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GLEE Recap: ‘Comeback’

February 16, 2011 by  

GLEE aired their much-anticipated (by tween girls) Justin Bieber episode Tuesday night, but considering all the hype about featuring the Biebs, they only sang two of his songs. And we didn’t see the Warblers at all, which was disappointing – they’re my new obsession.

Last week’s love-triangle-filled Valentines episode didn’t feature Sue at all, but boy, she was back this week in full force. I didn’t like her “Sue-icide” at the beginning, though – I thought it was a little dramatic, even for her. Plus, hasn’t she used the “SpongeHair SquareChin” line on Will before?

And of course she was trying to pit New Directions against each other! Joining glee club to find meaning in her life, my foot! Why would they expect anything less?

What I wasn’t expecting was for Will to take Sue to sing to sick kids at the local hospital. We got a glimpse of her humanity last season with her relationship with her sister and this scene reminded me of that. Underneath that hard shell of insult power, there really is a softie.

As for the Bieber plotline, I didn’t think Sam looked that different with his new hairstyle. Just me? And I prefer Jimmy Fallon’s look from “Reflections with Justin Bieber,” anyway.

It was fun to see Kevin McHale get back to his boy band roots singing “Somebody to Love” with The Justin Bieber Experience, but I didn’t quite understand that performance. While it looked cool with the spotlights, were they throwing around baby powder? I didn’t get that. I also didn’t get the girls going crazy for them. Nevertheless, the song sounded great!

It wasn’t my favorite song of the night, though. That honor goes to “Sing.” I would never have expected Sue to be into My Chemical Romance, but wow, it worked. Before this episode, I was most anticipating “Take Me or Leave Me,” because RENT is one of my favorite Broadway shows and I was a looking forward to divas Rachel and Mercedes taking it on. While I loved their performance, “Sing” gave me goosebumps. I also loved the plaid shirts they wore — even Sue’s plaid tracksuit! I realize they were trying to be “punk,” but my college mascot was a lumberjack so I took that as a personal shout-out to my school! (Not really, but I can dream!)

I don’t really even want to talk about Lauren’s rendition of “I Know What Boys Like” because it was just awkward. From picturing the rest of the glee club in their underwear to having Brittany and Tina as backup dancers, I just didn’t like it.

The B-plot of all the girls in the school copying Brittany’s style (which was really Rachel’s since Rachel paid her to dress like her) reminded me of MEAN GIRLS and the boob-cutout shirts. I can’t be the only one! How did they not realize they were copying Rachel, though? Cutesy sweaters, plaid skirts, tights and loafers are her uniform of choice! And Brittany keeps getting dumber and dumber. Feeding her drunk uncle’s goat the money Rachel gave her to buy new clothes? Come on. It was funny at first, but nobody can be that dumb.

Of course Santana was up to her scheming ways this week by breaking up Sam and Quinn. I can’t see them together in the long run, though. Sam is too much of a dork for her. Planning to take Quinn to a pottery-painting place? Speaking Na’vi? A James Earl Jones impression?! So adorable! Although his breakup with Quinn and subsequently running right into Santana’s arms was cold.

At the end of the episode, Sue decided to take a job as a part-time coach of Aural Intensity, one of New Directions’ rivals at the upcoming Regionals. Although that would be a conflict of interest in real life, this is GLEE and realism has never been their forte. I’m wondering if Sue is going to have Aural Intensity perform “Sing” at Regionals since it was such a showstopper and she gave New Directions’ songs to rivals last year.

All in all, this was a middle of the road episode of GLEE. Maybe Kurt and Blaine could have escalated it for me, since I love them, and it looks like next week is going to be quite the episode for them. I can see the angry tweets now!

What were some of your favorite moments from this week’s show? Favorite songs? Are you looking forward to next week’s episode, which looks like it’s going to be a s***show (to steal a term from Kath, Dan and the TV Talk Podcast)? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses to “GLEE Recap: ‘Comeback’”

  1. Kristin on February 16th, 2011 1:39 am

    – This was a bad episode of Glee. Though, Santana was once again my MVP for this episode. Her and Rachel were the only bright spots in the episode.

