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BONES Recap: ‘The Male in the Mail’

December 1, 2011 by  

Hey, BONES fans! When I saw the synopsis for this episode, I thought, “If there isn’t a moment in which Brennan holds Booth, I’m going to punch a wall.” Well, “The Male in the Mail” didn’t turn out exactly as I expected, but I’m happy to report I didn’t feel the need to punch anything. I probably would have missed the wall through my Seeley-made Father’s Day card-induced tears anyway, haha. Well done, David Boreanaz, for sure, and the rest of the cast was great also.

Like with all BONES eps this season, I found there were moments I loved and moments I loathed, leaving me somewhere in the middle of those two POVs. There is a lot to discuss in this episode, so we should just get right to it. Starting with…


The Scene of the Crime: The episode begins at the dead letter office, a place where undeliverable packages are sent. Two USPS workers are sorting through some boxes. One man is older and about to retire, and he’s showing a new employee how everything works. When one of the undeliverable boxes houses a human skull, the older man retires immediately (Ha!), and it’s presumed that the rest of the victim’s body is in other boxes.

The Victim: Lawrence Oliver — a male in his early 20s and a former employee of a Print-n-Ship office. He is described by his co-workers as a goody-two-shoes, annoyingly anti-drugs, and not into gambling. His former coworkers went in together on a lottery ticket and won the big jackpot. When FBI Agent Shaw finds out that the lottery ticket’s winning numbers included a lot of Lawrence’s personal information, the team wonders if Lawrence did participate, only to be killed for his share of the money. His remains were shipped to an untraceable location with an untraceable location as the return address — making their destination automatically the “dead letter office.”

Potential Suspects and Motives: All suspects in this case come courtesy of the employee roster of the Print-n-Ship. Lawrence’s former boss, Connor Trammel. He’s still the manager of the shop, despite his lottery winnings. The only employee he has left from his original crew is Tony Dunsen. The other ticket holders, Sheila Burnside and her husband, Hugh (played by Ben Savage), and Ralph Berti, all left the shop when they got rich. Money is always a “good” motive, and a lot of money is an even better one. Jealousy also plays a role when it’s determined that Sheila had an affair with Lawrence.

The Lab Results: I loved the image of the shipping boxes arranged on the lab platform in the shape of the human body; I thought that was really creatively done. Also very cool were the machines and weapons Hodgins “borrowed” from other parts of the Jeffersonian in order to get Lawrence’s bones free from the packaging/determine cause of death. Angela works with Agent Shaw and Hodgins works with Clark to determine how Lawrence died.

The Interrogation Room: Booth had a lot of help with interrogations in this episode: Sweets, Brennan and Agent Shaw all took turns questioning the suspects at various times. When Genevieve suggests that one person killed Lawrence and paid the others to keep it a secret, Sweets agrees and he and Booth set out to see if any of the suspects act guilty. Sheila and Ralph are quick to make Connor look guilty, and Sheila is also quick to make Hugh agree with everything she says. Booth and Sweets are suspicious, but there isn’t much to go by. When it’s determined that the shipping labels were printed using Ralph’s copy code, Booth interrogates him. He insists everyone used his code — it was 1234. Angela finds a copy of a woman’s rear end, and Brennan and Booth “question” Sheila enough to get a print of her “ass bones,” as Booth called them. She admits to being a slut, but not a murderer, so Booth questions her husband Hugh for a jealousy motive, and because he’s a lefty.

The Verdict: Though Lawrence’s body was chopped up by a guillotine-like object, the original cause of death was a slice to an artery with a heavy-duty tape gun. Clark also finds a small sliver of bone that didn’t belong to Lawrence, and Brennan identifies it as part of Tony’s necklace. Booth and Shaw confront him until he confesses to killing Lawrence.

My Verdict: A good case with unlikable and somewhat quirky suspects and a nicely wrapped-up resolution. I also liked how the entire team was involved in solving this one, and I liked Agent Shaw’s interaction at the lab.


In terms of squints w/Booth in this episode, I would have enjoyed a Booth and Cam scene later in the episode, but at least she was the first to know (besides Brennan). I thought her reaction to Booth’s dad’s death was well done.

Poor Clark, haha, who can never catch a break when it comes to Brennan. The “need to be more observant” storyline was pretty funny. I also liked the way he dissed the medieval weapons until he tried one and then was all, “What else you got?”- HA!

I’m really liking the way Hodgins has a stronger presence at the lab this season, in terms of the squinterns, and this episode is no exception.

Angela‘s advice to Brennan, that Booth loves HER and she can be the one who will know how to help Booth best, was awesome. I also loved how Angela worked with Agent Shaw on the case.

Speaking of Shaw, was it just me, or was there a lot of sizzling UST between her and Sweets during that one scene at the FBI? Ha, okay…I know that’s just me, and wishful thinking. But seriously, Sweets/Shaw could happen! I really liked her eagerness toward wanting to please Booth in the field, and that she recognized the awesomeness of the J-team.

And in a season where I’ve LOVED the Sweets/Booth interactions, I am glad that where Booth’s dad was concerned, the writers decided to lay off. Sweets would have just made Booth too edgy. It needed to be Pops and Brennan who worked with Booth on this one.

