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Hey GMMRers! Before I break right into the latest and greatest of this week’s Smallville episode I have to share my colossal excitement that actor Michael Rosenbaum will be returning to Smallville after months of speculation. Can you believe it? According to sources, Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luthor for seven seasons, wasn’t looking to return with plans to move forward, behind his role as the villainous Lex, but changed his mind!

Moving on, this week’s Smallville, titled Beacon, showcased the return of Senator Martha Kent, out to rally against the VRA. Shot by an unknown gunman during her speech in Metropolis, the famous Annette O’Toole returns to town in an effort to ensure Clark’s future and by no surprise shares a pact she made with Jonathan years ago to protect Clark no matter what the cost, even her life. One of my favorite Smallville characters! Martha also had plenty to mull over with Chloe.

Watching the two talk like nothing had ever changed was great. There was also a great moment between Lois and Martha too. After explaining that she was once the city girl moving into the farm, Mrs. Kent reassures Lois that she’s a perfect fit for Clark, and that she’s been impressed with the Daily Planet reporter for years. It looks like Mama Kent is working to strengthen Clark’s support system while Clark and Oliver attempts to figure out who’s behind this personal hit.

And Martha isn’t the only one back in town. Throwing us a little curveball, Lionel Luthor was resurrected, back from another world and he’s looking for Lex in the hopes of piecing together the family dynasty. What a perfect and completely unexpected time to arrive, While Martha is fighting against the VRA, Lionel has been playing editor on the Planet, turning Lois’ story against the superhero haters into one that makes her look like a supporter.

And while Beacon plays out show runners slowly shift the Luthor clan back to their normal evil positions, Clark and Oliver discover that Alexander is behind the shooting. Making it just in time to save his mother, Clark saves Martha from the Luthor mansion that is burning down.

He also saves Lionel, warning him that it’s not over. It was strange to see them all together again, forgetting the prior years when Lionel was on Clark’s side, their relationships once again played out like the first three seasons, which were some of my favorite.

By the show’s end the VRA’s hold over the city and its superheroes is not longer a threat and Clark and Martha finally share that moment I have been waiting for! Back on the farm, Martha tells Clark that he is the light of hope! Of course this isn’t the only end Smallville writers give us. We also see Tess and Alexander together. Holding a syringe of cyanide, Tess is about to make things “ok” for Lex’s clone. Attempting to inject him she discovers that his skin is impenetrable like Clark’s!

What an episode! With several prior seasons a slump, I have to say I have never seen a show pull up its rating like this! It’s bitter, sweet. With only a couple episodes left, we’ll see you back next week Smallville fans! Meanwhile, how do you think this Alexander dilemma will play out? And more importantly, are you excited about Michael Rosenbaum’s decision to return to Smallville? I know I am. This should be quite a send off as the series ends its ten year run!

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  1. Sam on February 14th, 2011 10:24 am

    It is nice that Rosenblum did it “for the fans” as his website reports, since he really did not want to come back He is afraid of typecasting, although to be honest, after 7 years that should have been a concern sooner. Still, I think he is a good enough actor he will get other roles going foward. In fact, he has been in movies such as “Father of Inventaion” and “Catch .44.” I also hear he has been pilots for NBC although none have been picked up yet. Bringing all the storylines together for a definate ending has definately been a strength of this season compared to the last one. Knowing it is the end of a series gives writers a path of finaliity and the strength that goes with it. Although fewer than 4 million are watching every week, it should be fun to the end.