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CASTLE: Molly Quinn on ‘Like Father, Like Daughter,’ the Tension Between Alexis and Castle, and More

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CASTLE’s Alexis is going through a bit of a hard time with her father right now, which makes this Monday’s episode all the more awkward for her: as their personal life is hitting a bump, she needs Castle and the rest of his NYPD buddies to help her prove that a man on death row is actually innocent. And the kicker? They only have 72 hours to do it.

I spoke with CASTLE’s Molly Quinn about the Alexis/Castle rift, Alexis’ quest to save the death row inmate, where Alexis stands with Beckett, and more…

What can you say about where things go for Alexis and Castle, personally, after their fight about him shutting her out in the last episode?
Molly Quinn: It’s going to be rocky for a while. But not undoable. Things are going to get worse before they get better. That really is my hope. I would hate to see their relationship sever. In fact, I can’t even imagine that.

That makes sense. They’ve been incredibly close since the pilot, so a significant permanent shift is hard to fathom.
MQ: Yeah, I agree.

How does that tension play into things with her requesting his help in this Monday’s episode, “Like Father, Like Daughter”?
MQ: Alexis is already so kind of high-strung in believing this guy is innocent, and only having 72 hours to prove it, and really being really inexperienced in anything like this. She does everything she can do, to no avail, unfortunately, so she’s like, “I’ve got to call everybody up. I’ve got to call Beckett and Lanie and Esposito and Ryan and my dad.” So she goes through everybody. She’s very tenacious, and that’s something I really like about her. She feels the burden on her shoulders of this guy’s life.

Are we getting any flashbacks to Alexis’ relationship with this man from before she looped the team in? Or are we finding out about how they first met, etc., through dialogue?
MQ: You do see flashbacks, but Alexis only met this guy through the criminal justice classes she was doing in school, which is how she got involved with the innocence review program. His fiancee wrote Alexis letters, tons of letters, and it’s his fiancee standing by his side all that time is really what makes Alexis think about it.

We’ve seen Alexis work with Lanie in the past, and now that she’s getting this experience, do you think this is the field she’s going to want to explore as a career when she gets a little bit older?
MQ: Yeah. She’s going at it from every angle — she wants to try everything out before she settles on one thing. She’s very smart that way.

That makes sense, she has some time to figure out her life.
MQ: Yeah, especially when you have the brains for it.

And it seems like Alexis isn’t entirely sure about Castle’s relationship with Beckett. Is that going to be dealt with at all, or is that put on the back burner in what you’ve shot?
MQ: Let me clear that up: Alexis completely likes Beckett in every way. She thinks she’s an awesome person. She has no issue. In fact, on the inside, she’s thrilled this is the woman her dad has chosen: a smart, capable, career woman.

All of her anger is just directed at Castle and not being involved in the situation. She feels pushed out, which she feels is unfair, because she’s never done that to him. So, unfortunately, Beckett may get a bit of misdirected anger, but it’s only rarely, and whenever she does, trust me, Alexis regrets it. Because her issues have nothing to do with Beckett.

And I’d like to also say we’re not going to get closure in any way, but I do believe we’re going to see some improvement for Alexis and Beckett on a personal level.

Do you personally hope the duo share more scenes together given their respective roles in Castle’s life?
MQ: I can’t say how much they’re going to have, unfortunately, but I think the possibility is open for them to get closer together. Because of course that’s important. You want to get to know the woman your dad is marrying.

Looking at Alexis’ romance, how are things going with Pi?
MQ: She’s crazy about him! She’s over the moon. Of course, she’s not going to say any of that to her dad, because she’s keeping him out of her life as much as he’s been doing that. She’s being a little childish about that, truthfully, but she doesn’t feel like she has any other option. If you’re going to keep me out, I’m going to keep you out until we butt heads and finally get things talked through.

Are we going to get to see more of them being an adult couple now that they’ve moved in together?
MQ: You’ll have to ask [CASTLE creator] Andrew Marlowe about that, but I think their relationship is purely fun. I don’t think you’ll see them going to galas and things that are sophisticated. You’re going to see them enjoying life and being in the prime of it.

Will we be seeing them enjoying life? Or will Alexis be more sharing the adventures they’re having when she sees her family?
MQ: I hope [we see it]. I’m lucky if I get my episode a day before we film. I’ve heard rumors and positivity about him coming back in and us seeing some of it, but even for me, those are just rumors. But I hope along with everybody else that we get to see it and not just hear about it.

