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RIZZOLI & ISLES: Sasha Alexander Teases Season 5

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RIZZOLI & ISLES‘ fifth season has only started, and already there are massive shifts in store for the characters: on the lighter side, Jane is newly pregnant and struggling to keep her secret. (As far as Jane knows, only Maura knows the truth, but Maura knows Angela has figured it out as well.) And, sadly, the team also recently learned that Detective Frost was in a fatal car accident. (Which was the show’s way of dealing with last year’s tragic real-life events.)

“This season is definitely tonally – it’s the same, but it’s shifting,” RIZZOLI & ISLES star Sasha Alexander ( acknowledged on the show’s set earlier this month.

Among the shifts? Maura’s getting a new man in her life! Alexander teased a bit of what’s in store with that relationship, the cases Maura will be helping with, and more…

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