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After trying to fill an hour with some unnecessary dancing and performances, the results didn’t seem as stretched out as usual. There were only two sections for eliminations and the second one was right near the end.

The DWTS Dance Troupe was nowhere to be seen this episode, we just had the professionals that we’ve grown to love performing with the musical guests. I love how the pros can really grab the emotional strings of a performance.

But let’s get to the good stuff…

Judges’ EncoreKirstie & Maks’ Argentine Tango – For some reason, it seemed like the opening wasted less time tonight, but Kirstie continued to look like a bit of a mess with her hair and her face. The couple had and interesting connection but it felt as if Kirstie was more concerned with not falling.

The eliminations began with Hines and Kirstie. Kym tried to joke around about how Hines was dressed. For some reason, Hines had a wig on in the background. Kirstie was actually nervous for some of the Argentine Tango lifts. Kirstie also fell during the practice for the instant dance, but it seems like Kirstie always falls. After the commercial, Hines & Kym were safe and Kirstie & Maks were also safe.

Dance CenterPart 1 – Kenny Mayne? Still as sarcastic as ever. We missed him. Kirstie got poked about her age, but was complimented on her acting skills. They showed some video of Maks as the Ukranian Bachelor. There was also a montage of Kirstie muttering random noises; luckily she wasn’t embarrassed with a falling montage. Romeo was given a montage where he sounded like a promotional robot — did you know he’s all about the kids?! Jerry joked around about how fat he was.

Musical PerformanceMichael Bolton & Delta Goodrem “I’m Not Ready” – Delta has made several attempts at hitting the U.S. market before, but it hasn’t been that successful. The dancing from Dmitri and Anna was beautiful because of how fluid the performance was. Michael Bolton kinda sounded like he had more marbles in his mouth than he normally does, but his voice sounded a bit sharper than Delta’s. Thankfully, Anna started spinning around with Dmitry’s help.

Dance Inspiration – We meet the Tuita family; they recently lost their father and the brothers all came together to support each other. Hefa Tuita is a backup dancer for several singers including Chris Brown. The brothers managed to combine their hip-hop experience with some basic ballroom. Afton del Groso, the sister of DWTS pro Ashly, was in the performance as well. The dance was a fun dream and dedication to their father.

Musical Performance Delta Goodrem, “Natural Woman” – Adele was supposed to be up there, but was having issues with her voice, so Delta stepped in. Clearly, Delta didn’t know the words to the song as she muttered random words in the beginning. The dancing of Louis and Cheryl helped cover up a few moments. I will admit that I really wished that Adele was singing the song. I loved the spiral that Cheryl had at the end.

Dance Center – Part 2 – Ralph Macchio got jokes about looking youthful and there were more ‘Karate Kid’ jabs. They joked about his posture, but they worried about his hips — though they probably should have joked more about his knees. Hines was told he was one of the best footballers on the show, according to Len. There was a cute Kym/Shawn Johnson joke followed by a set of jokes about Hines with his pillow. Chelsea got jokes about her outfits and Mark was bashed for his choreography.

Musical Performance Adele “Rolling in the Deep” – When Brooke Burke said Travis Wall (former So You Think Can Dance contestant) was behind this dance performance, I squealed for a few minutes. Travis’ choreography is some of the best that SYTYCD has shown. I loved the lasers that were behind Adele, but I’ll admit that with a voice like that, Adele doesn’t need visual bells and whistles. The dancers were really beautiful and displayed a choreography style that is clearly Travis. My favorite section was when the women and men broke apart and had really intricate movement. I loved how calm Adele was, waving at the audience when she was done — almost meekly.

We finally got to eliminations and Ralph admitted that he was in a lot of pain during both performances, but Karina pulled for him. Chelsea was nervous but the two felt really fake outside of the performances. As for Romeo, Chelsie emphasized keeping his shoulders back. Regarding the instant dance, the two worried about being close to the bottom. The two couples in jeopardy were Ralph & Karina and Romeo & Chelsie. That meant that Chelsea & Mark have made it to the semi-finals.

After the commercial, the two teams with the lowest scores were under the red lights. The final couple safe was Ralph & Karina. Romeo & Chelsie were eliminated. Romeo said that he went out with a bang with some of his best dances. He was really grateful for being on the show and hugged all the judges.

I’m happy to see Ralph survive another week. He has yet another chance to improve his Cha-Cha.

You cool with the results?

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