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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Friday, October 19, 2012

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A relatively easy night, but you should do everything in your power to watch the excellent season premiere of NIKITA (airing on The CW at 9).

Take a look at all your other options…

Grimm | 9pm on NBC
“The Other Side”
Nick and Hank are called to the scene of a murdered high school academic decathlete and learn just how competitive some extracurricular activities can be, and the extremes some coaches and parents will go to give students the best chance for success. In other police matters, Captain Renard deals with an unwanted infatuation while we learn an old accomplice of his has been spending time with his family in Europe. Elsewhere, Monroe continues to manage the spice shop and gets a visit from an unlikely customer.

CSI: NY | 8pm on CBS
The CSIs race to catch a shooter when Lindsay is injured during the attempted murder of a political candidate, and the events in the aftermath lead to a child’s death. Action sequences will be narrated by songs from Grammy Award winning Green Day’s band album Green Day !Uno! and forthcoming albums Green Day !Dos! and Green Day !Tré!

Boss | 9pm on Starz
“True Enough”
Miller’s published story could bring down Kane, but Kitty’s alliance with Doyle could prove to be equally problematical; Meredith enters a new relationship.

Nikita | 9pm on The CW | Season Premiere
Ryan takes charge of Division with Nikita by his side. Their first mission under the new regime is to bring in “The Dirty Thirty,” the rogue agents who failed to respond to the Division recall after Percy was killed. Unfortunately, their first mission doesn’t go as planned and Michael is arrested, forcing Nikita to change gears and hatch an escape plan for him. Alex reprises her alter ego, the spoiled Russian princess Alexandra Udinov, in a very unique way as part of the plan to spring Michael. Meanwhile, Birkhoff struggles to maintain a working relationship with Sonya, despite his growing attraction to her.

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Blue Bloods | 10pm on CBS
“Scorched Earth”
Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride on her wedding day in a drive-by gang shooting. However, they are pulled off the case and assigned to the protection detail of a Central American president, who they believe is a target for assassination. Meanwhile, Jamie questions his partner Vinny’s methods when he performs an unjustified stop

Haven | 10pm on Syfy
“Double Jeopardy”
Audrey finds herself protecting Haven’s criminals—and Duke—from a dangerous female vigilante whose methods for bringing down bad guys are questionable, to say the least.

Also Playing Tonight…

  • Shark Tank | 8pm on ABC 
  • America’s Next Top Model | 8pm on The CW
  • Fashion Police | 10pm on E!

Leave a comment and let me know what you will be tuning in to. Have a great weekend!

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