Pops is an honorary squint, and he was awesome. There was so much to love in this episode, from the way he complimented Brennan at the beginning to the way he cupped Booth’s cheek and allowed him to feel the way he felt.

At some point between “Foot in the Foreclosure” (and perhaps even “Con Man in the Meth Lab”) and this episode, the writers decided to make the culmination of the “Booth’s dad” episode a “Booth” moment and not a “Booth and Brennan” moment. To dwell more on that kind of bums me out, so I’m not going to, especially because I LOVED the “Booth” moment. In BONES-jargon, it’s the 110%. I was pretty much 100% satisfied with the ending of this episode, but if it had also included Brennan holding Booth, I would have loved it 110%.

I laughed when Booth was slightly incredulous that Brennan presented a place for them to live in Costa Rica, and I liked that he said he thrived on crime. I also loved the way Brennan reacted to Pops’ announcement that Booth’s dad had died, and I liked the way Brennan kept on Booth’s case about opening up about it. Booth is notoriously and historically hypocritical in terms of making Brennan share her feelings about her family/past while being tight-lipped about his. That’s not a criticism — it’s just Boothy. He likes to solve problems, not have any, and she like to know the answers, especially regarding Booth. That push/pull between them regarding his dad was perfectly done, in my opinion.

What I loved:

  • The level of respect and admiration Agent Shaw had for Booth — what I assume is a level shared by a lot of people at the FBI. We don’t always get to see Booth in the FBI world, and the more of that, the better, in my opinion.
  • Basically everything between Pops and Booth, I adored. I especially liked Pops calling Booth out on being slightly insensitive to the fact that Booth’s dad was his son.

What I’ll learn to live with:

  • Once again Brennan made a mistake re: communicating with Booth (though this time, I contend she was in the right, taking her cues from him!), consulted Angela for advice, and made it up to Booth later. The fact that the formula “worked” in this episode ( I mostly liked what Angela had to say, and the way Brennan responded to Booth) doesn’t mean that the formula (and that we’re now 4 for 4 this season with it) isn’t annoying.
  • In such a strong Booth episode, and with presumed limited Emily Deschanel (therefore Brennan) action, it sort of bummed me out that Brennan’s main B-plot was that her boobs were sore. It was funny (and again, poor Clark!), but I would have liked a good Brennan/Pops moment. I’m assuming time just didn’t allow for it. AND I’ll also totally agree that if there IS going to be a strong Booth/DB episode, it makes sense to do it if/when Emily Deschanel is on part time. I get it — just not how I would have used her time, I guess!

What I’d rather live without:

  • Brennan’s “For the time being, we’re sharing our lives” statement. What?!? I don’t know what that means. That it’s followed up with “You can’t shut me out” is the only redeeming factor I see there.

Enough from me! There is SO MUCH more to discuss, so let’s get to it. Did you like Angela’s advice to Brennan? Will Clark ever catch a break? Were you satisfied with this addition/resolution to the Booth’s Dad storyline?  Do you like Agent Shaw working with Booth and the team? What was your favorite Booth and Pops moment? Did you buy Brennan’s “time” theory?

The comments are open…sound off!

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35 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Male in the Mail’”

  1. Mary on December 1st, 2011 10:14 pm

    Great episode…definitely an ‘A’. I still think the Doctor in the Photo was better, however, because emotion resonated throughout the episode. I agree that a B&B moment at the end would have been better than just a Booth moment. That moment was expertly acted though, and couldn’t have happened with Brennan’s encouragement.

    And yeah, “we’re sharing out lives for the time being”? That’s just HH and the writers being a@@es!

  2. 1mars on December 1st, 2011 10:35 pm

    Great episode, perfect ending, not everything on this show has to be about Brennan. We have had plenty of scenes with her and her mother’s death, her brother’s behavior and her father’s trials. Time to learn about Booth and his family. Only thing missing, IMO, was more acknowledgement that he already is a father and has a son, even Pops left him out of the the equation when advising Booth to take care of his Brennan and his little girl. David rocked tonight!!

  3. Jillian on December 1st, 2011 11:07 pm

    Not everything is about Brennan. They were many scenes in previous seasons that would be considered “Brennan” moments and not “B&B” moments. I think “For the time being, we are sharing are lives” means that Brennan still has some issues…and even though she loves Booth, she maybe still doesn’t trust that they will be together 10, 20, 30 years…and they still have some issues to be worked out…which I’m okay with because I would rather know that they are together because they want to be together…instead of just because of the baby.

  4. Jillian on December 1st, 2011 11:27 pm

    There have been many moments in previous episodes about Brennan and her dad that would be considered “Brennan” moments and not “B&B” moments…so it would only be likely that when Booth dealt with past, that they would have more “Booth” moments than “B&B” moments or “Brennan” moments.

  5. Sarah on December 1st, 2011 11:32 pm

    Good points all. I loved the Booth stuff; my reaction was only in surprise that after the huge Brennan/Pops moment in season five, Foot in the Foreclosure (Pops: When the time is right, you’ll tell him, and when he needs it, you’ll hold him?. and Brennan agreeing), that the writers DIDN’T go there in this episode. I agree that it was good Booth stuff—amazingly good. It was just something I thought the writers were planning to have BE a B&B moment, based on the past episodes, so when it wasn’t, I was kind of caught of guard…if that makes sense.

