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BONES: Stephen Nathan, Carla Kettner, Michaela Conlin and Tamara Taylor Tease the New Serial Killer

January 12, 2012 by  

For months, the BONES cast and crew have been talking up their brand new serial killer. And now, it’s finally time to meet him.

“Well, we’re actually really excited about this episode,” executive producer Stephen Nathan teased. “Because it ties up a loose end with Booth and Brennan in terms of where the next phase of their life will be. And it also introduces a new serial killer who will be instrumental of changing the course of the series for quite a while. By the end of the year, by the end of the season, their lives will be thrown into a tremendous amount of turmoil.”

“It’s going to be fantastic,” said executive producer Carla Kettner (who also wrote this episode). “It’s going to be super exciting. He’s really, really different than the rest of our serial killers and I think everyone is going to love him.”

And like the previous serial killers, this one will be sticking around for a bit.

“It’s not going to be resolved by the end of this season, but everything we want to play out will play out this season, in these first 13,” Nathan shared. “The additional episodes, we have no idea what the network has planned for those. Where we’re going to be, because we still don’t know if it’s going to be in the summer or next season. But we’re going to have to figure it out because this season will have a finale.”

For the actors, they say the newest foe has been hard for them to stomach as well.

“We really know how to rustle up serial killers on BONES, I have to say,” Michaela Conlin (Angela) said. “This one, there’s a creepy bone thing [in the episode]. I know there’s a creepy bones thing in every episode, but this particular episode is so gross. It just makes me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit.”

“Oh, terrifying,” Tamara Taylor (Cam) exclaimed, when I asked her about their new foe. “Terrifying! He gives me chills. The smartest, creepiest one we’ve had so far.”

“I think we’ll all eventually be in danger, like the Gravedigger,” Taylor added. “I think this one is coming after us, because he’s taking particular joy in making our lives miserable and giving us riddles so we can actually solve the body parts. Which is really creepy.”

If it almost seems like the new baddie is a mix of Gormagon-meets-the-Gravedigger, you aren’t the only one who sees that comparison.

“It’s a little weird mashup [of our past killers],” Taylor said. “We don’t like the serial killers! I think Cam got her round [of danger] in the second season, when she almost died. I think everybody’s come close.”

After the death of Vincent-Nigel Murray last season, it would only be fair for a potential death to be on everyone’s minds.

“This serial killer is probably my favorite,” Conlin noted. “I hope no one dies!”

And while no one is talking about whether this killer will result in a casualty of people we know, things are about to get incredibly tense.

“I actually think this [killer] is more gruesome and personal in a way to our characters,” added Kettner. “You’ll see from the murder or murders that this is a super twisted mind at work. And in his next appearance, which as of now, will be the season finale, is even more shocking. We spend a lot of time trying to think how to make them different, and we got this fantastic actor named Andrew Leeds to play Chris. And Andrew is just so smart, and yet not at all what you’d expect, that I think it works really well. And he’s a great foil for Booth and Brennan. And is going to really, really scare the crap out of everybody during the season finale.”

But given there are now two new babies who have been added to the Jeffersonian family, at least they will be safe…right?

“Children are safe,” Kettner said. “I think BONES stops being fun when it hits too close to home. So I think the interesting part is more that Brennan, now that she’s had a child, has opened up a little emotionally, and is seeing things slightly differently. So in that way, it’s more impactful. But no, we don’t want any children to be hurt during the making of this show.”

Don’t forget, BONES airs at a special time for tonight only — 8 PM on Fox. Will you be tuning in?


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2 Responses to “BONES: Stephen Nathan, Carla Kettner, Michaela Conlin and Tamara Taylor Tease the New Serial Killer”

  1. Dani on January 13th, 2012 12:14 am

    Epps was and is the only decent serial killer storyline that this show has ever had.. so to Stephan Nathan i say a big fat Yawn… heard it all before.. and never eventuated.. so meh

  2. Jared on January 13th, 2012 10:25 am

    I find the new serial killer interesting but for me there are a few holes in the plot of him. For the sake of not spoiling anything for those who have not seen the ep I will not explain why. All in all the new serial killer arc should be fun. Personally I loved the Gravedigger arc until it turned out to be a character we never saw in the first Gravedigger episode. Gormagon could have been good too but they didn’t do enough with him (more killing and bones added to the skeleton).

    March or whenever can’t get here soon enough.