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ARROW: Six Teases for ‘League of Assassins’

November 6, 2013 by  

ARROW’s second season has raised the stakes considerably, and things only get more intense with tonight’s brand new episode, “League of Assassins.”

So, how about a few teases of what’s to come?

  1. Wondering what the heck Sara Lance was up to immediately following the shipwreck? You’ll get a glimpse of that.
  2. Paul Blackthorne (Lance) gives arguably his best performance of the entire series.
  3. Sara has dangerous, dangerous people after her…and her family is an easy target. How the team chooses to try and protect the people Sara cares about most may or may not be entirely successful.
  4. There’s a three-on-three fight that is probably my favorite fight sequence the show has done. Not only full of genuine emotion, but completely fun to watch.
  5. Moira has to decide whether she wants to take a deal versus having to take her chances with a trial. Her children, understandably, have a strong opinion about her choice.
  6. Oliver admits something very interesting to Diggle which could change a bit of the framework for the show (temporarily).

Okay, enough from me. Will you be tuning into ARROW tonight?

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