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GHOSTS’ Asher Grodman Teases the ‘Trevor’s Pants’ Reveal: ‘I Did Not See That Coming’

March 30, 2022 by  

Ghosts Trevors Pants

“Trevor’s Pants” – The secret about Trevor’s missing pants is finally revealed when his wealthy former friend comes to Woodstone Mansion to buy the timepiece Sam and Jay found on Elias Woodstone’s corpse. Also, Thor decides to tell Flower how he feels about her, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, March 31 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.
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When GHOSTS returns on Thursday, March 31 with “Trevor’s Pants,” Trevor (Asher Grodman) is thrown when a familiar face comes to buy the antique timepiece Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) are trying to sell: his former best friend, Ari (Rob Huebel).

“His best friend shows up after Trevor not seeing him for 20 years,” Grodman teases. “And it’s not the reunion Trevor was expecting.”

The episode also serves to dig into the series-long mystery—what the heck happened to Trevor’s pants?!

“I actually really loved the mystery of it all,” Grodman acknowledges. “I know fans are gonna hate this, but…if it was up to me, you’d never know [what happened]. Or we would like drip-dropped [the information] out over years.”

“But I love what they did with it,” he continues. “I remember reading it and being like, ‘This one I would not have guessed. I did not see that coming!’ And I love it’s a little bit of a magic act: We have people staring at one thing and then we switch and go to something else. So [the writers] did a great job.”

As fans have wildly speculated what the heck led to Trevor losing his trousers before his death, Grodman admits that watching the CBS comedy’s fanbase grow online has been one of the thrilling parts of the show experience.

“I have a lot of friends who are journalists, and we talk about Twitter, and what Twitter is, and what the landscape of Twitter is,” Grodman says. “For me, Twitter is the nicest place in the world! It’s lovely; everyone is so kind. I can’t think of a better indicator of how the show’s doing than that. People who love the show, love the show.”

“So for us, we finished shooting the season in late January…I think everyone shut their heads off for a little bit, rightfully so,” he continues. “And I think, at least for me, now, the penny’s starting to drop. I live in New York, and I’m wearing a mask a bunch, so it’s not like I’m getting recognized on the streets—even if I wasn’t wearing a mask, I’m not sure I’d be recognized on the street. But the coolest thing is to hear from people who I haven’t heard from in a long time, or people I work with, or have worked with, or want to work with, and they’re like, ‘I’ve watched your show.’ And I’m loving it! That’s the craziest thing, and so exciting.”

Of course, they’ve also discovered a pretty major GHOSTS superfan on Twitter: Mark Hamill.

“What a day that was,” Grodman marvels. “That was crazy. I think he went in and responded and sent individual tweets to all of us. Mark Hamill was on a kindness spree and just blew us all away…We’re really lucky to be able to do something that people watch and that we like. It’s a very rare and lucky thing. I’m very grateful for it.”

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