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BONES: ‘The Bullet in the Brain’

January 28, 2011 by  

Hello, BONES pals!

First of all, cheers to David Boreanaz for another VERY successful job at directing an episode. He is very talented; that’s all there is to it. And he plays the part of a very talented man, Seeley Booth. Come on, now…you were loving hot, confident, FBI Booth, right? Of course, there was more to this episode than just Booth with his gun — a lot more. We must discuss!


You know, Brennan usually says that she doesn’t really like the fleshy bodies, and I must agree. Give me skeletons any time, but WHOA these dead bodies?!? Between Taffet and Tracy McVeck, it was major yuck and awesome, in true BONES fashion.

The episode begins with our old nemesis, Heather Taffet (aka the Gravedigger), being escorted in an armored vehicle to her final appeal. Sweets is with her, and she is completely verbally manipulating him. Booth and Caroline are at the courthouse, and when the transport arrives, Sweets gets out first. Within seconds, Taffet’s head is blown off. Literally blown off of her body. Most of the crowd reacts in horror, except for one familiar looking man.

That man is James Kent, the father of the victims in “Aliens in a Spaceship,” the season two episode in which Brennan and Hodgins are captured and buried alive by the Gravedigger. Booth brings him in for questioning, wanting to know why Kent was so calm about it all. Kent replies that he’s fine with how it went down.

Brennan, Cam, Wendell and Angela work together to reconstruct Taffet’s skull in order to assist Booth in figuring out how she was killed. Or at least from where and how far away she was killed. Booth comes to a pretty quick conclusion that it was a professional sniper hit, and that means he knows the killer, whoever it turns out to be.

Meanwhile, Brennan is trying to convince herself and Booth that Max should not be a suspect. I have to admit, when she was describing the way Tracy was murdered with the single twist of the knife, I really thought it could have been Max. Did you?

Booth narrows it down to six potential snipers, and when Brennan describes the way Tracy was killed, he narrows it down to one, an old sniper “pal,” William Preston. He brings him in for questioning, and it’s tense, but there’s a respect there. Booth thinks it’s Bill, and Bill tells him that it wasn’t, but that Booth does know who it is — another sniper, Jacob Broadsky, a guy who has been off the grid for years. He has an alias, Gary Gray and that man recently came into two million dollars, courtesy of James Kent. Booth interrogates Kent, who admits to paying the money for the hit on Taffet, but who honestly never saw Broadsky.

When Caroline and Booth find out that Broadsky purchased some land under the alias of Seeley Booth, Booth goes out to confront him. Broadsky denies killing Taffet, but acknowledges that Tracy’s death was unfortunate collateral damage. When Booth chases after him (come on…that WAS hot!), Broadsky escapes by detonating his trailer, leaving Booth wounded, but hopefully still on the trail.


In an episode like this, there is so much to discuss. I have to pair these people up!

Cam & Wendell: I liked how they worked the case. I particularly liked how Cam had faith in Booth, that he would solve the case quickly. The Brennan and Wendell interactions were good and it was interesting to see the way he sort of called her on her reasoning.

Max & Caroline: I loved seeing both of these characters in this episode. What were your thoughts on the fact that Max had no idea Brennan and Booth weren’t together? Did you get the impression that Max isn’t really involved? I had to laugh when everyone thought he was in different parts of the world. As for Caroline, it was great to see her push Booth along and also trust him. And though I never would have picked it, I can’t imagine a better person to push Sweets from his funk than her.

Hodgins & Angela: I contend that Hodgins is the best developed character in the series. He has grown the most out of all the characters, and yet, he also has maintained his original characteristics more than any other character. What were your thoughts on his happiness at Taffet’s death? Did you agree with Angela that he was going too far? As for Angela, I can see where she was slightly nervous about it. I also liked how she “de-smushed” the bullet and comforted Brennan about Max.

Sweets: He doesn’t have a pairing here, but that is sort of appropriate as Sweets was somewhat alone in this episode. John Francis Daley was GREAT as Sweets, don’t you think? Even though Taffet was completely evil, she was a genius. I think she totally keyed in on Sweets’ biggest fear — which is not fitting in — or somehow being “found out” in terms of not being worthy of being around Booth and Brennan. Once that was in his mind (from listening to the recording over and over), he couldn’t quite shake it. I loved the scene where Hodgins was asking him for advice. We’ve talked before about how we shouldn’t underestimate Booth nor Brennan’s ability to compartmentalize, but it was Sweets who did that in this episode.


You know, my friends, this season began with Brennan making a deliberate effort to verbalize her affections for people. The results of that effort were completely Brennan-esque. She told Booth she liked working with him, and she referred to Angela as her metaphorical sister, etc. We all remember this. But how telling was it that the first words out of her mouth in this episode were, “Booth, I’m so glad you’re okay”? She wasn’t gushing or falling on him; that’s not really her way…but when her mouth opened, the truth came out, as it almost always does.

