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QUANTUM LEAP Post-Mortem: Chris Grismer Breaks Down the ‘Pretty Fun’ Premiere Twist

October 4, 2023 by  

QUANTUM LEAP three years later

QUANTUM LEAP — “This Took Too Long!” Episode 201 — Pictured: Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song — (Photo by:NBC)

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the QUANTUM LEAP season 2 premiere.]

Ben (Raymond Lee) thought it was bad enough when he didn’t leap home in the QUANTUM LEAP season premiere—but that was just the start of his problems.

Instead, after having no guide throughout his leap into a military mission, Ben finally reunited with Ian (Mason Alexander Park)…though Ben quickly realized Ian looked different.

“Ben, it’s been three years,” Ian told him. “You’ve been missing for three years. They shut down Project Quantum Leap. We thought that you were dead. Everything has changed.”

Unfortunately for Ben, he didn’t get any answers, as he was taken into his next leap.

Jumping forward in time “was pretty fun,” directing producer Chris Grismer tells Give Me My Remote. “There’s costume boards put forward—what’s happened to this character and what would they be wearing now? What have they gone through that could be reflected in their wardrobe or in their performance? Also, what is HQ like? What are the differences?”

Despite the jump in time, things won’t look too different. “I think the showrunners have an aversion to going too future tech on anything,” Grismer says. “You know, that’s only three years, so who knows exactly what’s going to be there. It was the same when I did the finale last season—we’re going to 2050, but what does the future look like? What future tech are we going to have to look at? We went a little more primitive than futuristic, which was fun to do. That whole process is challenging, but really exciting.”

Of course, that’s not the only change in store: the series has two new regulars who will be introduced in upcoming episodes. “Eliza Taylor’s playing Hannah Carson, who’s a complex young woman,” Grismer previews. “There’s maybe more to her than what you see. Peter Gadiot is playing Tom Westfall, who is a US Army officer…And I think both of them, the actors and the characters, were a welcome addition to the show. They bring some really new, some exciting ways to tell the stories and exciting ways to explore the leaps as well.”


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