  6. gina on December 1st, 2011 11:42 pm

    I loved the episode. I also agree with Sarah. The Pops/Brennan scene in Foot in the Foreclosure should have been brought up again. It was such a big deal and it WAS Brennan that eventually made Booth let thing out. It would have been a perfect moment to bring up what Pops told her.

  7. El on December 2nd, 2011 12:16 am

    Broke down and watched the episode. It was good, much better than the others this season. DB was really good. Like Sarah, I would have preferred that after Booth had displayed all of his emotions that it ended with him and Brennan holding each other and then fading to black. I agree that with the scene between Brennan and Pops when he told her about the Dad, that it would end like that. However, this is not the first time that HH forgot what was said in previous episodes.

    Overall, good episode. Again, Brennan haviing to learn and grow is tedious. Better done this episode but still repetitive. I hope that they don’t regress her again after this.

  8. Osteon on December 2nd, 2011 1:05 am

    Great episode! My favorite of the season so far.

    Sarah, Gina, El,
    I may be in the minority here because I am okay with the fact that the episode did not bring up the Pops/Brennan conversation in The Foot in the Foreclosure. When I first watched TFitF, I took Pops’ “when the time comes” line to mean that when he (Pops) dies, that’s the time that Brennan will tell Booth that it was Pops who made Booth’s dad leave/abandon his sons. Even after I’ve seen TFitF for several times, I still hold the same view. If Brennan revealed that fact to Booth in Male, I think it would have put Pops in bad light, at least in Booth’s eyes, considering Booth’s fragile/vulnerable state after learning of his father’s death (or if it’s any time while Pops is still alive, it would have the same effect since Booth has such high regard for Pops). I really liked it that rather than telling Booth about what Pops did to his dad, she reminded him of the good times that he had with his father when he was a little boy instead.

  9. Bummed on December 2nd, 2011 1:10 am

    I’m slow so this just occurred to me….
    but the BB Baby was conceived at Booth’s place, right? On the same bed as the Hannah debacle.

    Ugh, I wish the writers had bothered with at least a throwaway line about Booth cleaning his apartment.

  10. El on December 2nd, 2011 1:25 am

    Osteon, it was more of Brennan being there to hold him. It was great that she got him to remember the good times, but other times in the past we have seen them hug. I just think it would have been better to end it with a actual holding each other. Even just showing DB’s face in her arms. THe way it was done was probaby done to focus on DB, but to me it still seems like Brennan is physically closed off. I guess I just don’t see that real connection between them like in the past so I think holding him would have seemed like they were closer. They are getting better, but I think they are a long way from the chemistry that they had in the past. With the way their relationship played out (proposing to Hannah and then being mad, getting together over their grief offscreen, and then just coming back at 6 months pregnant, it just seems like so much has been missed and they kind of are just together. They make up all of these issues between them but to me it really does not seem like that they are in love. Yes, they love each other and are best friends and partners, but I would really like to see them “in love.” Not sex scenes, just a physical closeness.

  11. Julie on December 2nd, 2011 2:02 am

    I liked this episode and I am 100% BONES fan, but I would say this episode was not perfect, Id give it a B+, A- . DB did great, I’d say his best episode ever. I LOVED the scenes between Booth and Pops, Ralph Waite was absolutely superb! I understand why EmD is scarce, but what is going on with Brennan character? She has been in previous seasons a complex, strong, woman lead and has been reduced to a punchline almost every episode! I totally agree that the writers could have hearkened back to “Foot in the Foreclosure” ep about Bones holding Booth in the last scene. I didn’t mind so much about the “For the time being, sharing our lives” line bc that’s what she’d say since she believes you can’t guarantee the future. And I don’t understand why some ppl are upset about Cam calling Booth, Seeley, just because she’s not his gf why would that change what she calls him. There so much more we could say but overall the exploration HH has had with the complex and sometimes not “neat” themes of father/ son/ daughter/ family themes has been amazing and this ep really hit home for me. Great cast and show; i Love BONES!

  12. Joy on December 2nd, 2011 2:42 am

    Just wanted to comment on your “4 for 4.” That definitely popped out for me. It also feels like Angela’s line in that heartfelt moment is there not so much for girl-bonding as for “telling” the audience that Booth loves Brennan for who she is. Everything that’s gone on with them this season – and really LAST season, has given the opposite message, so the writers wanted to just make it “clear” what Booth “feels” about Brennan. Kind of like telling the audience someone is a brilliant, world-renowned journalist while her dialouge, wardrobe and behavior reflect nothing of the sort.
    In a similar fashion, Booth has said he loves Brennan (this season) BUT, he also always has XYZ that she’s doing wrong, whether it’s her being clueless, or just being Brennan.

    So, going back to your 4 for 4 this season, I agree: the formula they seem stuck on is there’s something always “wrong” with Brennan that needs to be fixed for Booth. Maybe if that disturbing pattern wasn’t in place, the scene with Angela wouldn’t be bothersome in this episode, but pretty packaging doesn’t change what’s in the box. As nice as the words sounded in the moment, (Bones really does have such great actors) they still rang just a bit hollow.