I really loved this episode. I’ll tell you my favorite part: it was when Booth was talking about how only the best sniper in the world could have made the shot. Brennan asks if he means himself, because he holds the record. Booth clarifies he doesn’t mean himself. And he brags; it’s a darn good record! Loved it. I love that we are finally getting an honest-to-God storyline for Booth. Everything else he has been through (Jared, Pops, brain tumor, shot to the heart, kidnapping, and yes, Hannah)…it’s all been for Brennan’s character development, ultimately. I have hope that this sniper storyline will be all about our man Booth.

Before I close up, I just want to mention that once again, I was struck by the trust Booth and Brennan have in one another. While we (some more than others) might be quick to point fingers or cast blame on one or the other, neither of them does that to the other. Ever. They really do trust each other, as partners and more. I’m making a commitment to do the same.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Did you have a favorite B&B moment? What are your opinions on the Brennan and Max interactions? And was it me or was Booth a little conflicted at the very end of the episode as he watched Brennan through the diner window? AH! There is so much to discuss, and like always, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. But I know that you all will help me pick up the slack. I’m just starting up the discussion.

Talk to me! Is BONES back, baby?

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46 Responses to “BONES: ‘The Bullet in the Brain’”

  1. booth24 on January 28th, 2011 5:05 am

    Bones IS back baby!!

    It felt like the old rhythm was there.

    Everyone was on their A game in this ep. From TJ (who is terribly under used to me) to Patricia Belcher to JFD. They all played their parts superbly. I loved the scene between Sweets & Caroline. When Caroline teared up and her lip quivered well I was right there with her. And who didn’t feel for Sweets?
    There were a couple of looks from Booth that had me squealing like a little girl. Who is he trying to kid that he doesn’t have feeling for Brennan anymore? Not me, that’s for sure!
    I had excitement butterflies in the tummy after this ep, not the usual oh no how much more can I take feeling. I am so looking forward to the next ep.

    Lastly DB rocked it as director – well done!!

  2. Eridapo on January 28th, 2011 6:53 am

    The episode was better than anything since the 100, but let us not kid ourselves. Remember this episode was supposed to air before Body in the Bag and after the Doctor in the photo. If you keep this in mind, Booth’s looks can be explained as looks of regret over what could have been.

  3. ct on January 28th, 2011 7:45 am

    I have one word: Finally. Just, FINALLY. This episode was phenomenal. Everyone was awesome, from Max to Caroline to Sweets to Brennan to (oh FINALLY) Booth.

    Also, I knew the Gravedigger was going to die, but I did NOT expect to see her head blown off like that. So awesome.

    If the rest of the season is going to be like this, the certain people still being around for the time being is inconsequential to me, for the most part. Welcome back, Bones!!

  4. Stephanie (stephpook) on January 28th, 2011 8:08 am

    Wow! Great episode. Slightly disturbing at times, but great (even though I knew the gist of what would happen to the GD, hearing the thunk and watching her head explode was still pretty shocking).

    The Sweets/Hodgins and Sweets/Caroline scenes were really good. And I liked how Booth immediately noticed when Sweets was back on his A game. It’s neat to see the way their friendship has been developing recently. Max was funny (as usual) and I love that he was disappointed that B&B weren’t a couple.

    A couple observations about the end of the episode: one of the things that really stuck out to me during Brennan and Max’s conversation was how, when Max gave Brennan the conch shell and started with the, “now I know you would say…” line that Brennan DIDN’T react the way he expected. Instead of presenting the facts, she brought up a fond childhood memory. She’s clearly growing more comfortable with relating to others on an emotional level and that scene was just so…sweet. And Booth was staring at her through the window the ENTIRE time. I would have been content with just the long shot of him staring at her, but when they zeroed in on his face my heart shot into the stratosphere. That look was pure, unadulterated longing…and it’s about time!

    It also felt very much like Booth and Brennan were talking only to each other in the diner scene and not to Max or Caroline. What mattered to Booth was that he didn’t let BRENNAN down and I think that’s significant.

    As far as the episodes being switched – I thought that a couple of things from last night’s eposode helped explain last week’s episode and actually made me feel BETTER about how last week’s episode went down. I think the look on Booth’s face explains why he felt like he needed to come clean to Hannah (interestingly, the cocky belt buckle was also gone last night. He was wearing a plain black belt and tie – pretty much the same outfit he wore in the 100th episode flashbacks). Guilt is a powerful motivator. I don’t think he’s ready to take another chance on Brennan yet and so the obvious reaction is for him to try and separate from her even more. But it’s like opening Pandora’s box. The truth is out now and it can’t be put back. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try. If the promo for next week is any indication, it’s only going to keep getting more intense where the two of them are concerned – and that’s going to be both a good and a bad thing, I think.

  5. djoy79 on January 28th, 2011 9:12 am

    This is probably going to wind up ranking in my top 5! Awesome ep! Kudos to the entire cast! Extra applause to DB for another wonderfully directed ep!

    Bones is back with a BANG!

