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VERONICA MARS: Rob Thomas on Season 4’s Big Gambles

July 29, 2019 by  

Veronica Mars Rob Thomas interview

Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 404 — Convinced the bomber is still at large, Veronica visits Chino to learn more about Clyde and Big Dick. Mayor Dobbins’ request for help from the FBI brings an old flame to Neptune. Veronica confronts her mugger. Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolis (Jason Dohring), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the entire fourth season of VERONICA MARS. If you have not watched it—or been spoiled about what went down—please do that before you read this post.]

VERONICA MARS pulled off one of its biggest twists yet in the final moments of its fourth season as Logan (Jason Dohring) was killed off…mere hours after he married his off-on love Veronica (Kristen Bell).

Spoilers about the death appeared on social media almost immediately, and heartbroken fans are still struggling to come to terms with the loss. “If they want to see more of VERONICA MARS, I think this is the right decision,” creator Rob Thomas explains in the interview below. “I think there are better odds for more seasons of VERONICA MARS with Veronica as a single woman. I hope they get on board; I know there’s a chance they won’t.”

Here Thomas discusses why he felt Logan needed to die, Keith’s health issues, spoilers, and more…

You’ve mentioned that you viewed Logan’s death as a way to cut off the arm to save the life [of the show]. What conversations were there in the writers room about killing him off versus breaking them up, especially given how primed the duo seemed for a split in season 4?
This was decided before there ever was a writers’ room. This is how I pitched the series. There was never a discussion of, “Instead of killing Logan, let’s think up some other way.” It’s that I want to play Veronica as a single woman, the star of the noir detective show moving forward. Having them break up…am I still playing her high school romance as a present day part of the series? [There might be the question of] did Logan call? I wasn’t interested in that.

Fan service can be a dangerous thing, but the franchise is in a unique position because of the Kickstarter that led to the 2014 film. Given that, respectfully, what do you think you owe those fans at this point?
I probably wouldn’t have killed Logan in a fan-funded movie. The thing I’ll tell them is if they want to see more of VERONICA MARS, I think this is the right decision. I think it would have been diminishing returns if we kept trying to play her high school boyfriend in this detective series. I think there are better odds for more seasons of VERONICA MARS with Veronica as a single woman. I hope they get on board; I know there’s a chance they won’t. It’s a risk I was willing to take.

You had previously mentioned that you were concerned about the big reveals of the season being out there due to everyone watching at different paces. How did you handle having it released a week early, in the middle of Comic-Con—and then people spoiling the end—after guarding these twists for so long?
The funny thing is, you have your head into the work so much. I’ve never been that dialed into marketing. I trust those professionals to do what they do. I clearly know nothing about marketing; my whole career is shows on the bubble. I usually just nod and go, “Okay.” It probably wasn’t until a week before Comic-Con where I was like, “Wait a minute, everyone is going to know the ending to the show.” And I started growing concerned for that one reason they were going to read headlines or Twitter posts and have the show spoiled for them.

It does seem like the answer to whodunnit, which was more forefront in my mind in terms of spoiling, you never see headlines about that. It’s just Logan’s death.

Keith (Enrico Colantoni) was in pretty bad shape this season, both physically and with apparent dementia. What was the balance you wanted to strike in respectfully portraying those complications, while ultimately making it a red herring?
What Keith is going through stemmed from both my own medical travails and my dad’s. The pill case Keith uses and the number of pills Keith takes, that’s mine. Keith was going through my daily routine on that front. My dad has had multiple hip replacements and is hobbling around. That stems from that.

The voice over this year, for the first time ever, was in the past tense instead of present tense. In that bit of voice over, I wanted to create a sense of something bad was going down. The first thing she says is, “I wouldn’t have taken this case if I knew what I knew.” And so it helped us, not just that, ooh, something bad is going to happen to Keith, but when he goes to disarm that bomb, I want the fans dreading that. You want to up the tension as much as you can. I wanted fans to think, uh oh, she’s going to cheat on Logan with Leo. I wanted them to think what is the other shoe that is going to drop?

What did you think of VERONICA MARS season 4?


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5 Responses to “VERONICA MARS: Rob Thomas on Season 4’s Big Gambles”

  1. Misha on July 30th, 2019 3:24 am

    This season is big sucks! The end ruined any good impressions. No, Rob, the fans are no longer with you

  2. Janie on July 30th, 2019 12:09 pm

    I’m not following veronica mars anymore. The finale killed more than Logan. It killed my love, loyalty and anything that resembles caring for the show. I, like MANY OTHERS, am OUT.

  3. Christy on July 30th, 2019 1:10 pm

    That ending was lazy, cliched, insulting and misogynistic. I’m so disgusted with Rob Thomas and everyone who didn’t step up and tell him how bad an idea this was. This show had – HAD – a fanbase who had fought for it, paid their own hard-earned money for just a little more, and were actively promoting the show. He gave every one of those fans the middle finger – and he thinks people will want another season? Not without Logan, and not without Veronica’s friends and family.

    Even the ‘mystery’ this season was badly written – so obvious. And what happened to the sub-plots? The only reedeeming feature in this mess was the performance of some of the supporting cast – especially Jason Dohring,who was wonderful in this. So naturally, Rob Thomas killed off his character.

    This has not only killed any desire I have for a new season, but I can’t even rewatch the earlier ones, and I certainly won’t be watching anything Rob Thomas does again. I’m not even sure I can watch The Good Place, knowing Kristen Bell went along with this. I don’t even want to look at her face.

  4. Corie on August 3rd, 2019 4:11 pm

    Bad bet, Rob Thomas. And you keep doubling down, insulting fans more and more with each interview you do. It was a failure of imagination on your part and you murdered the goodwill so many fans had toward you and the show.

  5. Anna on August 3rd, 2019 4:51 pm

    The ending ruined all my interest in the show. It’s been one of my favourite shows ever, and now I never wish to re-watch it again or watch any new seasons.