  13. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) on December 2nd, 2011 8:37 am

    Very strong episode last night. I felt a lot of hype was given to Boreanaz’ performance – and I will agree in the sense that he was consistently strong for every screen moment, rather than any given scene.

    What I didn’t like as much:
    “For the time being, we’re sharing our lives” – agreed, Sarah – this line? I get that Brennan may still not be fulling on board with 50 years – but it still caught me, too.

    -The distance between Booth and Brennan in the SUV when Brennan is trying to talk to Booth and he keeps shutting her down. Him closing up is right on the money… but for some reason the distance I felt between the two did not feel like distance between two people in a committed relationship – but instead the distance of S6. I can’t quite put my finger on it – except that the distance a committed couple put between each other feels different – and not the way I felt it on the screen. I think I needed some sort of more obvious acknowledgement from Booth that he understood what Brennan was trying to do – or something.

    -Not enough mention of Parker. In fact, it seems like his name or existence has barely been acknowledged so far this season. Pops brought him up, thankfully – and the show doesn’t need much – just needs to remember that he exists. Like how about in the house in Costa Rica conversation Booth also mentions the obstacle of being able to see Parker on a regular basis?

    Things that I really like about this episode – which was so much more:
    -Booth’s reaction to his father’s death. I felt it was spot on.

    -The emotional pull to Booth’s situation was a distraction to me for the case – BUT the clever way to pull me back? Bringing in Shaw. She is an interesting new character and kept the case aspect alive for me – which was a pretty decent one that, as Sarah said, really utilized the full team. I always like that.

    -Booth’s emphasis to Shaw about the teamwork vs ego. At a time where he was probably pretty self-absorbed, he was still able to teach that lesson – and then it provided more behind the connected themes between case and relationship. Bones is at its best when it does this parallel structure.

    -Pops calling out Booth on forgetting that he lost a son – a son who made many mistakes, but he still loved. A well-played scene.

    -Ass bones – fingerprint in your pants -what’s not to love about that?

    -Clark and his missteps – almost none of which were his fault. Almost makes up for him changing last season from non-personal to over-personal.

    -Angela not trying to tell Brennan how to react to Booth. YAY! “He love YOU, not me.” Excellent. Brennan still is who she is – she will always need reminders or guidance. I don’t actually have a problem with that. But this one was handled especially well.

    -The results of that conversation. Yay for showing Brennan not letting Booth off the hook – and using her science to show how she accepts Booth’s feelings as rational. For as much as Booth may believe that feelings don’t have to be rational, he needed to see that it was okay to miss and love the father he had sometimes, even if he didn’t miss the father he had become. The last scene, while not an Emmy-winning one in my opinion, was still beautiful.

  14. moya on December 2nd, 2011 9:31 am

    Well if it’s not about ED it can’t be perfect. Ever. The perfect episode, the perfect (sic!) performance must happen only in the presence of ED. DB must always come in second or, better, go unnoticed…. In case it’s not clear, all of the above was imbued with sarcasm.
    Because… no, much to the dismay of a small but screamy vocal portion of Bones fandom, not everything has to be about Brennan. It’s not just her show. It helds her name but it never was and never will be just about her. It’s about Bones and Booth’s growing relationship amidst all the crime solving. There are two leads on Bones, who should be given the same opportunities to shine.
    Last night, it was Booth/Boreanaz time. And Boreanaz’s acting was superb, from bottled up repressed feelings of anger mixed with uncertainty, bad memories and pain to a heartwrenching outburst of emotions. “The Male in the Mail” was about Booth, for once. It was DB’s moment of grace, for once. And no amount of hypocrisy hidden behind “it was kinda ok, nothing stellar, he was kinda good but nothing like ED or her episodes” could diminish or erase David Boreanaz subtle and powerful dramatic performance from last night. Which didn’t go unnoticed by the critics.

    To answer Sarah Curtis’ question, yes, it’s OK for Booth/DB to outshine Brennan/ED for once. It doesn’t happen often.

  15. Sara on December 2nd, 2011 9:32 am

    I wasn’t bothered by the ‘for the time being’ at all. Sure, they could’ve cut out that part of the line, but I’d be way more upset if she was saying ‘oh Booth, I know we’ll be together for the next 50 years!’ She doesn’t know! How could she?

  16. LizzieD on December 2nd, 2011 10:10 am

    For what it was the ep was fine, but I am pretty bored with ANGRY Booth. I would have much preferred that they didn’t have to FORCE him to accept his Dad now that he is dead. The last scene was very well done, but three minutes in a 44 minute episode that is about death of a parent is just not enough. I cheered when Pops basically said get off your high horse and stop being so damned selfish – but in the end Booth just couldn’t do that either – ANYTHING FOR YOU POPS. Still had nothing to do with his Father or accepting that people have faults and make mistakes and regret the mistakes they have made – Look in the mirror Boothy boy.

    It would have been vastly more interesting if Booth had sought people out to talk about his father and feel remorse at his loss. It would have been vastly more interesting to know that Booth actually had a relationship of sorts with his father that he was hiding from everyone – including Brennan. Maybe he had to be the one to tell Pops that Booth’s father was dead and be there for the man that raised him. He is a 40+ year old man – who has a lot of his own demons to sort through – he still hates his father? MOVE ON BOOTH and grow up, you are about to be a father again.