  6. Vee on January 28th, 2011 9:54 am

    I enjoyed this episode – it had the really different case (vs other TV shows), action again (with always enjoyed Booth in motion), was more realistic in that he fell a lot and actually didnt get the guy (this time!), and a little bit more of the chemistry amongst all the actors, not just B&B. The scenes at the end where I felt Booth was talking to Brennan when he said he didnt want to let (slight extra beat) anyone down, and those wonderful complex looks on Booth’s face watching Brennan through the window. Well done. I am hopeful after reading the chatter that they have made some sort of decision on wrapping up the Hannah story, and while I am sure there will be a twist to get there that will have me groaning at the TV, at least it will move forward and be done with this character. I wonder if one of the “proposals” alluded to has something to do with Booth and Brennan changing their partnership, to maybe allow for a relationship, or proposing a trial of something; proposal doesn’t always mean a wedding proposal. Could also be a proposal of a trial separation for Hannah and Booth – giving the writers room to mess with our heads again at another future exciting moment. I like how they used Max to introduce the discussion of B&B amongst the squints. I hadnt remembered the shuffle in the episodes until reading these posts, but it explains a bit of the disjointedness. I am glad they did it though because this episode was bringing back the feeling of Bones that got me hooked on the show, and the last episode was lacking. It will keep the flow going, hopefully. DB brings something special to the show when he directs – there is definitely a different energy and style – which is an education for me in how much of an effect the director has on the end result. Looking forward to the next few episodes!

  7. Frankie707 on January 28th, 2011 10:13 am

    I loved this episode. I’m still on a high from it this morning.

    I agree with Stephanie the order of the episodes. If they were shown in the originally intended order then that look at the end of this one would explain why he was feeling so guilty and just had to tell Hannah about what happened in Doctor in the Photo. He was displaying emotions/feelings last night that he’s been denying having all season long. I do believe though that the changed order of the episodes might play better for the state of mind for viewers (depending on what happens next).

    I was so happy when Sweets finally played that recording for someone. He had really let Taffett get to him and listening to that thing over and over was just eating him up. Now I’ve only seen once (darn job) and might see things a bit more clearly on subsequent viewings but I couldn’t decide if Caroline was being honest about her reaction to being there for the shooting, or if she was just telling him something she thought would get through to him and help him out. Either way I thought it was beautifully played I’d have to think a scene like that would be hard to play, she was so different than the way she usually plays Caroline.

    It was great when Booth noticed the difference in Sweets…that he was back to himself. The look he gave him when he asked what happened, then when Sweets said Caroline yelled at him (giving her credit for helping him while at the same time protecting what was really said), just great.

    All the interactions between everyone was wonderful. I’ve often said that what makes this show is the chemistry of the entire cast. It works so well, because they work so well was a team. Booth and Brennan are the center, but it is so much more than just the two of them, and last nights episode displayed that.

    I could go on because there was just so much, but I’ve got to get back to work, breaktime is over. 🙂

  8. Monica (@texmex327) on January 28th, 2011 10:56 am

    Holy hotness, I could not stop smiling after last night’s episode. It was well done, DB did an AWESOME, AMAZING job directing.

    I’m not gonna lie, I kinda cheered when the gravedigger got shot. I hate how she was able to play on Sweets’ insecuritites. I think that Booth & Caroline did their best to make him see that he is not what Taffet said he was. And speaking of Caroline, holy goodness, she almost brought a tear to my eye. I loved seeing that side of her, one I’m not sure we will see again, but it was a welcome addition.

    Max & Brennan: loved it. I loved how Max thinks that Booth & Brennan belong together (as do I). She wanted to believe that he didn’t kill Taffet and I am sure part of her was relieved to know he didn’t. I loved the look on her face when Max gave her the shell and the genuine smile on her face when she held it up to her ear. Booth looking at her through the blinds, its love. He shouldn’t deny it any longer, we are all smart enough to see it Booth LOL.

    Ahh, Booth + rifle + table = SNIPER HOTNESS.

    I can see where Hodgins would be happy about the gravedigger being killed. was he a little too enthusaistic about it, maybe, but I think he is seeing this as a father. The world has become a little safer for the Hodgins baby.

    My own thoughts on the episode, it was great. I loved it, one of the best episodes I have seen in a while. Last night’s episode lived up to the hype. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the sniper arc plays out and how this will ultimately bring Booth & Brennan closer.

  9. Teresa on January 28th, 2011 11:18 am

    I absolutely loved this episode! It is definitely my favorite of the season so far! I think that this is going to be a good story line for the character development of Booth and I can’t wait to see how it is all going to play out.

  10. FL on January 28th, 2011 11:27 am

    I agree – a solid episode… by the standards of season 6, which have set the bar pretty low, rather than by the old-school Bones standards. I think that by now we’re all so desperate for some character development for Booth that we would probably see just about anything in a positive light.

    I for one am a little uncomfortable with the suggestion at the end that Booth is finally coming back to Brennan. Now, Booth? When’s she’s starting to move on? The implicit idea is that he only wants her when’s she’s essentially unattainable. Man, does he have a problem.

    I’m more inclined right now to believe that he should just leave her alone. There’s something not quite healthy about this story and it makes me very uncomfortable.

    It also makes me wonder whether the writers are assuming that we’d buy into Booth and Brennan getting together under just about any circumstances. I for one definitely wouldn’t. An I’d love me some integrity from the characters for a start.

