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BONES Bosses on Embracing the Past, the ‘Energizing’ Season 11, and the Game-Changing Midseason Finale

September 30, 2015 by  
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Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

BONES is starting its impressive 11th season with new bosses in charge — but, thankfully, Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson (the aforementioned showrunners) have been with the show for a bit, and have a vested interest in doing right by it.

“We love the show,” Peterson gushed over the summer. “We’ve been handed the most precious baby in the world, and we want to see her run for a long, long time. We love her. We’re going to do whatever is best for her. We’re not going to do it if it’s not true to the characters, the story. I’d like to see her live as long as THE SIMPSONS lives.”

“We were handed something that was great, so we’re deeply respectful of what [BONES creator] Hart [Hanson] and [longtime BONES showrunner] Stephen [Nathan] have done before us,” Collier pointed out. “The DNA of the show is so good, they managed it so well. The first rule of thumb is do no harm. The second rule is keep it fresh, which was Hart’s advice to us. Everything we’re doing is with Hart and Stephen’s blessing; we love them, we still lean on them for advice.”

The duo also received another important piece of feedback when it was announced they would be taking over showrunning duties.

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