    The discovery that his father was misunderstood and kept mementos for the past 40 years has been done before and I used to expect more from BONES writers. I guess after last season I am just grateful that Booth and Brennan are speaking and that the squinterns get some airtime. Still feel that the magic of BONES is gone. They just don’t seem to be trying that hard.

  17. Firefly729 on December 2nd, 2011 10:15 am

    This definitely was the strongest episode of the season so far, and I’m not knocking on DB at all – he did a wonderful job – but I wouldn’t go so far as to call his performance last night “Emmy-worthy” as some were hyping it up to be. In their scenes together, Ralph Waite acted circles around David Boreanaz. He was just outstanding. I think Booth’s reaction to his father’s death was appropriate and realistic, and I think Pops’ reaction was dead on as well. I was very pleased that this episode addressed all of the conflicting emotions Pops felt and that he called Booth out on the fact that no matter what Booth felt about his father, this was his son that died. Booth needed to hear that.

    Brennan – I agree with the not being pleased about her 4/4 track record of putting her foot in her mouth and then having to make it up to Booth somehow later in the episode, but at least this was appropriately Brennan and not some cringeworthy lesson she needed to learn. Brennan has always had an objective, matter-of-fact view about death, and she knows Cam has known Booth since they were kids, so I can see why she wouldn’t think twice about saying something about Booth’s dad in front of Cam. This was very in character for her. I liked that she convinced Booth to open the box using the quantum physics argument on him and didn’t wait for him to answer. She just got the box and sat it in front of him, and he didn’t fight her on it.

    What I didn’t quite like – before that point when they were eating together in Booth’s apartment, it kind of gave me the vibe of Booth & Tessa eating in uncomfortable silence together at the end of The Man in the SUV. And I agree with what ProfeJMarie said above that at points the distance between the two of them doesn’t feel like the distance between two people in a committed, loving relationship. It felt like a strained partnership with a S6 vibe at times.

    Ex -When they’re headed out to the field and Booth says, “You didn’t have to come with me, I would’ve brought Agent Shaw,” and Brennan looks visibly bothered by that. I understand the intent was probably to show Booth wanted to be alone, but it was disheartening to see Booth wanting to shut her out personally AND professionally. He didn’t even say anything outright like that to her in S6, did he?

    – Secondary to that – Booth cutting Brennan off whenever she brings up the cultural analogies. Well, this is who she is. She takes things she sees going on in the present and relates them to things she’s studied in the past. She’s always been that way. It’s how she makes things relevant for her. And he knows this. It’s one of those quirks about her that Booth found odd, yet endearing up until ep. 100, after which point he found it annoying and something he rolled his eyes and lashed out about, which I understood. But now that they’re in a relationship together, the fact that he still reacts like that just seems harsh and hurtful to me. I’m just glad that he didn’t cut her off like that when she used the quantum physics argument to get him to open his dad’s box. /ok, end of relationship rant before I get stoned by the masses.

    Brennan’s comment of ‘For the time being, we’re together” – a little jarring to hear that, but I don’t read anything into it. I think this was intended to be a typical “Brennan” statement, meaning that she knows at some point either she or Booth are going to die, so there is going to come a time in the future where they won’t be together. Plus, she doesn’t believe in absolutes. Never has. So this statement, however jarring it may be, is very in character for her. Now, if it was Booth saying, “for the time being, we’re together,” then I’d be worried. 😛

    I loved the ending of the episode. I found the last scene with Brennan sitting on the arm of the chair with just her hand on Booth’s shoulder to be a much more touching ending than if she were to hold him. It showed that she understood that Booth was lost in the thoughts of his past, and she was letting him experience that. And the gesture of the hand on his shoulder was her way of letting him know that she was there for him too. I thought it was perfect.

    Overall, I thought the episode this week was a really nice balance of case stuff and relationship stuff. Hats off to Pat Charles for a very well written episode. 🙂

  18. Cindy on December 2nd, 2011 11:28 am

    @Moya, You are SO RIGHT. It is OK for David Boreanaz to shine sometimes. The guy is a FANTASTIC actor. They gave Emily a chance to shine in the Dr in the Photo and she did a good job, but if you read some of the above comments particularly two, they are dripping with sarcasm on DB’s performance. They are Emily lovers and get pissed when some one else steals the show especially DB. The critics and more importantly his bosses LOVED his performance and in the end that’s all that matters. BRAVO DB!!

  19. some1tookmyname on December 2nd, 2011 11:54 am

    I liked it. Was it Emmy worthy? I don’t know. Haven’t seen most of what it would be up against, but whether it was or not has nothing to to with ED. DB did great, but I thought Daredevil’s end was more powerful, even. The swelling music and the fade out of the 2 end seats with the baseball noise was a little over the top for me. The initial jarring image of the empty seats was enough IMO. The most powerful scene to me was the one in with Pops in Booth’s office. I loved that.

    Re: Booth saying he could have taken Shaw instead of Brennan? I didn’t read into that as anything more than “Hey, you’re very pregnant and this isn’t that important. You could have stayed back. It would have been fine.” I felt like SHE went to talk with him…after all haven’t some of their best past conversations been in the car?

