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CHICAGO MED Bosses on Dramatic ‘Never Going Back To Normal’ Twists

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CHICAGO MED — Pictured: “Chicago Med” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

[Warning: This post contains major, major, major spoilers for the CHICAGO MED season premiere, “Never Going Back To Normal.”]

CHICAGO MED said goodbye to Ava (Norma Kuhling) and Connor (Colin Donnell) in an extremely dramatic fashion.

As the Chicago P.D. opened up an investigation into Connor’s father’s death, it at first seemed like whomever killed him would get away with it. But thanks to an abnormality in the meds, it became apparent his killer would be caught—and a desperate Ava confessed to Connor…before slitting her throat.

Connor tried to save his ex, but the damage was done and she died in surgery. Ultimately, he opted to leave the hospital to get his own fresh start.

Showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider break down the night’s biggest moments and tease what’s to come…

Ava had been increasingly desperate to stay with Connor, but killing his father and ultimately herself was a big move. At what point did you know what was going to be the story you told for her?
Diane Frolov: We had that as a long term plan. Last year, we were talking about that. We hadn’t worked out how it was going to come about, but we knew what her character was: she had this personality disorder.
Andrew Schneider: Despite being a great surgeon, she had huge emotional issues. So we thought also that in two ways, one, committing suicide is the ultimate punishment to Connor. And also really finalizes his decision to leave MED .

To clarify, was everything she claimed last year false?
Frolov: Yeah, she lied about all of the things.

Given the importance of Connor to the show, what was important for you to convey in his final episode?
Frolov: We wanted to feel his pain at leaving, but at the same time, we wanted to feel that it was the right thing to do for the character.
Schneider: He will have a future, just at a different hospital.

Connor left alive, and he has ties to a number of remaining characters. Have there been any conversations about when he might pop up again?
Frolov: We have not had a specific conversation about that. Obviously he’s moved on; he’s not dead.
Schneider: But he’s an actor we love working with. He was a great guy; we would welcome working with him again. The primary concern was to give Connor an emotionally satisfying exit in this premiere episode.

The hospital is going to be down a number of doctors. How are they coping with that department kind of being a little bit depleted?
Schneider: Well, we are bringing in a new trauma surgeon who can work in the hybrid room.
Frolov: And in the OR. We have not brought in a new—
Schneider: Cardio surgeon. Latham (Ato Essandoh) will be there. He will recur.

Elsewhere, Natalie survived the accident, but she’s now engaged to Phillip sans memory. How will the show be handling both the triangle with her, Philip, and Will and her lingering health issues?
Frolov: She’ll be trying to make sense of her feelings. She doesn’t remember, and she can’t really get the feelings back she thinks she should have for Philip. At the same time, she can answer any of Will’s questions about the evening.
Schneider: Will can’t let go of that evening and what she was going to say to him. And he doesn’t like Philip; there is definite animosity between these two men.
Frolov: And people have doubts about her coming back as soon as she does. She’s kind of on a short leash [when she does]. And Will also worries about her: is she completely recovered? So we deal with that in the medical stories that she’ll have coming up.

Maggie officially got her cancer diagnosis. How will her quest to keep that quiet play out? And how long of an arc do you anticipate that might be?
Schneider: Well, it’s going to be a year-long arc of her treatment. We wanted to do a comprehensive and realistic story about cancer treatment with some very helpful things in it. Her desire to keep it private will maybe change.

That makes sense. One of the other reveals was that Ethan and April weren’t pregnant, but they do now want to consider trying. How far will they take that?
Frolov: They are going to pursue that. That question is going to stick around with them.

Are they thinking about whether they should commit themselves to each other further, as in marriage, etc? Or they just thinking about the baby aspect of this?
Schneider: No, the whole thing.

What else has you most excited about season 5?
Frolov: We have just some really great cases that are coming up. Some ethical questions.
Schneider: Also the all the interpersonal dynamics. And I think the things that were set up at the end of last season and the beginning of this season and give us a lot of juicy, dramatic things to explore.
Frolov: The Charles story is a very touching story. He’s newly married.

Is that a longer arc in your mind? Or will Charles be facing heartbreak soon?
Schneider: I don’t know if we should tell you!

You guys are also in the midst of the big crossover. What can you tease about what’s in store?
Schneider: Our episode is shooting right now.
Frolov: It’s very big.
Schneider: It’s very big. It’s about a health crisis that could impact the whole city.
Frolov: Health crisis and a mystery combined.

Who might be most impacted?
Schneider: Let’s just say there’s a First Responder.

CHICAGO MED, Season Premiere, Wednesday, September 25, 8/7c, NBC


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