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SUPERSTORE: 5 Ways Amy Could Leave the Show

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Superstore Amy Exit

SUPERSTORE — “Negotiations” Episode 510 — Pictured: America Ferrera as Amy — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

Since the beginning of its run, SUPERSTORE has been compared to THE OFFICE. In many ways, it makes sense: Both comedies dealt with everyday life at average companies; SUPERSTORE creator Justin Spitzer worked on THE OFFICE for much of its run; both shows are wickedly funny. Now, SUPERSTORE finds itself in the same position as THE OFFICE—losing its lead before the series ends.

In some ways, arguably, SUPERSTORE losing America Ferrera hurts more. Not only is Ferrera’s Amy now the manager of Cloud 9 (much like Steve Carell’s Michael was branch manager at Dunder-Mifflin), she’s often been the straight woman in the midst of insanity around her. Plus, the Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Amy will they/won’t they romance has been a spine for the series since the very first episode; as they stand, the duo seem closer to an engagement than a breakup.

Viewers also knew THE OFFICE would be losing Michael before Carell’s final season kicked off, which allowed for a lot of emotional lasts and big moments for Michael before he left the series. On SUPERSTORE, Amy’s exit will somehow play out over the next five episodes. (Ferrea’s final episode—the season 5 finale—will air Thursday, April 16. The comedy has already been renewed for a sixth season.)

But how will Amy leave Store #1217? A few theories about what could go down…

Amy gets fired.

Hours before the news broke that Ferrera was leaving the series, an episode aired where a reporter followed Amy around the store for the day. The reporter did her best to befriend Amy, but also gave her quotes she wanted parroted back at her…and insisted on taking a questionable photo of Amy and Cheyenne, which could have been spun to show the store and its employees were in a bit of a disarray.

At the time, it felt like they might be setting up a bigger story—and certainly the show has never been shy about firing store managers. (Glenn was fired at the end of season 1, which led to the employees walking out to get him re-hired.) With Cloud 9 under new management, could they utilize that to get one of their own people on the ground? So far Amy has been playing ball with Zephra—but certainly they wouldn’t be happy to know she was okay with the union activity that’s been long-gestating at the store

Amy quits.

The “bad” thing about Amy being manager at this time is she’s, professionally, in the best place she’s ever been. It’s hard to imagine her walking away from a job that pays her over $100k a year—plus benefits!—especially when she has a toddler and a teen daughter to take care of. Heck, when it looked like she and Jonah might get in trouble for a prank gone awry, the duo decided he would take the fall so they could live off of her salary. But if something she truly cared about was at stake, if she knew she could not work at the company any longer despite the financial security she now has, she could quit as a way to prevent herself from being fired and having that risk future employment/management positions.

Amy gets promoted.

This is the possibility that seems to be the most difficult to grasp, even though it could make sense. The flip of the reporter storyline could be that the higher-ups are so impressed with what Amy has been doing that they recruit her for a bigger job in the Zephra world.

The problem with that is her aforementioned kids. Would she move them out of town when Emma is so close to graduating high school? When Parker is so young and Adam is still there sharing custody? And if she did move…why would Jonah stay at Cloud 9? It’s not like this is a passion job for him. The show would almost certainly have to force a breakup to justify his continued presence at #1217.

Amy gets poached.

As SUPERSTORE fans know, Amy is badass. And outside of her not-great attempt to go viral a few seasons back, she’s been outwardly very, very good at her job. (She’s been an incredible leader to the team, too, but maaaaaybe some potential bosses wouldn’t be thrilled that technically she blackmailed her way into the position and keeping the store open.) It would make sense if another company wanted her to inspire and lead their team.

Amy gets transferred.

There are other Cloud 9 stores, local even, so in theory, Amy could just be leaving this particular store. She wouldn’t have to give up the job she worked so hard for, and, potentially, it would be a way to keep Amy and Jonah together.

Which also brings us to another weird point: Arguably anything but promoted/out of town could lead to Jonah and Amy staying together. There’s long been the joke that Jonah and Amy don’t often act couple-y at work—it’s true. (Outside of, you know, sharing their first kiss at the store, accidentally live-streaming the first time they slept together to the entire company, and angrily declaring they loved each other mid-fight.) If whatever causes Amy to leave keeps her local, why wouldn’t they stay together? Heck, they’re living together at this point.

The loss would be fans don’t get to see any of the potential big moments: engagement (if it doesn’t happen in the next few episodes), a wedding, or whatever else comes next. There’s the argument that it could quasi-handcuff what Jonah can do at work—valid, to a degree, considering how big a role Amy has played in his arc so far. But…it took years until viewers met Glenn’s wife Jerusha, and he certainly wasn’t lacking stories before she showed up.

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