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The DAYS OF OUR LIVES Cast Shares Their Favorite Off-Screen Moments with Deidre Hall

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NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — NBCUniversal Press Tour, January 15, 2023 — Pictured: (l-r) Deidre Hall, Robert Scott Wilson, “Days of our Lives”, Peacock — (Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBCUniversal)

On Friday, May 12th, Deidre Hall celebrates her 5,000th episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, now streaming exclusively on Peacock.

Joining the cast in 1976 as Dr. Marlena Evans, Hall has been through everything you’d expect from a daytime drama. She’s been married to five different men, come back to life six times after being presumed dead, was the Salem Stalker serial killer, kept in a gilded cage in Paris, and, of course, been possessed by the devil—twice. She’s the warm-hearted therapist the entire town goes to for advice, half of one of the most dynamic, supportive, and loving supercouples in soap opera history, and the current matriarch of Salem, which is a title she more than deserves after four decades.

Given her colleagues’ long history with Hall, we asked them to share their favorite off-screen moment with her.

ALISON SWEENEY (Sami Brady): So many personal moments we’ve shared. But one off-screen moment that stands out to me is when Joe Mascolo [Stefano DiMera] passed away and the beautiful speech Dee made at his memorial service. She shared so many feelings that all of us in the cast were thinking and represented the cast so well. It was such a lovely tribute to such an important member of our family.

CHANDLER MASSEY (Will Horton): A lot of my lines were [something] like, “Hey, what are you guys going to do?” Or “Where are you guys going?” Or “Where are you guys?” [Deidre] got me out of the habit, even when it was on the page, of saying, “you guys,” because a lot of times who I was talking to wasn’t all men. [She] was always gentle, but she kind of introduced me to non-gendered language. And since then when I saw it in a script I was able to cross it out and write “you people.” It made Will a more inclusive person which stuck out to me.

GREG VAUGHAN (Eric Brady): It’s really hard to pinpoint anything specifically, but I do remember many, many, many years ago, being the photo queen that she is—that is probably her little best-kept secret—that I was doing a full photo shoot for something—I think it was back when DAYS was on People Magazine—and she was doing behind-the-scenes photo moments. And she took some really interesting pictures of me that I’ve shared. I think she’s got a great eye for sure. She could be a little side photographer.

ROBERT SCOTT WILSON (Ben Weston/Alex Kiriakis): I’ll never forget her stopping everybody at Day of DAYS to sing Happy Birthday to me at Universal Studios. She’s become such a friend of mine—I get random texts or calls to refer me to people when I’m looking to do certain things. She’s always trying to help.

MARTHA MADISON (Belle Black): The first time I was let go from the show back in 2008, I was completely shocked, caught off-guard, and she was still in the building. I didn’t even knock, I think I walked right into her room and she was getting dressed and she was shocked. I told her what had just happened and she sat with me and reassured me and did all the mom things and I think that was such a bonding moment.

ERIC MARTSOLF (Brady Black): One summer I was the host of the LEGENDS IN CONCERT show in Vegas. And I lived in the Flamingo for about two months. I remember my phone rang one day. It was Dee and she went “So, where can I pick up my tickets?” And I’m like, “What? What are you talking about?” I wouldn’t say we were ultra close at this time, we’d been working together, but she reached out and said, “I’m coming to your show. I’m flying to Vegas tonight and bringing a friend. Can you get us some tickets?” I said, “Are you kidding me? Of course I can.” And she not only came to the show, but she also stayed after and met my cast and was very gracious and signed some autographs as well. She sat very close to the stage and smiled and clapped and, ever since then, she has been ultra supportive of anything I’ve done outside of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, primarily musical theater endeavors.

She came to see me in MAMMA MIA in Thousand Oaks last year and I would say out of the entire cast she has showed up for me personally at such gigs more than anyone. I was so blown away by that. I always grab her and say thank you so much for coming. She’s like, “Honey, oh my god, I wouldn’t miss a moment of you on stage.” She also came to see our little band called The Day Players with [cast members] Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis), Brandon Barash (Stefan DiMera), Carson [Boatman, (Johnny DiMera)], and myself. She came to Hollywood on a Sunday afternoon to the Peppermint Club and was hanging with fans and she’s like, “I’m not gonna miss your show.” And then she made us jars of M&Ms with our faces on it. One side of the M&M was our faces and the other side, I believe, said The Day Players and we each got like three jars of M&Ms.


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KYLE LOWDER (Rex Brady/former Brady Black): There’s a couple right around the time that Ari [Zucker, Nicole Walker] and I started to date, trying to keep it a secret. Deidre offered up a lot of very funny one-liners during that time, which any friend and close co-worker would do.

Okay, here’s a very specific incident. Ari and I were probably a week away from getting married. I was flustered out of my head with the wedding and I thought I was done shooting for the day. I took my makeup off and left the studio, went home. I got all the way home and my parents were there. We’re talking about what to do for dinner or wedding stuff. And my cell phone rings and it’s the stage manager from DAYS and he’s like, “Hi, where are you?” “I’m home.” He said, “You have more scenes today.” Where Deidre comes in is I flew—I don’t think my tires touched the pavement—to the studio. I get on set and the first face I see is Deidre’s, who had already been there for so long and is the consummate professional. Because of our relationship, she’s looking at me with this kind of wry smile. This kind of like shit-eating grin and just gives me a wink. Afterwards, I was like, “Dee, oh my god, I can’t even begin—“ and she just interrupted me. She’s like, “You get married next week, got a lot going on. It’s all good.” That is probably one of the moments that not just personifies who Deidre is as an actress but as a human being.

Next up, Give Me My Remote delves into a few individual questions with Hall’s co-stars, diving into what makes their on-screen relationships work, moments that have touched the viewer’s hearts, and some behind-the-scenes antics that have been showcased on Instagram.


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