    Also, I disagree with you that it’s all been for Brennan’s character development. In order to put Booth together with Hannah they had to change (i.e. develop) his character too, although it’s been more of an involution than a development, because I don’t particularly like who he’s become. So no, there has been some development for him too. IMHO, in the wrong direction. Just sayin’.

  11. Samantha on January 28th, 2011 11:35 am

    Oh my, finally an episode I really enjoyed! I thought this was a very well done episode all around. My only complaint was what has plagued the entire season thus far and that is the lack of Booth and Brennan working together. There was definitely more of it than in the last episode, but still, it was fairly minimal, don’t you think??

    Anyways, I really liked the episode! So glad the Grave Digger is gone, she was just nasty. Poor Sweets! As a viewer, I think he should have known what she was doing, but when you have a little doubt and someone plays into that, it is hard to ignore. I loved that Carolyn brought him out of it, that she showed a new side of herself, but just to him!!

    I found Hodgins reaction to be quite normal. I think when you are a victim of something as horrific as that, you are happy to see your perpetrator brought to justice, especially the kind that ensure they can never hurt you again. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so happy, but I think it is pretty rational.

    As for B&B… I loved, loved, loved when Booth was talking to Broadsky and he was like “wait for the warrent”, and then Booth jumped over the fence and with the best look on his face just said “this land belongs to Seely Booth”! LOVED!! I felt like I was getting the old Booth back!

    I loved that they ended with eveyrone in the dinner! Yeah! And, when Booth said he didn’t want to disappoint anyone, he looked right at Brennan! And oh my gosh, he looked so conflicted at the end, almost like he knows he can’t hide his feelings anymore.

    I feel like this episode is going to be a turning point in the season (or at least I hope). I think next week is going to further solidify for Booth that he can’t push down his real feelings for Brennan anymore. At least that is what I am hoping for! We will see next week! Can’t wait!!

  12. cathy on January 28th, 2011 11:42 am

    In my opinion last nite THEBULLET WAS a very good episode and next week looks liked a winner.

  13. Samantha on January 28th, 2011 11:55 am

    Vee, I like the way you think!! I never thought about the “proposal” not being a marriage proposal, but I guess it could be something else!

  14. Fajardo on January 28th, 2011 12:00 pm

    It’s pretty easy to please the Boreanaz fans and BB shippers.
    The episode was good, but the bar’s pretty low this season and HH and SN better hope the explosions also drew in more of the Idol crowd.

    I strongly disagree with the reviewer that the show has been using Booth’s stories to develop Brennan’s character. She’s become more bland, more of the conventional girl figure in any crime fighting duo as the show upped the BB romance factor. She’s been standing around Booth and the Squints while they do the work. It was especially glaring in yesterday’s episode. Her role now = realize her mistakes, get her man (this episode, by showing what a sweet girl she is with her father).
    Her career, which used to be her vocation and avocation, has been reduced to Girl Friday between Jeffersonian and FBI.

    I am genuinely happy for the viewers who feel rewarded, but did want to add my perspective.

  15. JJ on January 28th, 2011 12:12 pm

    I thought the episode was the best of the season, in so far as I didn’t fastforward or zone out. But it wasn’t so gripping that I was caught up in the story like the Howard Epps episodes. As suspected, the show is going to gloss over earlier episodes and how Booth has been with the Jeffersonian team. Sigh. This episode really works better for viewers who skipped episodes 2~10.

    HH and SN have been adamant that online fans are an insignificant portion of the audience and too invested, too emotional. It will be interesting if they think the same when the online response is positive, or if the squeeing will be proof that shippers are easy to please and therefore continue to do as they please.

  16. Jenuzela on January 28th, 2011 12:21 pm

    The ending scene made the episode. I agree with @Fajardo on most points – it was a good episode for the season, but not a great episode. I also agree that Brennan has become completely lackluster – almost to the point of not even being the same character. Go back and watch seasons 1, 2, and 3. It’s glaringly obvious.

    However, I have to admit, the ending made me sigh with hope that maybe – maybe things could be alright in the future. The stuff with her father was cute, and the longing look from Booth (even if it was meant to be something else had the episode aired in original order) reminded me of the endings we have grown used to from the beginning. Forget all this idiot crap they’ve been shoving down our throats at the ending of all the recent episodes, this one was just nice.

    As with every single other episode this season, I still maintain that the other characters made this episode good. I thought Sweets, Hodgins, and Caroline were particularly awesome! What’s all this hype with Cam though? Cam gets maybe 5 lines in every episode nowadays. She’s completely fading out of the script. Still – I agree with the reviewer. Hodgins is the best developed and best maintained character out of all, and is certainly my favorite.

  17. cathy on January 28th, 2011 12:51 pm

    TO ME/ the writers on bones should have already told hannah a simple fact brennan is a best selling author and let said she makes 50 million dollar writing books/maybe then they get away from the jealous part of this story arc, liked IN SEASONS one start caring MORE about BONES.

  18. Carolyn on January 28th, 2011 2:59 pm

    I loved the fact that I was genuinely SHOCKED the moment the Gravedigger was shot. Most pivotal moments in shows like this have some sort of lead-in (increasingly scary/loud music, heavy foreshadowing, etc.), but I jumped right out of my seat. Well done.

