27th, 2011 7:34 pm

    I wish Brennan would go back to be like she was in the first couple of seasons. Awkward/original/strong/rational/independent, yet normal in many ways (she was not that literal and robotic) and not so out there like she is since S4…

  28. Lisa on January 27th, 2011 7:59 pm

    I wish that so much too Delph. I can’t believe I toughed out the Hannah episodes, but the Brennan-centric episode was a huge letdown for me. Like how much longer can the show punish Bones and how much more of a doormat is she going to be? Am I supposed to grateful when Booth chooses Bones now?
    This is why I wasn’t a shipper for a long time despite loving them together- I knew the show would turn a unique kicka$$ character into a more conventional heroine if they pushed the BB angle, it would be Bones who would have to change for Booth while Booth got all the praise for waiting for her to change (was not expecting the social retardation though).

    Until then, I love Parks and Recreations, but haven’t been watching The Office. Undecided viewer here.

  29. Delph on January 27th, 2011 8:36 pm

    Yes Lisa it is exactly why I’m not so sure I want them to get together. I started watching the show because of Brennan, I didn’t want her to change, maybe revealed a bit of herself but not change and become a stereotypical woman that needs to be saved physically and emotionally, that is needy, that now just screams when something happen if Booth is around to protect her… I don’t want her to be like Daisie in Maluku if Booth is around to handle a dangerous situation… I don’t want her to start believing in signals from the Universe etc. Let the other characters believe in this kind of thing, and don’t tell us who is right. But so far it’s like she has to change her beliefs on everything (fate, God, magic, supernatural etc) to adopt Booth’s in order to live the big life and be good and right. Let her have faith in reason and Booth in God and don’t tell us who is right. I want Booth to overcome his white knight syndrome that after all is the aftermath of bad childhood, so healing would be for him to stop taking care of everything all the time for everyone and be taken care of too sometimes. Or at least keep Brennan complaining about it and remaining independent and not accepting/enjoying it… That she likes it on some level because he is like that with people he cares for, ok, but his behavior is also condescending and belittling somehow.

  30. Holly on January 27th, 2011 9:15 pm

    If I have this correct the Cam sl has been killed because we had to have the Hannah Show. I thought Cam had been backburned because they were saving her time for her big sl this season and now we get it’ll be mentioned,WT?
    If Brennan becomes any more of a doormat for Booth, I’m going to buy her rug and have it say “Booth Trample On Me Please”.

  31. Holly on January 27th, 2011 9:25 pm

    CJ, a few questions,
    1. Do you think Booth has treated Bren the same this season as in past seasons?
    2. Do you have any problems with the way Booth behaved in SUV in Doctor in the Photo?
    3. Are you okay with Booth betraying Bones by telling Sweets and Hannah what she said?
    4. Would you describe the Booth we’ve seen this season as heroic?
    5. Do you believe the character of Booth would have the fans he has if he had been portrayed in the early seasons as he has this season?
    6. You may not agree but do you get why so many viewers are no longer B&B shippers?
    7. Are you enjoying B&B scenes together as much as you have in the past?

  32. Delph on January 27th, 2011 9:50 pm

    I want Brennan to move on and have some pretty good fun 😉
    And yes you can live the big life and be rational.

  33. Josephsen79 on January 27th, 2011 11:21 pm

    First of all, kudos @Sonia!

    I just finished watching the episode and all I can say is WOW! It was incredible. DB did a wonderful job directing (as we knew he would), and I really think things took a big jump forward tonight. Not necessarily between B&B but as a whole show. I was really impressed by tonights episode. I think we just went into high gear, folks! I literally cannot wait to rewatch tomorrow.