What can you share about the episode you just finished filming?
MQ: It’s so cute. It’s such a heart-warming episode….I will say I’m extremely excited about my costar in the episode we [just wrapped].

Potentially on that note, I know Castle and Beckett will be taking care of a child in an upcoming episode — is Alexis involved in that storyline at all?
MQ: That’s what I’m talking about! Oh my gosh, he is the cutest little kid. I’m so glad they worked Alexis in and around that storyline.

Is Alexis a baby person?
MQ: Of course she is! Alexis is completely loving and a care-giver in every way. Of course she’s going to be game to babysit.

Nice. Is there anything else you can tease about what’s coming up?
MQ: Just that all of our scripts keep getting better and better. I’ve been more thrilled with our stories this season than ever before, and honestly, I’m just really excited to see how people react to the episode coming up. Because the fan reaction will play a big part in how much more Alexis screen time we get. So fingers crossed they really like where Alexis is going.

Make sure to check back Monday for some more CASTLE teases. And in the meantime have you checked out the show’s official site?

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC. 

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14 Responses to “CASTLE: Molly Quinn on ‘Like Father, Like Daughter,’ the Tension Between Alexis and Castle, and More”

  1. Jon on November 1st, 2013 9:40 pm


    No one likes Pi and NO ONE likes the storyline.

    It needs to end asap.

    And really, that interview just made Alexis sound even worse.

    You’ve just lost one viewer until this idiocy is over.

  2. Charlotte on November 1st, 2013 10:05 pm

    What the others said.

    I also have to say that before this whole train wreck of a story arc, I loved and adored every single character on the show. Now not so much. I can sadly say that Alexis is on the bottom of the list and all because of this season and how she just turned into a spoiled little brat out for vengeance, like a kid with a stolen lollipop, just because she wasn’t let in on her dad’s engagement. I get her, I do, but she could have been written in a different way, so that nearly all the fandom wouldn’t come to hate her.

    I will watch this Monday’s episode, with an open mind, just to see if Alexis can redeem herself, just a tiny bit, but I’m not hoping for much of that.

  3. Mollie on November 1st, 2013 10:18 pm

    Who is this “everybody else” that Molly is talking about concerning keeping Pi a relative part of the show? Considering 95% of fan reaction cannot STAND the sight of him? It’s not “Life Father, Like Daughter” it’s more “Like MOTHER, Like Daughter” – Spoiled, petty, and selfish.

    Since when is a being a parent a bad thing like this show makes it out to be? It’s insulting to all the parents in the world.

    Consider this one vote for less Alexis and NO Pi.

    Regards, Another Nielsen Family.

  4. Tania on November 2nd, 2013 1:03 am

    To Molly, Andrew and whomever else from Castle is reading,

    Pi – no no no no no. We do not want. At all. Nope. In any capacity. No.

    Alexis – go away, grow up, lose the brattish petulance and respect your father, then come back.

    Rick – stop making everything his fault. He’s a great father and a pretty amazing guy, please start giving him credit and stop everyone treating him like a fool.

    Just my two cents. But I will say I’m losing patience with the shows attempts to damage control this mess. Just admit you screwed up and fix it, you’ll get the audience back because right now, you’ve lost or are losing a lot of us.

  5. LL624 on November 2nd, 2013 1:11 am

    I’m glad she cleared up Alexis’ feelings towards Beckett. I never thought she had a problem with Beckett, but I know other fans did.

    “But I hope along with everybody else that we get to see it and not just hear about it.” Who is this everybody else? No one wants to see that. I don’t mind briefly hearing about it every now and then, but that’s it.

    “Because the fan reaction will play a big part in how much more Alexis screen time we get.” Ooh, that does not sound good for you, Molly…

  6. Shante on November 2nd, 2013 2:58 am

    Please stop talking for the “fandom.” I happen to enjoy this storyline. The Castle fandom throw more temper tantrums and whine and complain more than the Alexis character. Pissed is less annoying. It’s a tv show and this overreacting to anything that’s not roses and rainbow in every single season is getting old. Stop watching and stop the threats to do something. Just please turn the channel.

    That being said I’m enjoying the drama and the conflicts. The sooner some of you realize Alexis isn’t going anywhere and is the leading character’s daughter, the better off you’ll be.