  19. Peggy on January 28th, 2011 3:46 pm

    Best episode of the season so far. This was more like the BONES that I remember and enjoy watching. Time for an appearance from Gordon Gordon to sort out B&B’s feelings for each other. Cannot wait for the Hannah storyline to go away. Loved the ending happening in the diner with some of the regulars. The diner is like a touchstone for these characters and I hate it when they let Hannah participate in a diner scene. She doesn’t belong in this group at the diner or at the Jeffersonian – she just doesn’t belong. Perhaps the writers should take note of all of the comments about the quality of this episode and also take some lessons from Castle this season. The people writing Castle don’t seem to be having the analysis paralysis that has struck the BONES writers when it comes to moving along a relationship and retaining the partnership/friendship status of the 2 main characters. If the BONES writers can’t do all of that, just pick one thing and do it well. While this episode knocked it out of the park, I’m not getting my hopes up that the season will end on a satisfactory note for those of us who stuck with it this season which has to be the worst ever.

  20. Jess on January 28th, 2011 4:06 pm

    I’m in agreement with pretty much everyone here. Last night’s episode wasn’t the best Bones episode of all time. But it WAS the best of the season. By far.

    First, let’s be honest, the case wasn’t THAT amazing. This episode was more about setting up the second half of the season and revealing some of the emotional undercurrents within the core cast than it was about who actually killed the Gravedigger.

    Having said that…I believe BULLET presented us with two of the most fabulously gruesome corpses we’ve ever had on this show. I knew Taffet was going to meet her maker in last night’s ep. But I was utterly shocked when her head exploded all over Sweets. I’m the first one to admit that television has inured me to blood and gore and I rarely balk at the disfigured bodies Bones delivers. But the Gravedigger’s head blasting into a thousand pieces was pretty horrifying.

    Then, when I was beginning to think it couldn’t be worse, they reveal Tracy the escort’s partially dissolved remains. ICK!

    Loved JFD in this episode. I thought he nailed his performance in this episode. It was heartbreaking to see the Gravedigger tear him down so effortlessly. It was utterly believable that the young, eager to please, and anxious to fit in Dr. Sweets would fall victim to the Gravedigger’s attempts to unnerve him. I felt terrible for him. Especially because it was SO obvious throughout the episode that the entire team relies on his guidance with the cases as well as their personal lives and Sweets just couldn’t see that for himself. It completely makes sense that Caroline would be the one to give him a wake up call.

    Patricia Belcher was, as usual, fabulous as Caroline. I really do love every episode she’s in. And tonight was a particular treat because we got to see a side of her we don’t normally get to see.

    Angela and Hodgins were adorable. I thought Hodgins’ reaction to the Gravedigger’s death was spot on. He was very obviously traumatized by his experience in ALIENS, something we’ve seen come to life in previous episodes. I applaud the writers for allowing him to take unapologetic pleasure in her death. Though I completely understand Angela’s discomfort.

    My only complaint with BULLET was that we have had a disappointing lack of Wendell this season and he was SO under utilized last night. Though the screen time he did get was entertaining as always.

    Now for the important stuff. I felt the chemistry between the characters fairly sparkled in this episode. It reminded me of exactly why I’ve been so disappointed with season 6 to date. I haven’t hated Hannah because she keeps Booth and Bones apart. I’ve hated her because it drastically shifted the core dynamics that make this show great. I don’t watch this show because of the cases. I watch it because the relationships between the characters are compelling and there’s a deep, abiding camaraderie I don’t see anywhere else. For the first time this season I felt like the love and friendship between these characters was evident.

    Which brings me to B/B. Bones doesn’t work right if these two are off kilter. And though there were obviously some lingering issues between them, I could glimpse the solid trust and partnership they’ve spent so long developing. Their partnership seemed to click this week and there were some brilliant moments.

    – Brennan arriving on the scene and greeting Booth with an “I’m glad you’re alright.”

    – Booth picking the lock on Tracy’s apartment and Brennan’s incredulous “You’re picking locks now?”

    – They’re back and forth banter on the case.

    – And the final scene in the diner where it was obvious they were talking to each other, even with other members of the team present.

    I don’t need Booth and Bones to be a couple. But I do need them to be an unshakable unit. And for the first time in a long while I believed in them.

  21. Aly on January 28th, 2011 4:40 pm


    I loved this episode SO MUCH. Bones is DEFINITELY back 😀

    I loved all of it, I can’t even begin.

    I’ll admit that I screamed in horror when Taffet’s head flew off and when we saw Tracey McVeck’s body. That was so gross. I don’t like the fleshy bodies either. 😛

    In my opinion, that was DEFINITELY the best episode of the season (so far) and it is now in my top episodes of Bones overall 😀

    I’m so excited for next week’s episode! 🙂

  22. Kali on January 28th, 2011 6:10 pm

    our beloved, wonderful, considerate Booth, the one we fell in love with over the first 5 seasons, was back last night – It was wonderful!
    Please tell me he’s back for good!!

  23. Jen on January 28th, 2011 6:33 pm

    Of course my favorite part was THE LOOK Booth gave Brennan in the diner. I’ve been waiting for that moment. I hope there will be more soon. And the longing and regret looking out the window at Max and her. He loves her! I’m so glad we got to see some evidence.

