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The Stars of CHUCK Tease What Fans Can Expect in the Series Finale

January 27, 2012 by  

Anxious about what to expect when the final few hours of CHUCK air in a few hours?

While we can’t guarantee these teases will make things much better, Zachary Levi (Chuck), Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah), Adam Baldwin (Casey), Joshua Gomez (Morgan), and Vik Sahay (Lester) were game to give out a little bit of scoop on their characters’ endings to the reporters who hit up the CHUCK set the day before filming wrapped…

Chuck and Sarah:

“I’ll just say this: things happen where we come to the finale in a way where it’s almost a reset of sorts,” Levi said. “Where the ‘will they,won’t they’ dynamic kind of comes back into play, particularly in the second half of the finale — episode 13. There’s a ton of homage to the pilot, to the origins of these characters and their journey together. And everyone’s in it, and that’s awesome, and it’s really — it’s been really emotional.”

“What happens in those last few episodes kinda reset the clock in a lot of ways and you find our heroes all almost like you found them in the beginning of the show, which is a really cool full-circle-type-of-thing,” he added. “Because of that, that leads to a tremendous amount of emotion and a tremendous amount of fight and yearning… But then aside from that and the love story and the major stuff that’s happening there.”

But Strahovski warned that the reset won’t be all fun and games for Chuck and Sarah fans.

“I have to say that in the last episode, what is happening between Chuck and Sarah is going to weigh heavy on people’s hearts,” she said. “There’s not a lot I can say without giving it away, but there’s a definite element of sadness that we have to go through, to get to the final moment. And then, there’s the funny stuff.”

But is it a happy ending?

“It’s a nice note [to end on],” Strahovski said.


While Baldwin was a big vague on what happens with his character in the two hours, he did tease, “I think Casey goes out with a bang, or so I’ve been told.”

“It’s emotional,” he added. “For me, I’ve been through series before where there have been endings that have been premature. With this one, while we would have loved to have had another nine episodes to get through the whole season, I think 91 episodes of a show that was on the bubble is a good long run. I feel satisfied with the course that we’ve taken. I’m grateful that we were able to get this far, so I don’t feel sad. I have all these people’s phone numbers and their emails.”


Morgan may be de-Intersected and reunited with Alex, but does his storyline get wrapped up in the finale?

“You know, it’s such a weird thing,” Gomez said. “I think that it’s like, yes, as far as the series goes, yes. I think so. The thing about the show is, it’s so dense, especially with all these characters. You could literally have episodes devoted to each separate dynamic, you know what I mean? So in that way, no. There’s always going to be — for fans or for myself — you’re going, ‘Well, what did Morgan and Awesome have to say to each other?’ But again, you have an hour to tell all this stuff. But yeah, for this specific run of the season and things like that, there’s definitely a Morgan closure. And there’s stuff with Alex which I think is cool, and Casey. Those dynamics. Then you’ll just be left to kind of imagine — I’m sure, through fan fiction!”


You didn’t think there would be a CHUCK series finale without one last (epic) Jeffster song, did you?

“I really feel like the criteria must be ‘What’s the most difficult song for Vik to sing? That’s how we’ll choose our music!’” Sahay said of his final tune, which we’re going to leave unnamed so there are still some surprises left. “I mean, it’s an insane song; it’s, like, so difficult! But I think it’s kind of a beautiful, bizarre, apt choice, and honestly — in all honesty — I’ve gotten to a place where I relish the challenge. I’m like, ‘Okay, bring me the mountains; let me try to climb these things.’ The scariest part was when I’d go to work on it. The musicians are like ‘Oh God.’ Like, they are terrified of the song, so that’s not fun. But it worked out okay, I think.”

Just you wait until you see how great it came out…

CHUCK’s “Chuck Versus Sarah” and “Chuck Versus The Goodbye” air tonight, starting at 8 PM on NBC.


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