  34. CJ on January 27th, 2011 11:30 pm

    1. No, I think Booth has emotionally distanced himself from Brennan. And I don’t blame him. He is supposed to be in a committed relationship with another woman. It would be wrong for him to be as open with her as he was before. It would also be unrealistic. He is trying to move on and he has to be more guarded than he was before.
    2. I have no problem with Booth’s response to her in the SUV. Again, Booth is in a committed relationship with another woman. It would make him look like a cad if he was ready to just toss her over for Brennan. And he didn’t want to lead Brennan on by getting too close either. He did the right thing. He didn’t do what a lot of viewers wanted to see, but for the situation he was in he did the right thing. And I think when he and Brennan do get together, she will admire him more for being faithful to the person he was with.
    3. Hannah, as much as I dislike her, is his first priority. It was right for him to tell her. Not telling her something that affects her (and Booth’s coworker and her “friend” being in love with him *does* affect her) would have been dishonest. If she’d found out some other way, it would have sown seeds of mistrust in their relationship. And Sweets was going to figure out that something was going on anyway. Booth consulted with him as a psychiatrist on a situation he was feeling very uncomfortable with.
    4. Yes. I don’t see him any less heroic this season than I’ve seen him in other seasons.
    5. Since the romantic tension has been a major part of this show from the beginning, I don’t think either Booth or Bones would have as many fans if the show had started out with her already in love with him and him with somebody else. It wouldn’t have made sense for them to act in the beginning as they are acting now because they weren’t in the same situation then as they are now. So I don’t think that’s really a valid question.
    6. The only reason I understand some people no longer being BB shippers is because they have dragged this out so long and the Hannah plot has not been very well thought out or written. However, do I understand people no longer shipping BB because of Booth’s portrayal this season? No, I don’t see it at all. I think he’s acted understandably given the circumstances. I really don’t see where he’s done anything worthy of blame. I don’t *want* a needy Booth who spends a year pining after Brennan even after she rejected him instead of trying to move on.
    7. Yes, just in a different way. If he’d been flirting with her the way he’s been for the past 5 seasons while he has a girlfriend he is supposedly serious about I’d be saying, “Yep, he’s a pig.” I don’t want to feel that way about Booth. So I’m glad he’s trying to be honorable about it. Yes, I feel badly for Brennan, but that’s life. Sometimes you make choices you end up regretting and then you have to live with them. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t right to expect everyone else’s lives to stop while you figure it out. I don’t think Brennan expects this from Booth and I admire that while she’s obviously hurting she understands Booth’s side of things. She *knows* that she’s living with the consequences of her choice. Booth is not a mind reader. He did not know that she was going to change her mind. “She didn’t really mean it. I’m going to keep after her. I know she really loves me.” That’s what stalkers are made of. Do we really want that for Booth? I certainly don’t. I’d pity him, but I wouldn’t find that very attractive or appealing.

  35. Minority on January 27th, 2011 11:59 pm

    My lonely two cents- good episode for Boreanaz fans.
    But seriously, does Bones do anything other than stand around Booth anymore?

  36. Minority on January 28th, 2011 12:11 am

    Don’t mean to overload the comments, sorry, no revise function here.

    Holly, Lisa I will subscribe to buying Bones that rug “Booth Trample On Me Please.”
    Delph, absolutely, I miss that ‘live big and be rational’ side to Bones. I thought it was what she offered Booth while he offered her his ‘trust your guts and heart’ side.
    And everyone else who commented on the show punishing Brennan and viewers…. agree.
    For the record, I never blamed Booth for moving on or hated the idea of him having a girlfriend (since I thought they both needed time-outs to think things through). The actual execution has been horrible.

    Oh, this is so nice. Especially after tonight’s Booth extravaganza, I thought I was all alone in not drinking the Kool Aid, thinking I would at least go down yelling.

  37. Bella on January 28th, 2011 11:52 am

    It’s good to know other people share in my frustration…this episode and Doctor in the Photo were epic but the rest of the season has been almost physically painful. HH is great and all, but he was so determined to prove that he could make fans love a Romantic False Lead that he created the most torturously flat and unbelievable character the show has ever seen. It worked better when they weren’t trying (Sully, anyone?).

    I know everyone’s like “Booth’s noble, he couldn’t cheat on Hannah,” but like, its not like the writers were backed into a corner. They came up with Hannah in the first place.

    I’ve only just realised that the thing that has annoyed me most about Brennan recently is that she is really useless. The cases have started solving themselves without anyone really doing anything, but for the most part she just stands around – as heaps of you have pointed out, she’s Booth’s doormat. What happened to the snappy, butt-kicking, novel-writing sexy scientist?

    And: hear hear! Ditch the trenchcoats! At least in ‘Bullet in the Brain’ Brennan wasn’t wearing a coat (just the white shirt) in the FBI office. I was beginning to think they were glued on.

    Anyway, I love this show and I’m not giving up yet…hopefully they’ll get it together in time. All I’m saying is, when I’m in the mood for Bones nostalgia in months or years to come, I’m not going to be thinking, “Oh, how about that episode from early season six where Brennan cracked a lame joke and Booth rolled his eyes and nobody else did anything?” I’mma be wanting me some Gormoggon, Grave-Digger, Hodgela, Gordon Gordon Wyatt, a Christmas special, Thai takeaway, ice-skating, star-gazing, Zackaroni, guy hugs and a slow dance. That’s all.