    I could go on and on about what I liked in this episode, but I will just mention small details… after watching it 3 times. LOL!

    Brennan didn’t wear a trench coat the whole time. She looked beautiful in the last scene.

    Booth was wearing striped socks.

    When Booth asked Sweets what happened to him, Sweets said Caroline hollered at him. There was that silent understanding: Booth had been in his shoes and Sweets knows it. It was like a coming of age thing. Same thing with Caroline and Sweets. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time she called Sweets, Cherie.

    My favorite lines were from Booth: “I don’t need a warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth.” Kick as Booth is back, Baby!!!!!

    I had already given up on this show. I debated about watching this episode. I’m glad I did. For now, I can say I’m back, too.

  24. Lonely Snowflake on January 28th, 2011 7:59 pm

    I also disagree about Booth being used to further Bones’ character.
    Off the top of my head, the show killed off Howard Epps (who I think was even better than the Gravedigger in getting inside Bones and Booth’s skins), to start off the Booth in therapy arc. And since the BB romance wasn’t front and center, those sessions were definitely about Booth. (I also suspect Booth’s drunken father was a later addition because it’s not even hinted at then, and also remember a lot of fans thinking it was a new addition back then.)

    Booth as father, relationship with baby momma, career, relationship with Sweets, his hobbies, etc. We’ve had plenty of Booth developments.

    Meanwhile, also agree that the so-called development of Bones’ character makes her less cool, more conventional, and she’s having to change for Booth while I have not seen Booth change his values at all. In fact, the show is all about teaching Bones Booth’s values. This is development if you also share Booth’s values, but I miss the independent and more liberated, open-minded version of Bones.

    I saw this in another forum, but it really stuck with me, but the summary of Bones’ change was – Bones went from singing Foreigner with Booth and reading about jazz to not knowing who the Rat Pack were.

    The episode was good, definitely better than this season has been. But I wasn’t as excited as I thought. I think the earlier episodes wore me down slowly.

  25. writers room on January 29th, 2011 12:07 am

    Booth as father, relationship with baby momma, career, relationship with Sweets, his hobbies, etc. We’ve had plenty of Booth developments.

  26. Charizzle on January 29th, 2011 2:45 am

    The first thing I thought after I saw this episode was, “Bones is back, baby!” THIS is what I think of when I think of Bones. This was definitely my favorite episode in the season so far, for a few reasons:

    1) Brennan wasn’t acting like a robot; she was acting like season 1-first half of 5 Brennan. She was endearing, instead of embarrassing. Gah she’s so good.

    2) Sweets! Man, what character development. I loved that it was Caroline that finally got him back to normal.

    3) The grave digger is so damn creepy! When her head blew up, I was seriously more grossed out than I ever have been watching bones.

    4) Booth! He’s back to himself!! Finally.

    5) (hannah wasn’t in the episode… but I don’t think it’s her that ruins it so much as it is the way booth and brennan act around her.)

    6) But most of all…. BOOTH AND BRENNAN ARE BACK!!!!! Did you see the look he was giving her through the curtains at the end???!?!?! (yes, obviously) I sense regret. Really I do. We’re finally going somewhere that doesn’t make the fans want to rip out their eyeballs. I hope.

    My prediction: booth starts to realize he made a mistake, but before he can make a decision, something happens, like hannah dies (which I really don’t want to happen actually…) and then everything is screwed up. Booth can’t get together with brennan right after that, so the inevitable romance is put off… until season 7! (PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEASON 7)

    I love Bones. Keep it up! I’m hoping this extreme boost in quality isn’t temporary. Bring back the awe of a work of genius on TV.

  27. workaholic888 on January 29th, 2011 7:26 am

    This episode totally blew me away!! It was “head exploding” fun and was definitely BONES at its best!!

    I can’t help but dwell on what Heather Taffet said …gosh that serial killer sure is a psychological manipulator. I think it’s totally in character for Sweets to be very shaken up and for Booth to catch on that something’s off.

    What I like about this new serial sniper storyline is that at any time someone can be shot. I was afraid Max was going to be shot (thank goodness he wasn’t…although it wouldn’t have made any sense anyway). What I’m saying is that, the fear and the anticipation will probably eat at me for the rest of the storyline!!

    I’m glad that they’re finally going to put Booth front and centre for at least during this arc! More action! Yay!

    My favorite moment had to be the end scene. I don’t quite understand why Booth would look at Brennan through the diner window with that expression. What is he thinking? And then the “nod”. Feelings of inadequacy?

    On a brighter note, the concha at the end!! For toothbrushes!! TWO TOOTHBRUSHES!! PLURAL!! Max is still a shipper afterall!! 🙂 🙂

    All in all, definitely one of the most exciting, creative, emotional etc. episode of BONES EVER!!

  28. carl on January 29th, 2011 3:25 pm

    wonder what max knows about hannah burley that they decided not to tell us.uncoming I GUESS.

