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BONES Season 9: You Ask, I Answer

September 20, 2013 by  

There’s a lot, lot, lot going on in the BONES world. In fact, there’s so much going on — and given that I’ve also seen a few more episodes of BONES season 9 — I thought it might be fun to do another You Ask, I Answer…

How on fire are Tony & Roxy? What are their interactions with guest stars John Ratzenberger & Millicent Martin like? – @AbbiTVfan via Twitter

Tony and Roxy are fantastic and wickedly hilarious, as per usual. It’s rather fascinating to see them interact with the other couples, and at one point, Booth and Brennan do wonder how similar they are to the couple John Ratzenberger and Millicent Martin portray.

What can you tell us about a certain sweat lodge scene? I feel the need for details… 😉 – @BoothieFan via Twitter

I fear you may be a little disappointed if you were hoping for sexytime…the genders are split up for their sweat lodge sessions. But Brennan as Roxy gets to impart a little bit of manipulative wisdom on the other women in the couples retreat as a means to get a little bit more information for the investigation.

How do Cam’s friends help her, support her during her identity theft drama? – @Sky_lauren via Twitter

Cam is fiercely, fiercely independent, and determined to take care of the problem herself. Several people attempt to help her, but an unexpected person is the one who is finally able to make the big difference. (It’s worth noting that Tamara Taylor is just incredible in the episode.)

Is there any lingering tension and/or allusions to The Big Secret between B&B in non-Pelant episodes? – @flappergirls via Twitter

Yes! Thankfully, the continuity gods smiled upon us and the fact that there is something quasi-off between Booth and Brennan is not ignored.

Is Hodgins going to do something crazy? If yes, with whom? – @bschlott via Twitter

A) Always and B) Let’s just say Hodgins straps himself into quite the machine to investigate evidence in “El Carnicero en el Coche.”

Is there any kick ass, action Booth scenes? I love it when Booth gets federal on their asses! – @Sunflower844 via Twitter

Yes, you will get some Action!Booth in the next few episodes!

Is Sweets’ decision process (on leaving) going to be shown on screen, and does he seek advice from anyone? – @rex953 via Twitter

Sweets deciding to leave is something he massively struggles with, and he talks with several people about it. However, even once he’s “gone,” that doesn’t mean the people in his life are exactly willing to accept that. (His unrest will not just be a one-ep and done situation, either.)

Is there anything you can tell us about what’s going on with Hodgins, Angela, Cam, or Sweets in the next few episodes? – twistintheplot via Tumblr

Well, since we’ve talked about everyone else, how about a little on Angela? Angela and Brennan have a little girl time in this Monday’s episode, where it’s clear Angela is confused about the sudden lack of suffocating tension between Booth and Brennan, and that things are still tense between Booth and Angela. And while some fans may have mixed feelings about the Angela/Brennan friendship right now, I think people will be much more positive about her interactions with the rest of the Jeffersonian team in “The Cheat in the Retreat.”

Will @stephenfry return to #Bones this season? – @tilley_girl via Twitter

Funny you should ask that, because I was missing Gordon Gordon Wyatt, too, so I asked that of BONES boss Hart Hanson on a conference call last week: “He would love to [return], but Stephen Fry is busy running, I think it’s Britain and most of France,” Hanson joked. “It’s very tough to get him. But we promise to keep trying, and he is certainly willing [in the future].”

BONES airs Mondays at 8 PM on Fox.


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