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VERONICA MARS: Jason Dohring on Logan’s Big Season

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Veronica Mars Jason Dohring

Veronica Mars — “Heads You Lose” – Episode 104 — Convinced the bomber is still at large, Veronica visits Chino to learn more about Clyde and Big Dick. Mayor Dobbins’ request for help from the FBI brings an old flame to Neptune. Veronica confronts her mugger. Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu)

It’s been four weeks since VERONICA MARS unexpectedly dropped its fourth season (the first on Hulu)…a week earlier than announced.

The move was a risky one, and also meant the very, very, very big spoilers about the end of the season were on social media within an hour of the entire season dropping.

VERONICA MARS star Jason Dohring was in the center of much of it, as his character, Logan, had, um, quite the season. He sat down to discuss season 4 (including spoilers for the finale), his time with the series, and more…

It’s probably one thing to know the big move is happening, film it, etc. But now that it’s out there, how has it been for you since the fans found out that Logan died?
I haven’t been too much involved with feedback, in particular, as it involves the story. But what I’ve heard is viewers are so happy with the show and so happy with the quality of the show. I think people are always a bit concerned when they hear of a revival, because they hope it will be [as good] as when they first enjoyed the show. I think [creator] Rob [Thomas has] been able to keep such great quality. His whole team, the selection of actors who fit into this world so seamlessly; I’ve been pleased to be a part of a great many of his quality shows over the years. We dropped it at Comic-Con, so I think some people had watched it by the next day. It was just cool.

I’d be on the set, and I’d be like, “How is the show?” to [producer] Dan Etheridge. I just saw the first episode, and it really feels like our show. I think it’s really cool that we are able to keep that quality and the show going at a high level for multiple decades. It’s a real credit to Rob and the team.

Rob has been clear Logan is dead, but do you think your time on the show is over? Would you be open to coming back in a flashback or dream if the show returned?
Obviously, I wouldn’t have much of a say in that. I’ve always been a fan of Rob’s work, and this has always been a dream role for me. It’s the biggest role I had ever done, coming out of high school. I was able to try so many things I had learned in my acting classes. I think I just cared about it so much, as did all of the cast. I think that’s what meant so much to fans: it was meaningful to people. I am forever pleased to be a part of that. If Rob were to want to work together again, I would, as I have with many [of his other] shows.

Logan did have considerable character growth, especially in the fourth season. How important was it for you to end his time on a positive note versus see him regress?
Totally. When Rob had initially laid out the story, he had laid out Veronica’s arc and my arc as well. Maybe she starts in more of a cynical state—she mentions she looks at adultery as a daily factor and her parents and my parents are this broken family. Can you get past that? I think the answer is yes. And working through that, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and then extending that to another person is such a global thing.

There was a scene early in the season where Veronica goads Logan into getting angry before they sleep together. What conversations did you have about filming that scene so it felt authentic, but not crossing a line you felt you couldn’t come back from?
That’s a good point. [VERONICA MARS star Kristen Bell] was really cool, as far as actors in the scene. She understood how raw it could get. You try not to judge it too much, the result or how it may be. I think they can put it together in editing to tell that story or that part of it. Obviously, we had to see it does get back into some other habits, old-school, that are not helping himself or her. You want to make progress…that’s the direction he’s pushing the whole time. And I think it’s so beautiful that he’s able to help in her journey to also come around and not only achieving her potential, but also be happier.

Assuming this is the end of your time with the show, what will you miss the most about the experience?
It’s been such a joy over the years. It was a character that was beloved by myself. I think people really did care about the show and the world and the story. When you’re a part of such quality, it’s really awesome. That’s a sad thing to lose: you created an aspect in this beautiful high-quality project. Also, the friends on top of it, because everyone is so cool. Rob has been extraordinary in his casts, with his selection of decent people. However he does that, everyone is so cool, so it’s like a family. We grew up living with each other in San Diego [during the show’s original run], outside of our families, and we [were] making a new start with this show.


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