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BONES: Hart Hanson and TJ Thyne Talk About Potential Crossovers to THE FINDER

October 27, 2011 by  

Television viewers first met Walter Sherman and the world of THE FINDER when the show was introduced via a backdoor pilot in a sixth season episode of BONES.

Now, with the original series set to take a brief break in Fox’s schedule in early 2012, BONES and THE FINDER creator Hart Hanson is looking to bring some of his BONES cast to his newest show.

“I’m crossing my fingers right now [there will be crossovers],” Hanson told reporters on a recent conference call. “We [already] shot a show in which Sweets came down to take part in an investigation and evaluate Walter for the FBI. And right now, we’re closing in on having a conspiracy theory episode, in which the ideal character, of course, is Jack Hodgins to come down and be dueling conspiracy theorists with Walter. The idea is really funny, we just have to make sure that TJ [Thyne (Hodgins)] is available and it fits into his schedule. It’s looking pretty good for that. And we want to do one more [crossover], [but] we don’t know what it is yet. And we’re also looking to see if there’s a place and a room for Stephen Fry to appear in a FINDER episode as Gordon Gordon Wyatt.”

As luck would have it, when I spoke with Thyne last week, he told me he’d be up for taking Hodgins over to THE FINDER.

“I think he should!” Thyne laughed. “I had a lot of fun in the pilot-slash-episode that introduced THE FINDER. I only had a couple of quick little pops in that pilot, but Jack was typical Jack. He doesn’t seem to get phased by anyone. I think that could be fun. I love the idea of there being crossover worlds and going from DC to Miami and back again. I think that’s very cool. And we at BONES are such huge supporters of THE FINDER, that anything we can do to play and help and be there, we want to. We kind of feel like we got a new brother and sister and we’re excited about it. If they come calling, I will come running.”

What do you think? Do you hope Hodgins and Walter get their chance to out-theorize each other with conspiracies? Or perhaps you’re hoping that Gordon Gordon Wyatt works his magic on THE FINDER characters?

Let me know!


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3 Responses to “BONES: Hart Hanson and TJ Thyne Talk About Potential Crossovers to THE FINDER”

  1. Drippan on October 27th, 2011 8:36 pm

    Hmmm……the only thing I’m thinking if there is a way to get the Sweets’ character permanantly transferred to The Finder.

    TJ is the type of actor who can do almost any role that he sets his mind too. He adds that extra spark no matter what he does.

  2. Gail on October 30th, 2011 6:15 pm

    Booth needs to hire the finder to come and fish out that diamond ring he threw in the Potomac (so he can give it to Bones. I don’t think she ever knew about the ring, but then again, Bones is very practical-she won’t mind wearing a ring initially bought for another woman.)

  3. mytch on October 31st, 2011 2:30 pm

    I just didn’t care for Finder when it was on and I certainly don’t want anything to “water down” Bones. In the past it was spinoffs that caused the demise of the parent show. Stick with the best show on tv-Bones and lets see some more in depth into the existing characters. Please replace Tamara Taylor with a personality that just gives the impression of being “in charge” instead of one that keeps having to tell her employees that she is the one in charge. If Bones had one weak link in their chain, it would be Tamara Taylor.