    I wasn’t feeling the 4/4 thing here. Honestly, this for me was pretty vintage Brennan…knowing she should do SOMETHING but not exactly sure WHAT that should be, especially since the person who would usually help her with that is the person who needs her. I didn’t think it was a “club us over the head” type lesson like the ultrasound lesson. That was bad. This was just life. And to me, any distance between them was because he KNEW she wanted to dig deeper and she knew he didn’t. My mother in law passed away several years ago and I remember being really at a loss as to how to comfort my husband. You can’t always know what to do in those situations and it can be tricky to navigate. And the end? He was remembering and accepting. It wasn’t about the 2 of them right then and I actually thought it was great the way it was done. He holds her hand like a lifeline…an anchor from the present as he thinks about the past. Perfect.

    I enjoyed the episode, I thought the case was solid. Look at Tina Majorino all grown up! I loved her story line (and her hair!) I loved that they kept Sweets OUT of the Booth’s dad stuff. I thought DB’s performance was really good and the emotional stuff with Pops was great.

  20. me on December 2nd, 2011 2:07 pm

    David was really truly good in this episode. He portrayed Booth as stoic, seemingly unaffected at first, in order to slowly let him reveal the emotions brewing underneath. Boreanaz best acting quality is his subtlety. He’s never excessive nevertheless manages to reveal a wide range of emotion with just a flicker of the eyes, a grimace, a shrug, last episode it was all in the tension of his body, the sternness of his voice. The lines displayed an (apparently) unaffected Booth, later an edgy Booth but all the time his eyes and body revealed something else: a fragile, vulnerable man on the verge of breaking down – which he did in the end.

    You don’t have to acknowledge it. You can ignore it just fine, rave about other characters. But pretending an obvious good performance, praised by all the critics, was not good enough for you and clearly not as good as Emily’s, just proves your bias, therefore cancelling the merit of your opinion.

    Cases in point:

    LizzieD: You are so biased and hellbent on diminishing DB’s acting that you diplay an utter lack of understanding of the show, therefore ignorance:
    Booth was an abused child: his father was a violent alcoholic who pummeled Booth so badly that 30 years ago Pops had to chase his own son away (Booth’s dad) in order to save his grandkids. Booth had every right to be angry at his father but the point of the episode is he COULDN’T stay mad, because in his heart he still harbors love for his abusive father (who also loved him but couldn’t show it), and there were a few good redeeming moments to remember. Hence the last scene.

    Firefly729 (obviously a Nathan Fillion fan/DB hater…enough said): When Ralph Waite emoted so brilliantly, DB had a stoic reaction ON PURPOSE. Clenching his jaw like he was about to break it, stiffening his body, he was obviously hurting inside but desperately tried to deny it – this is good subtle acting. The episode was built this way, in a crescendo, to allow Booth his moment of emotional breakdown at the end – an emotional punch to the viewers heart. It wasn’t because ‘Ralph Waite acted circles around David Boreanaz’ as you so eagerly put it. It wasn’t because DB can’t act as well as RW. It was understated on purpose to forshadow the climax, the breakdown at the end. Again, your statement proves either a limited understanding or an utter dislike of Boreanaz. My guess is the second. I don’t think you’re ignorant.

    Emily fans/David detractors are showing their true ugly colours.

  21. Firefly729 on December 2nd, 2011 3:19 pm

    @me: Obviously someone I don’t know from twitter or any Bones boards, because if I did, you’d know I actually am a huge David Boreanaz fan and I don’t like Castle at all. 😛 If you read the other part of my post you’d know I also said I thought he did an outstanding job. And I agree wholeheartedly that his best acting quality is his subtlety – it always has been. And I noticed that for what it was in the scenes and didn’t need it explained to me. But I’m also not so blinded by one actor that I refuse to commend the contributions of others.

  22. Cindy on December 2nd, 2011 3:46 pm

    @me, This Lizzie D is an incredible and very vocal DB hater. She loves Emily and thinks that she is the greatest thing since ice cream. I wonder if she realizes that the Dr in the Photo( ED’s time to shine) had the LOWEST tv ratings of ALL the episodes of S6.

  23. LizzieD on December 2nd, 2011 3:52 pm

    hey @Me …. I did no such thing. You seem so hellbent on loving DB, that what the context is doesn’t matter. I said his performance was fine for what he was given to do (by HH’s own admission, they didn’t know DB would take it there).

    My displeasure is with the concept and writing execution. I know all about hating your parent. I know all about abusive and alcoholic. I also know all about dismissing said PARENT from your life. That was FINE. I expected more from a show that used to be as creative as BONES. This is not about DB or his acting. This is about the writing of the show. Why does it need to be so TRITE.

    I want the writing to live up to the acting and the characters they have created. Why not give DB some REAL meat to chew on, rather than 3 minutes of a trite story.

  24. SueK on December 2nd, 2011 4:22 pm

    Since I have not been bashful bashing episodes that were disappointing (at least to me), then it is only fair that kudos are awarded when merited. So kudos to this episode! Cant quite agree that throughout the run of the series, Booth centric episodes have usually had Booth moments at the end. “Foot in the Foreclosure” and “Con Man in the Meth Lab (Definitely one of my favorites. An almost perfect episode IMHO), both ended with Booth and Bones together. Maybe they aren’t together the way some would like, but Brennan is there for Booth every time. I guess I have a little different idea on just what a “Booth and Brennan” moment is as opposed to a “Booth” moment or “Brennan” moment.

