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WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: ‘3…2…1’

August 9, 2011 by  

As TV fans know, show writers have to choose which characters will get the most action, dialogue, screentime etc in a particular episode. This episode, “3, 2, 1,” felt a little light on the modern warehouse agents, and I’m interested in hearing whether or not you liked that. There were three “generations” of warehouse agents represented in this episode: Helena (HG Wells) and her partner Wolcott in 1893, Jack and Rebecca (from 1962, and for us, from season two) and Pete and Myka in the present day.

The episode flashed back and forth (without the use of Wells’ time machine, mind you) between the three couples as they worked to control a high-powered artifact — Joshua’s horn used in the battle of Jericho. I though the mix of settings was really well done, and props to the set design team for their work. In the blink of an eye, 1962 became the present day, and I really loved that.

I also will always love any time the writers bring in Jaime Murray as Helena/HG. She was, quite simply, divine and never seems to waste a single second of her screen time. She has great chemistry with the other actors on the show — sometimes even better than they have with one another, in my opinion. I’m hoping she’s not gone for good. Either way, it’s all hands on deck for this case, except for Jinksy, who was attending to some personal matters. I was a little bummed about that, but it makes sense. From a writing perspective, sending Jinks away is a lot easier than trying to bring him up to speed on HG and Jack and Rebecca and all of that.

The artifact, Joshua’s horn, changed location over the years, and as the episode progresses, it’s up to the team to determine how it managed to get from Britain to Pittsburgh. Each time it’s tampered with, it fairly sizzles and disintegrates anything in its wake, with the sound of a horn blowing. Myka wants to bring Helena’s holographic image up in order to assist on the case, but Pete is resistant. Myka doesn’t necessarily win, in that the Regents decided to bring HG back, but she does get her way. Pete is obstinate and borderline rude toward Helena as she tries to help. But she does still have information — she remembers the artifact from 1893.

She was working a case where a man was disintegrated by an artifact, and to her horror, Vincent Crowley, the head of the warehouse at the time, has decided to take over the warehouse for evil — to save the British Empire. In an effort to stop him, Helena sends the horn in a rocket of her own design, hopefully completely out of this world and never to return.

Obviously, the horn did return to earth in 1962 in Ohio, where it resulted in the death of a man. Jack and Rebecca talk to his family, including his son, Daniel Varley. They both try to deactivate the horn (while also discussing whether or not it’s worth being in love with one another. Hmmmm…), and they think they are successful.

But when more people are obliterated by it, it’s clear that they weren’t. Artie and Claudia help determine where now-adult Daniel is, and Pete and Myka arrive to see him with the horn attached to a satellite, prepared to sound off to the skies for assistance from aliens. Pete and Myka try to convince him that it’s not possible and that if he does sound the horn, thousands of people will die in the aftermath. Daniel is single-minded in his desire to see his dad’s life restored. Pete wisely has the hologram of Helena pulled up, and Daniel thinks she’s an alien. HG tells him that it was a terrible mistake that Daniel’s father died, and she takes responsibility for it. Daniel realizes he can’t change the past, and his attempt to contact aliens is halted.

The episode ends with scenes from each time period, and it was nice to see the different partnerly relationship examples. But I must say that I think at this point, the “I’m sorry I left” plot point between Myka and Pete feels overplayed. It seems to me that almost every episode has some sort of variation of Pete being a bit prickly and Myka saying something like “I came back” or whatever. I hope that doesn’t happen anymore for the rest of this season. I think it’s time to move forward.

Thoughts from you on that? Does Myka have more she needs to do to prove her loyalty to the team? Is Pete’s reaction to Helena justified? Will she be back, do you think? How about Jack and Rebecca? And speaking of WH13 items coming back, are you as bummed as I am that we’re still not getting the original opening credits and theme song? Let’s discuss!

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4 Responses to “WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: ‘3…2…1’”

  1. John on August 9th, 2011 3:47 pm

    I agree that they have to drop the Myka left and Pete feels abandoned. The story line is worn out.

    Whenever I see a “HG has turned over a new leaf, lets get her help” story line I think of Sloan on Alias. They liked the Sloan character and no matter what horrible thing he did the writers would dream up a reason for him to be broke back. It became stupid very soon.

    Now Warehouse 13 wants to do the same with HG. She is a psycho who nearly destroyed the world. Either you execute her or brozen her and lose the key.

    I have read they are talking about a spin off with HG. I don’t want a spin off and I don’t want her treated as an honored guest on Warehouse 13.

  2. Mickey on August 9th, 2011 7:58 pm

    I loved having HG back and I agree she has fabulous chemistry with the regular cast. I also really enjoyed seeing her as a Warehouse 12 agent though I’m less enamored of Jack & Rebecca. I understand why they needed to have all 3 sets of agents for this particular story but would hope in the future they could just keep it to 2 sets of agents.

    From what I’ve heard of the reported spin-off, it’s set around the time of W12, so HG is still one one of the good guys. I don’t mind that at all and I really enjoyed her partner Wolcott.

    I also agree that we need to move past the whole “Myka left but now she’s back” issue. I had thought it was pretty much handled and was surprised to see them address it again.

  3. Valerie on August 10th, 2011 8:33 am

    I think part of the problem with them continuing with the Myka left storyline is that for us, she was gone for less than half an episode. If they wanted to make her return such a big part of the season, they should have kept her out of an episode or two, so we would all miss her as much as Pete does. (Not that I would have wanted an episode without her.)

  4. Marisa Roffman on August 10th, 2011 10:10 am

    I think that’s a great point, @Valerie. Given how closely they tried to guard resolution to the “will Myka return” storyline, you’d think there was going to be a more major fallout on-screen. (IE, her being gone for a few episodes.)

    Great recap, per usual Sarah!