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CHICAGO P.D. — “Fighting Ghosts” Episode 801 — Pictured: (l-r) Nicole Ari Parker as Samatha Miller, Jason Beghe as Frank Voight — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Okay, ouch, watching MED hurt. It was stunning to see how drastically the ED has had to adjust its protocols in COVID, and, man, April’s case broke my freaking heart.

It makes sense medical professionals would get sick, but, man, poor Charles that he got ill from his daughter. And I’m really curious how the show handles Goodwin working remotely for the time being. But I will say I’m not sorry Will and Hannah broke up. The relationship felt…co-dependent and unhealthy.

THE MASKED SINGER: What last night’s episode of MASKED SINGER proved to me was I know Clint Black’s name, but apparently had no clue about what his voice sounded like. (And I say that as someone who likes a good number of country artists…whoops.)

COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS: Yeah, it was an absolutely awful look to have an in-person, inside, barely distanced awards show. Every time I started enjoying myself, I was reminded, nope, 2020, not great. (Especially since two groups had to pull out due to COVID.)

CHICAGO FIRE: Stella Kidd for absolutely everything. I cannot get over how badass she was saving Severide. And Boden asking her to go for a promotion just made my heart so happy…she deserves all good things.

Man, I feel bad for Brett; she has not been able to catch a break lately. The show has played a slow-burn with Brett/Casey, but it feels like things are about to, figuratively, explode between the duo. (Especially since the episode ended with her in a maaaaajor crash.)

I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE: Um, The Boxer’s voice is incredible?! (Also, she seemed to be a natural at boxing, which should have indicated she was telling the truth about the rest of her story?)

I felt bad for Emily, because she went home with money, but it was clear how disappointed she was when it was revealed her final choice really was a good singer and she . It was lovely how the panelists tried to make her feel better, but, man, that has to be tough.

CHICAGO P.D.: Out of all the procedurals on television, CHICAGO P.D. felt like it was most equipped to handle the ongoing conversation around police reform given where its season ended: Atwater went against the Blue Wall to out Doyle’s racism had led to a young Black man being killed.

The problems continued in the premiere as cops kept coming after Atwater, but it was juxtaposed with CPD having to contend with a post-George Floyd world where they couldn’t get away with intimidation, violence, or breaking the rules.

The Atwater/Voight fight feels like it’s going to be the crux of the season, and perhaps the series, going forward: Times have changed, especially for rogue cops. Justice for victims is important, but things have to be done a certain way to protect everyone involved. A child being killed doesn’t mean that all of the rules go out the window to try and find answers. So how do they find that balance?

But the fact is cops like Voight are used to doing things a certain way. It wouldn’t be realistic if the show had premiered and Voight suddenly was playing by the rules and happy about it. However, what I am curious about is how far the writers can—or will—push Voight in the direction of playing by the book. The show is in season 8, and as executive producer Rick Eid pointed out, Voight is far from the only one who has behaved unethically in Intelligence. When the cops, eventually, back off of Atwater, will Intelligence still be checking themselves? Is this really a part of the show’s DNA now? (To be clear, it should be.)

(On a lighter note, I was kind of bummed Upton was just back and the show didn’t really dissect her time away—or even why she was sent over the FBI—and Rojas’ exit didn’t come up, though the latter should be addressed in a few episodes.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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