    Who of us has never had to face the difficult situation of finding the “right” thing to say to a friend who has suffered the loss of a loved one? Brennan has never faced this situation as she has never had a “loved” one before. At least not a loved one like Booth.
    Her going to Angela was her way of confessing she didn’t know what to do, not expressly asking for advice. Angela was, indeed, spot on here when she told Brennan (paraphrasing here) to “give him what no one else can”. That’s just what Brennan did. No one else, not even Pops could get Booth to open that box. She sat on the arm of the couch and watched Booth remember the good times with his dad. She watched him as he finally let go of the bad, or at least some of it. The scene ended with her arm around him. What more was needed? She gave Booth what he needed at that exact time. Just someone to be with him. To let him grieve in private. Just someone to understand.

    As for the “together for now” statement. I read nothing into it. It didn’t even register until I read Sarah’s recap. Also didn’t miss no mention of the Pops/Brennan conversation from FitF. I am more that willing to bash the writers. However (like but) not this time.

  25. Barb on December 2nd, 2011 8:38 pm

    I nearly had heart failure when Brennan said “For the time being,” and thought it was astonishing that Booth didn’t react to it despite what else was going on with him at that moment.

    But I think that was the only part that seemed off to me this week.

  26. Cherise on December 2nd, 2011 10:06 pm

    What is the DEAL, people? ED and DB are on the same freaking show!!!!!!!!!!! Why does it always have to be a competition? They’re on the same TEAM!!!! I understand everyone has their favorite actors and they are fully entitled to that, but what do u think that the two stars of this show would say if they saw what was being said about each other? They are really good friends, after all. The point of the matter is that the show works because they are BOTH fabulous actors, they have great chemistry together onscreen and you guys need to chillax.

    That being said, I loved this episode. I believe that Brennan’s character was spot on. I love that Angela brought up Booth instead of Brennan coming specifically to ask for help. I also loved Angela’s advice that only Brennan had what it took to get through to Booth which she always has. No one has been able to truly talk to Booth about his family except her. She’s the reason he still has a relationship with his brother.This is the second episode in a row that I didn’t feel like Brennan wasn’t Brennan. Well done writers!

    As for Booth, well done! Excellently executed and completely heartfelt. I am not a crier and I came near close to at the end. I also agree that what Brennan did for him was enough. It was about Booth remembering his past and making peace with his dad and Brennan was just there to show she supported him and understood. Very well done.

    I just feel like all the other comments are kind of nitpicky, but I do wish they had mentioned Parker a bit more in this episode. Jared too. It sort of seemed like Booth was the only son.

  27. Liz on December 2nd, 2011 10:34 pm

    who cares abt your opinion guys, I enjoy the show every week. that is all matters. no ED or DB faction. just BONES 🙂 but yeah i would like to see more proof that they are together but no sex scene just little gesture to show appreciaton of Booth having Brennan on his side.

  28. Phillip Martinez on December 3rd, 2011 12:55 am

    I seem to recall season 1 after the soldier on the grave episode. Anyone remember what was said to Brennan?? “Sometimes a touch is just enough..” or it was something similar. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that Brennan was there for Booth. She had her arm around him at the end, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to the scene in season 1 and yesterday’s episode. And maybe that was just enough…

  29. El on December 3rd, 2011 11:30 am

    After viewing it again, I still think it was a good episode. DB was very good, but I agree with others that I have seen him better in other scenes. I think the only issue with the episode was that too much was crammed in. They had Ralph Waite, Tina M. and Ben Savage in one episode and then fitting in the squints.
    Then at then end, it just seemed rushed. I definately would have liked more of Ben Savage and Pops. I would have liked more Brennan, maybe even with Pops, but I understand her limited work schedule. Still my favorite scenes are with Booth and Pops.

    The end scene was very good and DB did a great job, but still not feeling that connection between B & B. I don’t think her line was anything against Booth about “for the time being.: I just think it is Brennan being scientific about people’s time on earth and that people eventually die etc. Her rational side, that is all. She was talking about physics, etc. so it fits in.

  30. El on December 3rd, 2011 11:33 am

    Have to add Hh gave an interview about the Nanny. I think it is either Booth’s neighbor mentioned in the elevator episode or they are having Mary Jo Deschanel (ED’s mother) who is an actresss play the limited role. CD has directed and Zooey has guest starred so this would make it a complete family. Just a thought. I always thought her Mom could have played an aunt or something from her mother’s family if they ever went that route.

  31. alison tabor on December 3rd, 2011 12:03 pm

    I think one thing that would help me enjoy Bones more would be if I did not watch or hear any of the promotional advertisements. They set an expectation that in my opinion has never been met this season.
    Although DB performance was solid throughout the episode, it really was Ralph/Pops performance that should take any emmy award home. He was amazing.
    Additionally the advertising department and reviewers keep saying that Booth & Brennan have these ‘amazing’ scenes that will make us cringe/cry/jump for joy. Please SHUT UP already and let the viewers take the ride with these characters without all these preconceived notions. All the advertising seems to be blowing up in the producer’s faces.
    I can be a huge shipper, and because of this I have found all of the advertised B&B ‘special’ moments in season 7 (and 6) to be a bit empty or awkward. They don’t seem to be in love or truly committed to eachother, but rather have fallen together because of a pregnancy. I thought for sure that Booth’s character would be more elated and excited. Why isn’t he sending Brennan flowers or writing her love notes or proposing 500 times until the woman says yes. Booth was all about teaching Brennan about love–so where’s the love Booth?

