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CHICAGO P.D. — “Retread” Episode 11002 — Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: For the most part, the time jump is working for me, but Maggie and Ben deteriorating so far is so, so sad. And fighting over the cat?! Ouch. Yeah, they had problems last season, but seeing them in this state is extra jarring.

Also painful? Leanne. (This I get and can understand, to be fair.) It makes sense she’d have a lot, lot, lot of conflicted feelings about Sean saving Dean, both stemming from her own resentment and guilt—and also genuine concern about what donating an organ would do to her son. The talk she had with Maggie, where both women were able to get out their (absolutely freaking fair) resentment about the turn their relationships took and also look at the good there once was, was beautiful. We knew Dean would get the transplant, but I’m glad Leanne came to be at peace with it, too. (And that Maggie gave up that cute cat, I guess. Ouch.)

Here’s the thing about Zola…the storyline and intentions were good. (The case itself was incredibly important to showcase.) But, unfortunately, the introduction just didn’t work for me; it almost felt as if she was on a different show, pacing and intensity-wise, than everyone else. I hope the character clicks more in upcoming episodes.

(It’s also, admittedly, hard when you specifically say a character is just like another character. I’m so glad we got a Will reference, but we knew Will; we knew his strengths, weaknesses, and who he was as a person. If the intention is to make Zola Will 2.0, I wish we had gotten the chance to make that leap ourselves.)

Oh, Ripley, what did you do?

I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE: Oh, goodness, a contestant like Linda stresses me out…this isn’t just her seeming to be a kind person. She wanted to win for her husband who had cancer—you need her to win! I’m so thankful she opted to walk away with what she earned, and I do not blame her at all. (Though I was with her and most of the panel and thought he was good, too.) And then when he opened his mouth? My goodness. Thank God. (I did think the fisherwoman was good, too, so at least I got that right, but…boy.) I’m so glad Linda was able to win some life-changing money by playing it safe.

CHICAGO FIRE: Oh, my heart. Mouch giving up his couch space, trying to reclaim his legacy? A beautiful and understandable exploration given what he survived. Yes, as a firefighter, there’s always an element of danger, but, as we learned, it took him months to get back to the job; it makes sense he’d want to be more than a running joke. (Even if we know he’s a hero.)

The Cruz and Severide battle was interesting, because it also doesn’t feel like it should be over, either. I don’t want drama between them, but this wasn’t a couple of days that Severide was away. It was months…and he extended his leave, too. Cruz has been there. If little moments of head-butting continue to come up, I’d absolutely buy that.

The Herrmann health issue being hearing is a fascinating wrinkle—I expected it to be something with his balance (like vertigo) or mysterious headaches, etc. Not being able to hear, as Ritter kept pointing out, is wildly dangerous for a firefighter, when some of those calls will obviously include having your vision compromised. (Smoke…not the best thing to try and see through.) I’m glad he took the step forward to get some help, and fingers crossed it makes a difference for him.

I did love that Gibon was introduced by being a badass and helping to save Kylie. That’s certainly a good way to get in with 51.

Again, the time jump is mostly working, but the downside of getting to see Brett plan her wedding…now…six weeks out…with no location, a date that can be moved (?!), no invitations, and no maid of honor…is, well, it’s confusing. Like, if you’re doing a small thing at home and inviting 10 people, I can buy that, but this seems a bit bigger than that. (And that’s just counting their kids and 51.)

Also, as per usual, a good Boden speech can save the world. (Or at least my night.)

CHICAGO P.D.: As Gwen Sigan pointed out, this time jump allowed them to really dig into the reality of what recovering from a near-death injury would be like for Ruzek and, well, ouch. I can’t imagine how awful the start of this process was for him (and Burgess/Mak) as he was just physically trying to get to a better place. But, now, still benched? As we’ve been reminded time and time again, being a cop is in his blood, it’s a part of what he thinks his legacy is. Being restricted and restrained from doing his job had to be absolute torture. (Not to mention, Burgess was still going out and doing her job, which had to be a brutal double-whammy: A daily reminder of what he couldn’t do and also the fact he couldn’t be out there having her back.)

Much like people were worried about/trying to take care of Upton in the premiere, I’m really glad people were there for Ruzek. Burgess, obviously, in the big and small ways. And even Voight reiterating that Ruzek is not his dad…so important.

But, seriously, I’m thankful we got Burgess and Ruzek talking things through like adults. A little bit of domestic time. It was a nice little salve to the heartbreak of the episode. (And, eesh, Burgess having to cope with a man—that she tried to save—falling to his death in front of her? Ouch.)

And, sigh, how I wish Zaco had survived. I was going back and forth over whether I thought Zaco would not pull through/Ruzek would pass or Zaco would be fine/there would be some sort of setback with the test and…ouch. This may have hurt more. Poor Ruzek, man. Even when he wins, he can’t win.

(Also, my God, you cannot lie to your team, Voight. They’re smart!! I’m so glad Upton called out that she and Atwater knew Voight was trying to stealth protect Ruzek.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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