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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Not only does ABC have an all-new comedy block, but BREAKING IN –- one of my new favorite shows -– takes on Comic-Con and JUSTIFIED is airing its season finale. Keep reading to find out the rest of tonight’s small screen lineup!

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
“Mother’s Day II”
Mike and the kids present Frankie with the perfect Mother’s Day gift – a day to herself. But when her day off goes awry, Mike offers a do-over with the family, which comes with its own set of glitches.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“5 Finalists Compete”
The Top 5 finalists perform LIVE hoping to impress the judges and the nation. After the performances, it is up to America to vote. Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat.

Survivor | 8pm on CBS
“You Mangled My Nets”
Boston Rob’s six-person Zapatera alliance must vote out one of its own after a grueling immunity challenge. At Redemption Island, a four-person duel takes place.

Better with You | 8:30pm on ABC
“Better With A Bargain”
Joel works his bargaining skills and goes to extremes to get Mia the high-end baby stroller of her dreams. Meanwhile, an unemployed Maddie wonders if she’s losing the passion it takes to be a lawyer.


America’s Next Top Model | 9pm on The CW
“Daniella Issa Helayel”
The four remaining girls taste the delicacies in Morocco and, during a difficult challenge where the girls must conduct a tea tray-balancing dance with a twist, one of the models loses her cool. At the photo shoot in the outdoor market, one of the girls tries to overcome feeling sick, while another loses her confidence. London based fashion designer Daniella Issa Helayel joins the judges’ panel to help choose the final three models.

Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS
“Out of the Light”
The BAU is called to a North Carolina mountain town after a woman is found badly injured and another is missing, and they discover that these two are not the only victims.

Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
“Mother’s Day”
Claire and Gloria want to spend a nice Mother’s Day outdoors hiking with the kids, but their nonstop bickering and complaining drives Claire to the edge, and she brings Gloria down with her. Meanwhile, Phil and Jay stay home to cook everyone a nice dinner, but things get really awkward when Phil witnesses an unexpected moment of weakness from Jay, and Cameron gets very self-conscious about being seen as the “mother” in the relationship.

Cougar Town | 9:30pm on ABC
“Lonesome Sundown”
Although she realizes Travis could be making one of the biggest decisions in his life, Jules takes a step back. Meanwhile, Grayson tries to take an interest in Travis, and the gang establish a “council” to determine each other’s punishment in an attempt to stop taking each other for granted.

Breaking In | 9:30pm on Fox
“Take the Movie and Run”
Oz and the team are assigned to protect the sequel to THE GOONIES at a comic convention, and suspicion turns to fanboy Cash when the only copy of the movie goes missing.

Law & Order: SVU | 10pm on NBC
When an abandoned baby is found on playground, Detectives Benson and Stabler go in search of the child’s caregiver. Upon meeting the nanny and her boyfriend, Ken Turner (guest star John Stamos), they soon realize that he is also engaged to the baby’s adoptive mother, Dede Aston (guest star Lori Singer). As the detectives dig deeper into Turner’s malevolent past, they realize that the law may be on his side.

Happy Endings | 10 and 10:30pm on ABC
“Of Mice and Jazz-Kwon-Do”
Brad tries to fix Max up with a guy from work, but Max is anything but grateful; Penny regrets inviting super competitive Jane along to her martial arts class; and everyone thinks that Dave hanging out to help Alex with odd jobs means that he’s pining for his ex. . . What he’s actually longing for is his comfortable old digs as he tries to adjust to living in Max’s dicey apartment.

“The Girl With the David Tattoo”
The his-and-her tattoos Alex and Dave got when they were a couple are proving to be a hindrance now that they’ve split. Meanwhile, Max appears to be passing up a relationship with a perfect guy, so meddlesome Jane takes action; Brad serves notice that he’s not going to put up with what may be the world’s worst waiter, but things don’t work out as expected.

Top Chef: Masters | 10pm on Bravo
“Would You Like Fries With That?”
The remaining meal mavens have a need for speed when they work at a traditional Southern California fast-food joint, where they must operate a drive-through and serve up quality fare in less than two minutes.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior | 10pm on CBS
“The Time is Now”
Cooper is called to testify when a case involving a woman on death row petitions for a mistrial based on the testimony given by FBI director Fickler. Meanwhile, Cooper puts Beth in charge of threat analysis.

Justified | 10pm on FX | Season Finale
“Bloody Harlan”
War has broken out in Harlan between Boyd and the Bennetts, and Raylan’s caught up in it as he searches for a missing person.

Also Playing…

– Minute to Win It – “Mother’s Day Face-off” – 8pm on NBC

-Mythbusters – “Torpedo Tastic” – 9pm on Discovery

-Extreme Couponing – “Chris and Antoinette” – 9:30pm on TLC

– The Real World – “Guys Who Like Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Sex” – 10pm on MTV

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