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NIKITA’s Devon Sawa Teases Owen’s Return

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Tonight’s brand new episode of NIKITA is intense. Owen pops back into Nikita’s life with info on one of the black boxes and the two attempt to track it down — but Owen isn’t totally himself.

I got the chance to talk with NIKITA’s Devon Sawa (Owen) about “Into the Dark,” kicking butt, his hopes for Owen’s future and much, much more…

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Owen. What has he been up to?
Devon Sawa: Owen’s been doing some stuff. When you haven’t seen him in the last few episodes, he’s been doing some things and he needs Nikita’s help. He’s just in a world of trouble. He’s gotta figure it out.

And poor Owen is losing his grasp on reality a little bit…
DS: Yeah, he’s kind of hooked on this thing called “The Regiment.” He has to figure out how to get off of it and he has the whole black box thing going on right now. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on in Owen’s world.

It also seems like this episode might be your most action-packed one yet —
DS: It was the most fun to do by far. I hurt for like a week after we finished the episode, but every day on set it was a new fight scene. It was awesome and fun. Definitely the most action-packed.

I was watching those scenes, and I kept wondering how every person on that show is not sore constantly.
DS: I don’t know how Maggie [Q (Nikita)] does it because I come in every once in a while for an episode and I leave going, “Aww, my back” or “My arm!” And Maggie Q just keeps going — she’s like a machine. It’s crazy to see.

Where would you say his relationship with Nikita is at this point?
DS: I think his mind is kind of fogged from this Regiment and he has a one-track mind and that’s [focused on] the box and what not. He’s not thinking about the Nikita relationship right now.

Considering some of the stunts Owen pulls in this episode, she is quite understanding about what he’s going through.
DS: I think she sees a lot of herself in him.

That’s understandable. And the dynamic with Michael is really interesting, too.
DS: Only [NIKITA creator] Craig [Silverstein] really knows, but I think there’s a little bit of a history between Michael and Owen. I don’t know, but I’m assuming. Only Craig really knows, but I think there’s history — that’s just what I assume. That’s what I’ve been thinking.

Have you and Shane West (Michael) discussed that possibility before?
DS: No, that was the first time me and Shane did a scene together, that was in this episode. We never really discussed a backstory. But that’s something that while doing the episode, I’ve been thinking. What if Michael and Owen [interacted] somewhere before? You know what I mean?

Yeah! It would make sense considering their histories with Division.
DS: It would be interesting.

But for now, the lack of trust between the men is apparent and they really only deal with each other because Nikita requests it. Do you think there could be a time in the future where Michael and Owen were allies?
DS: I think they’d be a force to reckon with. I think if Michael and Owen ever did team up, there would be some ass kicking.

It feels like if Nikita, Owen, Michael and Alex ever did fully commit themselves to working together and taking down Division as a team, it would be hard to bet against them. They’re really determined.
DS: Well, it’s funny you mention that because if I do come back, I really want Owen and Alex to somehow get together. I think it would be so much fun, I’m really a big fan of hers. Also, I would be excited, if I do come back, to get a script and see that Alex and Owen are somewhere doing something. That would be cool.

I know NIKITA has finished filming season one, so you didn’t shoot any scenes with Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex) later in the season?
DS: Nope, that’s it for me for season one. Without giving away any spoilers.

Interesting. It feels like Owen is becoming a really important part of their plan as the season concludes.
DS: If I say anything more, it would be like Spoiler City.

Uh oh.
DS: Exactly.

If the show returns next season —
DS: I’d bet a lot on it coming back. It’s just too good of a show not to come back and I’d bet it comes back.

I hope you’re right. If the show gets a second season, would you be willing to come back in a more regular capacity if they asked you to?
DS: I would love to. I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’m being honest when I say the most fun I have going to set is doing NIKITA. I mean, it’s a guys dream: you get guns and action. It’s really fun to do. I would in a heartbeat, if they called and said, “We’re thinking about making Owen a regular.” I would definitely do it. I don’t know if Owen is in the plan. I think he was originally only supposed to do three episodes and this is the fourth. So we’ll see. It’s always in the hands of Craig.

If you return, would you like to see Owen get some “redemption” for his past?
DS: Yeah, definitely. He’s done some bad things — and so has Nikita. That’s what Nikita sees in him. He’s done a lot of things he regrets when he was at Division. I’d love to see Owen get some redemption. I’d love to see him to smooth things over and figure it all out.

Fantastic. Is there anyone aside from Lyndsy that you’d like to work with more?
DS: I’d like to work with Shane more. He’s a lot of fun to be around. And Maggie Q, she is such a leader. But probably Shane.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Michael/Owen relationship develops because one of them does something in tonight’s episode the other won’t be too fond of.
DS: Absolutely. I’m sworn to secrecy.

Is there anything you would like to tease for the fans that won’t completely spoil the episode?
DS: This episode is action heavy. It’s action. It’s the NIKITA thing that everybody wants to see. It’s got it all. I think people are going to really enjoy this episode.

See, that’s a good tease! If Owen is part of the eventual Division takedown, who would you most love to see him face off against?
DS: Xander [Berkeley] who plays Percy, I think is phenomenal and such an awesome bad guy and source of evil I’d like to go against. That would be the one.

That could be an amazing fight-to-the-death scene. So much resentment between the two.
DS: And throw Roan in there…in episode five, we had a thing — we had a fight that didn’t quite end. You never know!

This is why you have to come back — to kick some butt.
DS: Well if I don’t, I’ll still be watching, that’s for sure.

Are you excited Owen is returning?

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