  32. Festina Lente on December 3rd, 2011 6:18 pm

    For some reason, this is the episode which convinced me that Bones has a lot of trouble attracting talented writers. The outcome is that they’re always trotting out the same cliches about the characters, instead of building on the strengths of a very good acting cast. For example, there was no indication of how Cam and Booth are old friends, and there was barely a mention of Parker. Great characterisation this ain’t.

    Don’t get me wrong: the episode was the best one this season. But it’s as if all the good writers avoid applying for a job there. I don’t know why – it can’t be because it’s a ‘small’ show, because Buffy had a much smaller audience and amazing writers. I can only conclude that it must have something to do with the reputation of the executive producers: after all, if you don’t know how to nurture talent, it’ll go elsewhere (to Castle, for example). Whedon was great with that, but HH and company must be terrible at it, hence the much lower standard of writing since the writers’ strike.

  33. AJ on December 7th, 2011 4:31 pm

    Festina- you can add editing in there with the extremely poor writing for this series. The 5th graders from any school can add a gleam of light to the editing for this show right now. I am not coming at that from an inconsistancy stand point, although that needs to be fixed too.

    Can’t believe I waited on pins and needles for this episode. I read somewhere that I am “dead” if I don’t have a snot fit after the last scene of this episode. Well, let me check my pulse again………………yes, still there and I didn’t shed a tear. The only misty part for me was Hank reading the letter to Booth. What brought me back to a high blood pressure state was Booth acting like a two year old. It was overboard for Booth to continually roll his eyes and crap on his Pops with his attitude. OCC for Booth to not recognize that it was not all about him, his Dad did not matter one bit to him, but Pops does, and it didn’t show in this episode.

    I am one of those fans who in 2006, 2007 and 08 would have paid money to sit and listen to DB read from a phone book. A broody Angel look can only register with me for about five years (OMG- did I just say that, really?) and then I need him to act. Nobody in Hollywood pulls of “I don’t give a rat’s as__” like Boreanaz. So kudos for that, but an Emmy nomination would go to Ralph Waite.

    This was an eppy that came oh soooooo close, but still is not hitting on all cylinders. Too much to be covered in 43 minutes. I think this eppy could have been carried by the loss of Booth’s Dad alone, did we really need a murder? Not really. What is wrong with delving into the leads at least one show a season. My God, I know more crud about Angela and Hodgins then Booth and Bones in the relationship department. As an old shipper of B&B I can enjoy a Booth-centric episode and loved DitP last season, but one liners like “we are together for now….” must come with a warning lable.

    Maybe I could have got more out of the last episode if the script would have been minus that line. Was that necessary for the plot? or the subplot for Bones of sore breasts?, or for the non-exsistant “organic” relationship that we are supposed to be enjoying? (total B.S. at this point). The answer is NO. it was a line to make Bones be the non-bonding person and keep her in character in the writers eye. It had no useful purpose in that type of scene.

    One more time, let me see if I can spell out the feelings of an orginal fan for this show; The one and only time during this episode that I got the feeling that I was watching Bones (the real Bones show, not benign crap called Season Seven) was when Bones sat on the arm of the chair that Booth was in and leaned into his shoulder. YES! Followed by her smiling at him like she used to, and putting her arm around his neck. It is unknown if that was written in the script, or if DB leaned into ED due to the intensity he was feeling to get where he needed to be emotionally- I will never know, but it worked. I felt a connection there, right there. Not in the car scene earlier, or the diner with the Costa Rica house bull, but there. Rumor on the internet has it that HH didn’t know DB would “go there” with the scene, but was glad he did. So, my guess is that ED’s actions were pure in friendship- partner ship, an oh my gosh moment that David was going there as an actor. His shoulder leaning into her as she sat there- strength to pull off having to dig down and find the thoughts that get you to cry.

    That is the Bones show I remember.

  34. andrea on December 7th, 2011 11:07 pm

    Wow pretty harsh AJ! Well I don’t think this season has been crap as you so colorfully put it. And I for certain don’t think any fifth grader could edit a television show much less write one! The Male in the Mail was very well done IMO. I think DB didn’t brood ala Angel, but there was a lot of underlying emotion in his expressions. Booth did acknowledge Pops’ disappointment that he couldn’t see how much Pops was hurting; he did change his attitude for Pops, “Anything for you Pops”. I agree that the end with Brennan leaning against Booth and putting her arms around him/squeezing his neck was awesome though. I’m with you there.

  35. Laura Opper on October 11th, 2014 8:35 pm

    This was a very enjoyable episode. The actors are so subtle in their facial expressions and the use of their voices that it doesn’t seem like acting…it seems like real people dealing with their lives. In an episode like this I don’t care which character is featured. I just want to sit back and appreciate the skill and talent it takes to make an excellent episode which lets the viewer become emotionally invested.