    – I do agree that Sam is to much of a dork for Quinn. Honestly, the only guy that I could see her ending up with is Puck (after they both grow up).

    – I hate how they pull this emotional manipulation stuff with Sue every week. Now, I loved the scene with the children, but to have Sue just screw with Glee club once again is just so repetitive and boring.

    – What that “diva off” needed was some epic Kurt facial expressions.

    -I just don’t find Lauren funny or her little pairing with Puck cool. She is just annoying and violent. And, what was with her motor-boating Artie?

  2. Adam on February 16th, 2011 4:19 am

    I don’t write much about Glee because usually it makes me giggle, and that giggle makes me forget the rest. Not this episode. It gave me a headache that just got worse and worse. The ailing kids bit put it over the top as the singularly worst, manipulative piece of crap they’ve produced. Boo.

  3. Teebee on February 16th, 2011 9:10 am

    The only way this episode of Glee could have been any worse is if the Warblers ad been in it. I can’t stand Blaine especially.
    Hated the Justin Bieber rubbish, probably cos I can’t stand him or his music. Hated Lauren’s solo and Puck’s obsession with her is ridiculous now. Also didn’t like the My Chemical Romance song.

    Highlights were probably Rachel and Mercedes’ diva-off, mainly cos I think they haven’t done as much with Mercedes recently and Sue looking like a normal person with the sick kids.
    Was hoping for a better ep after last week’s Valentine rubbish that was too Warbler heavy for me. (No Warblers would have been preferential!)

    There’s always next week.

  4. Rebeccapedia on February 16th, 2011 10:09 am

    Seriously, we’ve headed well into Nip/Tuck crack writing territory! Bieber to Rent to cancer kids to all of New Directions bar Rachel and Santana (and even Santana slipped for a minute or two there!) acting like they were ten years old. Last week Quinn seemed conflicted about the Sam/Finn thing, this week she just came across as a ditzy bi-otch! And there is no excuse for how horrible Brittany was, writers if you’re going to make her intelligence level that of a five year olds, don’t make her so mean!
    Rachel was OUTSTANDING, I can’t wait to see how incredible it’ll be to see Lea sing music written specially for Rachel! The clothes thing was ridiculous however, they constantly mock her for what she wears, it was the stupidest thing about the episode for me anyway.
    I really hate Sam. I thought he was going to be this clever, non-judgemental, sweet, deep,slightly dorky guy who happens to be really good at football. Instead we got someone who is possibly even dumber than Finn, and doesn’t live up to his potential at all. I don’t like Sam. I’m not sure he ever really even liked Quinn never mind loved her. He wants to be top-dog, so now he’s with Santana.
    I feel like I should hate Santana, but I don’t. She owns all her behaviour, there’s something very honest about her that the other characters (FINN FINN FINN!!!) are missing.
    Beiber is harmless, I don’t mind him at all, lots of kiddies love him, and his songs don’t make my ears bleed, BUT the songs on Glee tonight did not work for me at all! Horrible, horrible, horrible! And I agree Hailey, his hair didn’t look different to me either!

  5. Erika on February 16th, 2011 3:36 pm

    I was in love with last weeks ep “Silly Love Songs” so I knew this wasn’t going to hold up to that standard, but this episode felt very blah to me. Nothing really happened because everything that was started (rivalries, Sue being nice, etc.) was later taken back within the same episode, so everything was canceled out. I’m completely obsessed with the Warblers and Blaine (oh Darren…) so this week I definitely felt their absence. I truly feel like Kurt/Blaine are one of the only couples that have some depth (Finn/Rachel used to but they ruined that this season). I’m excited and nervous for next week’s ep. It could be wonderful and it could be horrible. I trust Darren and his acting to make Blaine not shallow, but who knows? Ryan Murphy has done weird things before….

    Overall, I enjoyed but wasn’t thrilled with this episode. I usually buy at least 1 or 2 songs each episode and I don’t think I’m buying any this week…that’s how “blah” it was. On to next week!

  6. Ben Phelps on February 17th, 2011 5:24 pm

    I liked this one better than “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle,” but it was still behind “Silly Love Songs.” The adults really bring the show down at this point, and the writers really need to either keep them out of it, or massively retool them. Check out more of my thoughts at my blog!