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LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Teases ‘The Corkscrew Job’

December 11, 2012 by  

With only three episodes left of LEVERAGE (and potentially having the end of the series around the corner), it’s time to appreciate what the team is up to.

“The team infiltrates a vineyard, taking on this crooked guy,” LEVERAGE star Aldis Hodge (Hardison) teased of tonight’s installment. “Tonight, you’ll get to see us go full force and have fun like we always do. Hardison gets into a little bit of a scuffle. He may get his knuckles roughed a little bit. That episode, we just had a great time doing it. I think for all the wine aficionados out there, you’re going to love the scenery, because we shot at this amazing vineyard. Oregon is a beautiful place to go wine-tasting; that’s where I got my education on wine. I will say, it was probably the best set we’ve had in all five seasons.”

While Hodge teased a bit about the episode, the point that stood out to me was…Hardison fighting?! And Hodge told me it’s not like his character has any assistance from anyone else.

“He’s on his own,” Hodge laughed. “On his own. It was weird [to film]. It was cool, because Hardison finally got to fight, but it’s also harder to fight. For me, it’s kind of awkward because I grew up fighting. You have to teach yourself to fight a different way [for on-camera work]. Not make every punch clean, not make everything look like you know what you’re doing. I’m not saying he looks like a punk — he gets the job done — but it’s Hardison fighting!”

And while clearly some shenanigans will be going down if Hardison is fighting, there’s one problem the team won’t have to deal with: Nate’s problems with alcohol.

“You would think so, but Nate has gotten to a point where he has some degree of control over who he is. The only thing we worry about Nate is how far he’s willing to push the con; how far he’s willing to push the part. Is he spinning his wheels a little too far in that diabolical region? With his drinking, I think that Nate is pretty well in control of who he is now.”

So, at least there’s that piece of good news. As for Parker and Hardison fans, Hodge teases you’ll “definitely” see a cute moment between the duo in tonight’s episode.

LEVERAGE airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on TNT.


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One Response to “LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Teases ‘The Corkscrew Job’”

  1. Nick on December 12th, 2012 1:28 pm

    This was such a good episode of Leverage and I am so excited about how great this season has been, but I really hope this isn’t going to be one of the last episodes. I absolutely love this show and I always recommend it to my coworkers at DISH. I am recording every episode of this season with DISH’s Hopper, just in case it is the last, and thankfully I don’t have to delete anything else to make room for it because the hard drive is so big. I can’t wait for another great episode like this, but I’m so hopeful that Leverage doesn’t get cancelled!