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THE MINDY PROJECT Spoiler Alert: Is Mindy Heading for a Wedding?!

July 31, 2013 by  

[This post contains spoilers for the season 2 premiere of THE MINDY PROJECT.]

In case you were holding out hope Mindy wouldn’t actually make that trip to Haiti (after she was so back-and-forth about it — and her relationship with Casey — in the season finale), the season 2 premiere will show a bit of her time there and her eventual return home.

“It’s the premiere, and Mindy comes back from Haiti with big news,” THE MINDY PROJECT executive producer Matt Warburton told reporters on set earlier today. “And basically in this one episode, we’re just trying to have a big move for Mindy and Casey. We wanted to promise the audience that when we promised something big in the finale, we’re actually going to do it. We didn’t want to start the season with, ‘Oh, we’re back from Haiti and that Anders [Holm (Casey)] guy is gone.’ So we’re really for the first set of episodes playing with this relationship further and seeing where it goes, just because it feels realistic to us.”

That big relationship move? A wedding! (Below is a photo I took on the set of Mindy’s apartment with some appropriate signage.)

“It’s a rush job wedding, so everybody’s pitching in,” Warburton teased. “I believe Tamara is on cake duty, but everyone’s helping with decorating and making it a good experience. It’s already weird to have a wedding where it’s only your work friends at it, and that might become an issue.”

But having friends on-call to do your wedding prep can lead to some problems.

“It’s an exotic cake store,” THE MINDY PROJECT executive producer/star Mindy Kaling (Mindy) explained. “And they only have a cake that looks like a penis or a cake that looks like a torah.”

Which means, naturally, the penis one was chosen. (Take a look at how they fixed it up to be a little less pervy for the occasion.)

The only problem with all this wedding talk? Earlier, during a panel for the show, there was a tease that Mindy would once again be single soon.

“What I hope that we promise and deliver to the audience is that even when people are gone, they’re not gone forever,” Warburton said. “So, like when Mindy had a big breakup with Josh, we already brought him back, and we want to bring him back again. If Anders is gone, we’ll definitely see him again. Especially because there are the boyfriends that end bad because they’re terrible people, and there’s the boyfriends that end good just because it didn’t work out. We like to have balance. We had the Duplass brothers were guest stars last season, and we put them on like eight times or something. As long as the actors are game and want to have fun, because it’s fun to hang out here, we’ll just keep bringing people back forever. We did it last season, so hopefully people know that once Casey leaves the show for a little bit, we’ll definitely be seeing him again.”

Are you hoping Mindy and Casey actually tie the knot?

THE MINDY PROJECT season 2 debuts Tuesday, September 17th at 9:30 PM on Fox.

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2 Responses to “THE MINDY PROJECT Spoiler Alert: Is Mindy Heading for a Wedding?!”

  1. Nancy on July 31st, 2013 9:13 pm

    Mindy needs to be with Danny and that’s it.

  2. Kath (@canakatydid) on August 1st, 2013 11:08 am

    In my opinion, the show won’t work as well with a married Mindy (though I could be wrong). Of course as long as there is more Dr. Jeremy I don’t really mind if Mindy is married or not (though Casey is kinda icky!).