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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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How did you all like DON’T TRUST THE B—- IN APARTMENT 23? I thought it was hilarious, and I’m excited to tune in again tonight.

What else should you be watching? Check out all of your Wednesday TV choices below!

Survivor | 8pm on CBS
“I’m No Dummy”
Castaways go on the attack when one tribe member forces a confrontation, and a heartfelt message from home brings the Tikiano tribe to tears.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers | 8pm on NBC
“Episode 4”
America’s favorite comedy sweetheart sends her band of fearless senior citizens to the street to pull more hilarious pranks on the younger generation. This week, a sassy senior takes matters into his own hands when he doesn’t like the music played by a street performer, a patient in an ambulance tries to make a daring escape, and a woman at the grocery boldly takes things from the shopping carts of others. Other pranks include a gassy man who isn’t welcomed on a shopping mall bench, and a tired senior who falls asleep at the wheel while riding his electric scooter. As star of the series, the delightful Betty White shares her comical pearls of wisdom and stars in engaging and funny sketches between the pranks.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“7 Finalists Compete”
The remaining finalists perform live once again to win the hearts of the judges and the nation. After the performances, it’s up to America to vote for their favorite singers to keep them in the competition. Tune in to see who impresses the judges and who falls flat.

Best Friends Forever | 8:30pm on NBC
“Put a Pin in It”
Lennon goes the extra mile to create a wonderful surprise gift for Joe’s dad’s (guest star J.K. Simmons) upcoming retirement party. However, it’s Marilyn, Luka’s mom, that Lennon is most worried about pleasing. Meanwhile, Jessica is forced to face the reality of her divorce when all of her belongings literally show up on her doorstep.

Suburgatory | 8:30pm on ABC
“Entering Eden”
When George meets Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone) at the Chatswin Farmer’s Market, there is an immediate attraction, and he finds himself smitten with her and her healthy eating habits. Meanwhile, Yakult goes missing, and it’s up to Tessa and Dalia to find her, and Noah and Jill make a surprising announcement.

So much more. Keep reading…

Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
“The Last Walt”
Claire delicately helps Luke cope with the fact that his friend and their old neighbor, Walt, has passed. Phil takes Alex for some father-daughter bonding time, and Haley throws an unauthorized party. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria go over to Mitch and Cam’s to have dinner with Cam’s father, Merle, who is in town visiting – and awkwardness and tension seem to be the rule of the night.

America’s Next Top Model | 9pm on CW
The models are tasked with creating a PSA with some young girls for an anti-bullying campaign, where the winners of the challenge will receive a personal video message from a loved one. At a photo shoot, singer Estelle models with the women, who have to pose as art installations during a dinner party. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Estelle as well as Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for elimination.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 | 9:30pm on ABC
“Daddy’s Girl…”
Dating is awkward enough, but when you add Chloe into the mix, it grows tenfold, which June learns the hard way when she begrudgingly allows Chloe to set her up. Meanwhile, James decides to teach an acting class but can’t seem to escape his Dawson persona.

Law & Order: SVU | 10pm on NBC
“Valentine’s Day”
While video chatting with his wife (guest star Chloë Sevigny) on the way home from an international business trip, a Wall Street executive watches an intruder assault and abduct her. The kidnappers demand ransom, and Detectives Benson, Amaro, Rollins, and Tutuola are on the scene when the missing housewife arrives to pick up the money. She frantically tells the detectives about her ordeal, but Benson grows suspicious of her story. The SVU squad and Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak dig deeper to find out who the real victim is in this increasingly complicated case.

Revenge | 10pm on ABC
Daniel’s imprisonment sends Victoria to depths that no one thought possible, as the surprise return of a past love (guest star James Purefoy) provides a destructive but welcome distraction from her family’s struggles. Meanwhile, Jack’s search for Amanda grows more desperate as he comes under suspicion for murder.

The Soup | 10pm on E!
A weekly recap of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. The show is hosted by Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips.

Also playing…

  • Rock Center with Brian Williams | 9pm on NBC
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter | “A Higher Power” | 9:30pm on A&E
  • Monster Man | “Devoman vs. Clevezilla” | Season 1 Finale | 10pm on Syfy
  • Hot in Cleveland | “Cruel Shoes” | 10pm on TV Land
  • South Park | 10pm on Comedy Central

What will you be watching?

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