  29. Passing Fancy on January 29th, 2011 11:34 pm

    Quoted from above-
    In fact, the show is all about teaching Bones Booth’s values. This is development if you also share Booth’s values, but I miss the independent and more liberated, open-minded version of Bones

    I am rooting for both of them, but I have to agree with this. It’s great that Bones is learning to open up, trust love, etc. but I don’t think Booth has made similar steps toward learning from Bones’ values. She used to offer more open-minded perspective to counter Booth’s traditional values. He also needs to acknowledge that her point about emotions being ephemeral.
    People have been saying ‘he waited for her for a long time’ but I don’t think he actually adjusted his values for her the way the show has been showing her change for years. I am actually closer to his values/ perspective on life, but I’d like to see them work together and reach an understanding.

  30. Marlrne on January 30th, 2011 4:44 am

    Loved, loved, LOVED this episode – will not get into all the details of why, but my first thought was definately: Booth is BACK, baby! And DB was back in directing..awesome..

    @Monica: Your comment – “Ahh, Booth + rifle + table = SNIPER HOTNESS” truly makes me laugh. I had the same thought and while the scene was playing out, I got all kinds of ideas about Booth clearing a table like that for a totally different scenario… ;o) Yeah, baby..!

    Anyways – I’m really anxious about the upcoming episodes…they’re gonna be great!

  31. CJ on January 30th, 2011 12:10 pm

    Did anyone else notice that there were 2 holes in the conch shell that Max gave Brennan…2 toothbrush holes… Do you think there is any significance there or am I over analyzing?

  32. HP on January 30th, 2011 1:26 pm

    The conch shell meant for 2-
    I don’t think it’s over analysis. In fact, it was too on the nose for my taste.

    Same for the Gravedigger’s insult to Sweets. I saw people on other sites debating Sweet’s response. I don’t think there would have been such debate if the writers came up with a better insult. It wasn’t that Sweets’ lack of confidence or being shaken up was unrealistic. And JFD did a great job with the scenes. But the insult was just so transparent and unsophisticated, I had to wonder why it would get under Sweet’s skin.

  33. KC on January 30th, 2011 8:45 pm

    I absolutely loved this episode. The emotions of all the characters were completely amazing. Hodgin’s feelings over the Gravediggers death were so appropriate. I felt the same way, and I also was mildly surprised at how invested Sweets was in the Gravediggers case. JFD did amazing, Sweet’s self doubt was a side we’d seen before.
    Hands down the best part is when Booth jumped the fence on “his” land and gave chase to his sniper buddy. I always love a good action scene in Bones.

    I thought it was interesting that this episode with Booth lockpicking related back to the Hero in the Hold when he was trying to find his way off the boat and Parker’s ghost started picking a lock and he told Parker’s ghost that any lock worth picking was a lock worth kicking in.

  34. Bella on January 31st, 2011 1:26 am

    An interesting point of discussion – this episode had 12.05 million US viewers…the highest since mid-season 5.

  35. Becky on January 31st, 2011 10:19 am

    I think my favorite part was Caroline and Sweets.

    Caroline: You’re a trained psychologist employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who is she?

    Sweets: A dead serial killer.

    And the look on his face. It was awesome. i really enjoyed this episode. 🙂

  36. Kat on January 31st, 2011 3:21 pm

    a really great episode that honestly gave me hope. It made me feel that booth is just squashing down his feelings for Brennan, that THAT’S why he’s been so annoyingly cold and distant ALL season! So if that last longing gaze at her through the window was any indication, he loves her more than ever and is in pain with how things are right now. But he’s stuck, in a way.

    I don’t want to see Hannah as the ‘victim’ in the scenario, the scenario being he’s in love w/ Brennan. Because I just think that that still does the whole “Hannah is a saint” thing and that’s irked me all season. If they can wrap her up in a really clever way, and make Booth unable to deny his feelings for Brennan in a really dramatic, complicated way – I’ll be very excited. My dream – that the sniper guy tries to get Brennan. That’ll move Booth along VERY quickly. hehe

  37. Sarah on January 31st, 2011 4:53 pm

    I think, for me, the pinnacle moment was when Bones said “You should have waited for me.” and Booth replied “I just didn’t want to let anyone down.”
    These words are so weighted, telling the story for the rest of the season so far.

  38. Bella on January 31st, 2011 10:16 pm

    Good point Sarah! Those lines were very symbolic of everything that has happened since 100.

  39. Liz on February 1st, 2011 1:25 am

    I just got around to reading the responses and am really amazed by the quick turnaround from fans. All it took was one quick scene? Frankly, I have to wonder if this is why HH and SN don’t put much weight on fans’ criticisms- the fix is so easy.

    Aside from the ongoing soap, echoing several others- easily the best episode overall of the season. Cautiously hopeful that this is the turning point.

