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FOUND — “Missing While Eccentric” Episode 112 — Pictured: (l-r) Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana — (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

CELEBRITY JEOPARDY: Chaos. Chaos, chaos, chaos. Honestly, even that last question was insane…I certainly didn’t know it. (My best guess was The Beatles on Ed Sullivan’s show, but I suspected that was too early.) It was at least a mostly fun game, even if I was rooting for a different person to pull off the win.

THE FLOOR: Oh my God, spelling out the answer and not pronouncing it correctly won’t get you credit?! That’s terrifying and a whole new level of fear for this show.

I’m really enjoying this show, though, and this episode revealed a few other twists and wrinkles I didn’t really think of. First of all, with taping, there’s an advantage, if you inherit a category, to go back down and hope you make it through unscathed, because you can go home between episodes and study? Like, the woman who got bugs clearly did her research.

And then there’s the wild card of these categories. Something like “toys” seems easy enough, on paper, but if you’re not a current parent, some of those things are newer and huge question marks. Also, something like bands was not showing faces, it was showing pictures that symbolized the band names. Easier? Absolutely. But using a different part of your brain and also making it easier for the non-expert, too. But still…I’m enjoying it.

FOUND: Wow, I did not think Gabi would be calling Dhan, but holy moly it made everything messy and shed so much light on everything. (Also, yikes, he’s now tied to her kidnapping Sir.)

But wow, wow, wow. I don’t blame his anger…but I didn’t expect it to manifest in him refusing to be close to her and then Gabi getting (temporarily) grabbed. Him having to go to Sir?! Salt, wound, ouch, oh my God. (Also, Sir’s visceral reaction sure was something.)

I’ve been saving the screeners to watch the week of air, so I truly don’t know how the season ends…I’m very curious if Gabi actually is able to go through with revealing the Sir of it all, because if so, that absolutely upends the show. Not only (conceivably) losing his presence on the show, but it would shatter the team’s trust in her, likely leading to Gabi either being locked up or majorly disgraced…it feels like a really big corner to be backed into. I’m excited to see where it goes next.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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