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CHICAGO P.D. Boss Teases ‘Season of Dramatic Change’

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Chicago PD season 8 spoilers

CHICAGO P.D. — “Fighting Ghosts” Episode 801 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Beghe as Frank Voight, LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC

CHICAGO P.D.’s seventh season may have ended early, but its makeshift closer certainly felt like a finale: Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) opted to not protect a racist cop who killed a young Black man, and faced the wrath of fellow officers who were enraged by his “betrayal.”

The cliffhanger, which aired in April, also put the NBC show in a position to naturally address the recent conversations about police reform, racial inequality, and Black Lives Matter head-on.

Showrunner Rick Eid previewed, via email, what is ahead in season 8, how Voight (Jason Beghe)—and Intelligence—will adapt to the “changing police environment,” and the changes in store for the team…

When the season concluded, Atwater made the tough choice to do what was right, even if it pit him against his fellow officers. What can you preview about that struggle in the new season? And will the story be picking up relatively close to where we left off, or is there a time jump to accommodate all that has gone on during the hiatus?
Yes and yes. We will pick up shortly after the finale, but in our magical universe, all the major events of the past six months (BLM, George Floyd, etc…) will have taken place, as well.

With the discussion around police reform, Voight is the character who, on paper, might struggle the most with that. On-screen, how will he be adjusting? And off-screen, what conversations did the writers have about how to walk that line with him? Were any particular experts brought in?
On screen, Voight will be forced to adapt to a changing police environment. He needs to evolve as a person and a cop, or his days as a Chicago police officer will be coming to an end. 

Off screen, the writers and producers have had LOTS of conversations about police reform, racial inequality, etc…We’ve also consulted with various high-level experts and consultants to make sure we’re up to date on what’s happening.

Last we saw Rojas, she was a part of the team. How will the show be addressing Lisseth Chavez’s exit and is there room for her to return for another arc in the future?
The door is always open for Lisseth. We’ll most likely address her exit in one of the first three or four episodes, but it won’t be a major storyline.

Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) ended the season over at FBI. How soon will she be back with Intelligence, what is her dynamic like with Voight and her colleagues after that time apart?
Upton will be back for the premiere. Her time in the FBI and the social/political upheaval taking place all around her, will definitely inform her character and storyline this season. Like Voight, she’s not afraid to push the boundaries, so she’ll need to adapt to the new rules and regulations, as well.

What can you tease about how Nicole Ari Parker‘s Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller shakes things up?
We’re really excited about her character. She’s the face of reform and will be overseeing Intelligence to make sure their methods conform to CPD’s new rules and regulations. Unlike her predecessors, she wants Voight to succeed. She seems him as a valuable ally.

The second installment back is episode 150. Are there any special elements included to celebrate that milestone?
Thanks for letting me know. Haha. I had no idea. So, I guess the answer is no.

Massive trauma, like, for instance, a global pandemic, can make people rethink the relationships in their lives. How have Burzek and Upstead’s potential romances been impacted by the state of the world? And is the plan still to pursue a storyline exploring Burgess’ desire to have a child?
The state of the world is definitely weighing on all of the characters, and helping to inform their various storylines and choices. And yes, Burgess still wants to have a child.

How have the COVID restrictions impacted the way the writers crafted the season? Have you intentionally leaned more on smaller scenes, arced the episodes in a different way, gone on location less, etc?
We’ve been forced to think smaller, not bigger. But this is a good thing for writers. It allows us to dig deeper into their personal arcs and storylines.

Is there anything else you want to tease about the upcoming season?
It will be a season of dramatic change for many of our characters.  New attitudes, new relationships, new beginnings…

CHICAGO P.D., Season Premiere, Wednesday, November 11, 10/9c, NBC


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