    I can’t wait to see Like Father, Like Daughter and the rest of the season. This is the best show on tv and the actors and characters and writing are amazing!

    I just don’t get how this fandom is always complaining about something! Ugh.

  7. Shante on November 2nd, 2013 3:00 am

    Sorry about auto correct. That should read Pi is less annoying!

  8. M. on November 2nd, 2013 5:41 am

    I can’t help myself, but after reading that Alexis will indeed be a part of 6×10 I’m suddenly WAY LESS interested in this episode, even though I had really high hopes for it. I mean Caskett playing house – what could be cuter?

    But with Alexis in the picture I just don’t see it anymore…

    Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I hate Alexis. I just don’t care about her or her boyfriend. Every minute of screentime that is wasted on a storyline that a lot of fans don’t care about or even hate, is a minute that could have been about Caskett & I think these two have a lot of things to catch up on onscreen.

  9. Dana on November 2nd, 2013 7:21 am

    Ughh why does she have to be in the baby episode? And apparently she has a lot of screen time in that one?
    Marlowe what are you doing? Haven’t you been reading fan reactions? Do you even care?

  10. Jennifer on November 2nd, 2013 8:06 am

    Marlowe is losing his Mojo this season. I think is going to be as insipid as the last season.

  11. K on November 2nd, 2013 12:58 pm

    If fan reaction is anything to go by the past 2 weeks everyone is sick of PI and Alexis. When did the show become all about Alexis? I’m sick of this Alexis arc. I’m hopeful that Molly is not in episodes 6×08 and 6×09 because quite honestly we need a break from her. After last season I’m so sure that Molly was pissy about the lack of screen time she was given until the season 5 two parter. I’m also dreading 6×10 now that Alexis will have a major role in the episode. I can see Alexis being bratty and jealous about the kid castle and Beckett will be taking care of.

  12. S. on November 2nd, 2013 4:29 pm

    Personally, I’m not fond of Pi either. But (and this is a big one) I am loving watching Alexis find her own voice, and go and live a life away from her father. She will make mistakes, and she will throw tantrums and be immature about it sometimes. I want to know where she and Pi will go next, since I know it could go both ways, at this point. And I think that having her a part of 6×10 will be interesting, as we will get to see all of them react to the little boy, likely in totally different ways. Yes, I do watch the show primarily to follow Caskett, but part of their relationship is their relationships with the other characters, and if everyone wasn’t there, there would be no show. And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t watch it even if there was one.

  13. Soujirou on November 2nd, 2013 6:58 pm

    All those haters fans: get a life. Try to understand it’s a television show and try not to blame the actress for the character she plays. I find Molly Quinn a wonderfull person and is sad to see so much haters for her work. I, too, hate Pi arc but I have no problem with Alexis. Try to chill a little. If you don’t like the series than stop watching. I, personally, hope that this show will end soon. The actors are a little old so they should finish this show and start something else.

  14. Pon on November 3rd, 2013 4:22 pm

    Honestly what is wrong with this fandom? And when I say that I mean it’s fine to voice your opinions, but directly harassing (i’m not saying anyone here specifically) and threatening the actor on let’s just say twitter? Isn’t nice at all. That’s basically cyberbullying. Can we just remember how old Molly really is? 20! Yes, she’s an adult but god stop picking on her already.
    On another note, I don’t at all find Alexis annoying. Teenagers go through a lot, and she just so happens to handle the situation in this unfortunate way. All teenagers make mistakes or do things on a whim, and I’m not saying Alexis did that. I mean I’d be just as upset if my father made a huge decision that would affect both our lives and didn’t care to tell me beforehand. I, being a teenager, never get into fights with my parents which I thank wholeheartedly that I didn’t turn out to be one of those rebellious and quarrelsome teens. (well I’m still a teen technically, 16 :P), but people need to understand this is a pretty realistic situation, and I don’t think AM or the writers are making any mistake. IMO I’ve enjoyed every episode of Castle because I think it correctly mirrors real life situations. Sometimes I feel people get too hung up on Caskett. Don’t get me wrong I love Caskett, the best thing about the show along with crime drama. AWM I believe is really portraying real life situations, and I absolutely love it.
    Of course I only make up .00001% of the Castle Fandom, but I hope the writers and actors also get different views of this situation and that is. I absolutely love these past episodes and every episode before too!