  40. beth on February 1st, 2011 10:53 am

    This episode is ceratinly a vast improvement from last week. Liked the gorey shooting, liked Booth’s Boothy ways, and I am encouraged by Booth’s longing gaze throught the window. However, I am still very concerned about a lot of stuff here. Even though JFD played it very well, the idea that he would be that wigged out over the Gravedigger’s unsubtle, pathetic attemptes to manipulate him seemed silly. Her manipulation needed to be less obvious for this to be effective. More importantly, though, is this weird vibe going on where maturity and emotional growth are being equated with becoming conservative and boring. Last week we had Angela wanting to move into some ritzy neighborhood so her kid could ride his/her bike safely; this week, she’s upset that Hodgins is happy when someone who tortured and tried to murder him dies, because she doesn’t want that around her kid? What’s next, a minivan? She was an artist and a free spirit. Yes, being married and having a child changes things, but she could still be interesting and creative and adventurous, and want those same things for her child! And are she and Brennan even friends anymore? Where has that relationship gone? It’s one thing if this was an issue being explored — how you maintain friendships with friends who are at a different place in their lives than you are –but that doesn’t seem to be happening. The friendship just doesn’t seem to be there. And Brennan, goo- goo eyed at a toothbrush holder for two? She wants love and an emotional connection with Booth, but I think using this shell as a symbol suggests a desire for staid domesticity. And I don’t want Brennan to want that.

  41. Liz on February 1st, 2011 1:36 pm

    I though Angelas’ and Hodgins’ fight was in character. It goes with Angela’s character that she wants Hodgins to rise above- it’s not about what Taffet deserved. It’s about how Hodgins treats human life on principle. I think it’s related to the ‘pure truth’ ideal of the Jeffersonian- they find the truth about the bones in the storage, they don’t make judgments about the individual lives. (Again, not that the Gravedigger’s death wasn’t satisfying.)

    I really hope the conch shell doesn’t represent staid domesticity. Unfortunately, it does seem to be the direction they’re going with Brennan. The basic story structure has become: going away = avoidance, running away, science= coldhearted, home = love and stability (as represented by Booth and his fatherhood). It used to be Bones’ adventures were indicative of an open-minded, expansive, learning attitude- both outward bound (anthropology) and inward (murders in her own society and in her inward emotional growth, with Booth).

    As several posters have pointed out, Bones herself is becoming more of the conventional rom-com heroine. Emotional maturity is great, and Brennan needed that. But I don’t understand why she’s giving up her other characteristics to achieve it.

  42. Liz on February 1st, 2011 1:45 pm

    PS- Great distinction above on the difference between Booth waiting for Brennan but not actually changing his ways while Brennan has been slowly transforming herself. It’s no longer a mutual meeting of minds- its Brennan being made to catch up with Booth.

    (Not that patience isn’t a great virtue. I feel like I have to add a disclaimer so I’m not accused of defaming Booth.)

  43. Bella on February 2nd, 2011 8:39 am

    It could be that the writers are aware of that disparity; I agree that Brennan has been forced to change more than Booth, but they aren’t actually together yet, and maybe they have to level out individually before they can be.

    For example Brennan’s character has always been logical, empirical, scientific and literal and she swung to the other extreme in Doctor in the Photo. Maybe in the aftermath (i.e. the current episodes) she’ll come to realise that she can understand Booth’s approach to life without relinquishing her own. As for Booth, the sniper arc could force him to adapt more to Brennan’s POV. I kind of feel like in 100 he interpreted her speech as rejection when she didn’t actually reject him – that was him failing to listen (in a way). So maybe when they reach a point (post-Hannah) when they can both maintain their individual characters while adapting enough to become closer, they can finally get together.

    Of course this is just me being optimistic that the writers know what they’re doing.

  44. Hi on February 2nd, 2011 12:03 pm

    @Bella, I don’t get the impression that the writers are aware of the disparity. They have been pushing Booth as the wronged party/upstanding guy all season long. The sniper arc may make him lean on Bones again, but I don’t see any signs that it will make him realize his own shortcomings. I could be wrong by the end of the arc of course.

    The conservative characterization of Bones is being seen as growth, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be returning to the other parts that people have mentioned. SPOILER ALERT (In the latest slides that has some fans very happy, we’re back to Booth patting Bones on the back for being human on the inside and her scientific mind is supposed to be the cold b*tchy problem. So I really don’t think the writers think there’s a problem in the disparity.)

  45. Kasey on February 2nd, 2011 8:39 pm

    I see Bones’ overriding characteristic as the desire to learn and to KNOW things. She is at the very heart, an academic. In the past, she has used that characteristic to survive. It seems as if she is now exploring her emotional intelligence in order to really LIVE. I think she realizes that to have a future, unlike the doctor in the photo (which was her catalyst), she needs to grow.
    All of her relationships in recent episodes have been about deepening her emotional attachments–with her father, Angela, her interns, and even Hannah. They all prove that her fear is being overcome by her desire to know friendship and love.

    The most memorable line (“you should have waited for me”) in this episode seemed random at first, but after thinking about it, I think it encapsulates everything this show has been about…personal growth.

    Had Booth really understood Bones the way he thought he did, he would have known that it was only a matter of time before she would learn to connect, have relationships and finally to love someone (him). 🙂 Wasn’t that part of the reason for Max being back in her life? Maybe Booth’s feelings for Bones have been affecting his ability to rationalize? To see her objectively? Hasn’t Bone’s been telling him that feelings interfere with rational thought for a long time? Are they going to meet somewhere in the middle?

    The characters are learning, growing and maturing in areas where they were weak. It is representative of real life and I for one, LOVE IT!

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