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PERSON OF INTEREST: Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman Tease the Team’s Struggles Post-Shaw, the Return of the Brotherhood, and More

February 3, 2015 by  
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It’s been a long couple of weeks since the last episode of PERSON OF INTEREST, but finally, the CBS drama — arguably the best show on network television — returns with a brand new episode tonight.

With the traumatizing “trilogy” behind us (which saw the team, seemingly, lose Shaw, a little over a year after Carter died), Reese and Root are off on a trip in tonight’s hour, “M.I.A.,” to find out what the heck had happened to Shaw.

“I think we have the opportunity here to put a couple of our characters on the road in search of a final answer in terms of what happened to Shaw’s character,” PERSON OF INTEREST executive producer Greg Plageman teased last month.

“It’s definitely a Root and Reese [team-up] episode in 13, and given that Shaw is MIA, they’ll be spending more time together [beyond that],” executive producer Jonathan Nolan added. “We’re looking for more mayhem and more hijinks in the second half of the season.”

And so, TV life goes on. I spoke with Plageman and Nolan about how the team handles the next number that comes up, what the Brotherhood will be up to next, the war between machines, and more…

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