  38. Delph on January 28th, 2011 3:04 pm

    Of course Brennan is becoming useless. They are changing everything that sets her apart from the others. Since Doctor in the Photo she will more and more jump to conclusion without all the evidence in, like everybody. She will believe without proof because it’s easier and she wants to, like everybody. If she feels one way it must be the truth then cause her feeling is probably a signal from the universe, just like everybody. So there’s no much work to do anymore to gather evidence and make a conclusion since objectivity doesn’t exist making empiricism meaningless and thus science and thus her job. Therefore she is useless unless she starts relying on her gut more and more like she did with her dad…
    Was that their plan from the start? Destroying her character? Making her being wrong about everything?

  39. CJ on January 28th, 2011 3:44 pm

    I think the Hannah story is horrible. She is one of the worst-written, most dull, most unrealistic characters I’ve ever seen. No way she and Brennan would be overnight best-buds, especially given the situation. And Brennan has been written abysmally this season. She has totally regressed in her social behavior. And what on earth made her think it would be a good idea to tell Booth that she now thinks she made a mistake, when she knows he’s committed to someone else and he’s an honorable guy??? She exercised extremely poor judgment, in my opinion, in telling him that to begin with, putting him, Hannah, and most of all herself into a no-win, extremely awkward situation. Bones is smarter than that. All of the above does not add up to Booth being a jerk. Of the three, I think he’s the only one they’ve come close to getting right.

  40. Delph on January 28th, 2011 4:26 pm

    I always thought that for once they would praise the rational way of thinking on a show, and that their goal would not be to prove the rational character wrong like it is too often done in most shows…

  41. C-Sense on February 2nd, 2011 11:35 pm

    I truly agree with many posters about the Hannah’s sl which is bad. The writers should not have been rude when most fans hated where they took BB and H to. I missed the Bones and Booth we grew to love from the first season. Just watched program about why kids in America are so behind kids in the world (education; writing, reading, math, etc.), just look at how majority tv shows are dumbed down here. Some fans’ ideas for Bones should be look at as good advices but no the writers have to be rude as if it’s an insult or beneat them to listen. Better get back to the way things was with BB

  42. BB4EVER! on February 2nd, 2011 11:44 pm

    I truly agree with many posters about the Hannah’s sl which is bad. The writers should not have been rude when most fans hated where they took BB and H to. I missed the Bones and Booth we grew to love from the first season. Just watched program about why kids in America are so behind kids in the world (education; writing, reading, math, etc.), just look at how majority tv shows are dumbed down here. Some fans’ ideas for Bones should be look at as good advices but no the writers have to be rude as if it’s an insult or beneat them to listen. Better get back to the way things was with BB INCLUDING the original personalities of the both them. They could have made both Hannah and Bones rivals over Booth, and H get her butt kick by B who determine to win Booth. Do the writers actually believed that anybody would take aa boring doormat like Bones seriously? “rolling eyes “This is the kick@ss, intelligent, nonsense Bones who father a tough guy!

  43. faye on February 19th, 2011 12:02 am

    I will agree with what HH said, he isn’t going to be able to please everyone. The 2/3 that are not happy can stop watching!

    What I find extremely irritating with both HH & SN is when the statememt is made regarding what we the viewers like or dislike regarding a character i.e. Hanna. I do not like being told, “I love to hate her.” I do not love to hate her..I did not enjoy watching her epi.s and did not watch, just that simple. That was my option as a viewer.

    I felt casting really screwed up when she was cast for this role. She is a mediocre actress at best, imo, she did not even come close to holding her own with the other guest actors that have been cast in the past for this show. The sound of her voice made my skin crawl.

    The actress that played Hannah ( pls don’t tell me her name, I don’t care to know it.) and the producers for allowing it to continue for so long…did more to destroy a beautifully written & produced show faster then I have ever seen before.

    Bones will be renewed this season and for now that seems to be all that’s important to them. However, they do have to deal with the decisions for next season…will the viewers continue to watch a show the producers, themselves seem to have lost interest in?

    Yes, I feel HH deserved the writing award he recently won. He does great work…no question. But, I refuse to get involved watching another show he writes and produces regardless of how good it is because of the concern he will do the same with another show as he did with Bones. Reach a point and feel others can carry on.

    I was expecting something of the old “Bones” with thursdays epi. but was disappointed. The flow of the show was still not right and It felt disjointed.

    After watching last evening, I decided my good-by to “Bones” was the 100th epi. I don’t feel like struggling to watch a show because I feel it will get better which is what I have been doing with this show.