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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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I can’t believe we’re already at the point where the final four singers are competing in tonight’s episode of THE VOICE! Who are you rooting for?

If you won’t be watching that, there’s quite the variety tonight. Keep reading and then let me know what you’ll be tuning in to!

America’s Got Talent | 8pm on NBC
“Episode 608”
Celebrity judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel continue with auditions in New York City. Nick Cannon hosts this variety competition series which features a colorful array of hopeful future stars as they compete for a chance to win a $1 million prize and become the most talented act in America.

Masterchef | 8pm on Fox
“Top 14 Compete”
The Top 14 home cooks flex their culinary muscles in another grueling challenge to prove to the judges they have the passion and skill it takes to advance to the next round. Find out which contestants wow the judges and who winds up on the chopping block.

Wipeout | 8pm on ABC
“Let’s Make a Wipeout”
“Wipeout” welcomes a Dean of Students, a Philosopher and a Game Show Pedigree Contestant whose parents were featured on the classic version of “The Newlyweds.” All of them quickly realize that this is not your typical game show, as they’re thrown for a loop on the Lawnmower, bounced off the Big Balls, contend with the always treacherous Mood Swing and finish the qualifier in a literal Chinese Food Buffet of wipeouts. After getting egg rolled, the top 12 contestants will see double trouble on the Scareousel with Double Danglers. Only three of the strongest willed contestants move on to the Wipeout Zone to play for a $50,000 prize.

Pretty Little Liars | 8pm on ABC Family
“My Name Is Trouble”
As Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to keep their distance from each other, each girl looks to distractions to help fulfill the “separate time” request from their parents. Aria channels her inner artist and signs up for a pottery class at Hollis College. Not only does the class qualify as “separate time,” but it also gives her an excuse to see Ezra on campus, so there are benefits on both sides — that is until she finds out Jenna is also taking the class. Emily stays focused on her swimming career and how that could help her stay in Rosewood. When she doesn’t get the solid commitment from Danby University, Emily comes up with a way to fudge things to convince her mom to stay. But will goody-two-shoes Emily be able to go through with her sneaky plan? Feeling like the only one who doesn’t have a hobby, Hanna turns to Lucas to see if she can join the yearbook staff to fill her time. But with Lucas still hurting from their last encounter, Hanna’s new hobby might be trying to make amends.

Meanwhile, Spencer notches up her suspicions about what is going on in the DiLaurentis house now that Jason has moved back in. And with Melissa sneaking around and getting mysterious text messages, Spencer wonders what her sister has to do with what is going on next door.

The Voice | 9pm on NBC
“The Finals”
In the final phase of the competition, the remaining four members of coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s teams perform during a live broadcast. One of them will be a step closer to winning the grand prize of a $100,000 and a Universal Republic recording contract. Carson Daly (“Last Call with Carson Daly”) hosts.

White Collar | 9pm on USA
“Dentist of Detroit”
A Detroit gangster with ties to Mozzie comes to Manhattan, risking a mob war. Peter and Neal take steps to prevent violence by helping Mozzie pull off an old scam designed to take down the mobster.

Memphis Beat | 9pm on TNT
Dwight tries to locate a grief-stricken man’s missing daughter—but the hunch is that she was the victim of a crime. Meanwhile, a big family development rocks Rice’s world. And Whitehead is under the gun to refine his firearm skills, so he turns to an unlikely source for help.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King | 9pm on ABC Family
“Green Star”
Chloe meets Valentina, the leader of the San Francisco Mai, who suggests she go into hiding to remain safe. Valentina also assigns Jasmine to keep a watch on Chloe, while Chloe asks Alek to guard her mom after the Rogue call her mother’s cell phone.

Combat Hospital | 10pm on ABC
“Enemy Within”
Rebecca is nearly run over by a pick-up truck full of Afghan National Army soldiers heading for the hospital. Their leader — who turns out to be an American Special Forces operative — carries in one of his men, delirious with a serious infection, one that neither Rebecca nor Bobby have encountered before. When another patient comes down with the same infection, the team realize they’re dealing with a highly contagious and resistant bacterial strain, with no idea what it is, where it came from or how to stop it from spreading. Colonel Marks is left with no choice but to quarantine the OR, ICU and the recovery room, so that the Role 3 medics are forced to do surgery in the dining hall. Meanwhile, Rebecca accompanies Pedersen off base to the Women’s Clinic, where they find a local in dire need of emergency life-saving surgery.

Covert Affairs | 10pm on USA
“All the Right Friends”
An assassin targets Annie and a spy during an exchange in Argentina. The pair are forced to hide and evade the authorities until they can figure out who’s trying to kill them.

Hawthorne | 10pm on TNT
“Parental Guidance Required”
Renata’s mother falls ill, so he turns to Christina for help. Elsewhere, a pesky internal-affairs sleuth (Bill Engvall) arrives at James River to investigate recent events; and Camille is offered a hospital job despite her flirty overtures toward Miles.

The Little Couple | 10pm on TLC
“It’s Valentines Day?”
The couple are still in Los Angeles, waiting for Jen’s eggs to grow large enough to be extracted, and tensions are high after their previous failure.

Also playing…

  • 19 Kids and Counting | 9pm on TLC: “Duggars Snowed In”
  • Deadliest Catch | 9 and 10pm on Discovery“It’s Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee” and “Save Me”
  • 16 and Pregnant | 10pm on MTV: “Life After Labor 4”
  • Tosh.0 | 10pm on Comedy Central“Episode 317”

What will YOU be watching?

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