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Veronica Mars Alternate Ending

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OMFG…that was insane. So glad that they went with the original. Gotta get back to work, but I’ll post a recap of the entire ep (and the alternate scene) in the forums tomorrow morning.

Blind Item: Reality Rita

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Reality Rita has been working hard to make a name for herself all over Hollywood…even stepping out with super hot Reality Rob. But is their relationship just a ruse? Seems Rita and Rob were a match made in PR heaven. Rita is still with her ex, and just got back from a vacation in Hawaii with him.

Head here with your guesses

Veronica Mars Tonight!!!

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Sorry about the lack of posts today.

I’m pretty excited for Veronica Mars tonight. I’m not quite sure I get the two endings bit. It’s not like we get to choose the ending or anything, so what’s the point. And what if people like the 2nd ending better?

If anyone knows ANYTHING about either of the endings, or has any speculation about the endings, can you please tell me. There’s a “Veronica Mars Spoilers” section on the boards, so you can leave your scoop/specs there.

I’m going to try my very hardest to recap VM tonight..all depends on what time I can get out of work.

WTF??? Damn You Prison Break

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I just finished watching the fall finale of Prison Break. I just don’t know what to say, other than ridiculous. I’m going to bring my rant to the forums, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone here. But c’mon now. If you feel like bitching, feel free to join me here.

Commuted Sentence For Prison Break?

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All day long I’ve been preparing myself for the fall finale of Prison Break. After tonight’s ep, I won’t see Michael Schoffield and his merry men for quite some time. Or will I?

If you watch Prison Break, then you probably have heard some rumblings from the show’s producers about when the show will return. Although no return date for Prison Break has been announced, most believe that the show would go on hiatus after tonight’s episode and return in May, just in time for sweeps. As one of the break out (no pun intended) hits of this television season, Fox doesn’t want to lose the new fan base by taking the show off the air. But with the January return of 24, which airs in the timeslot currently employed by Prison Break, our beloved inmates just won’t have a home.

But will we really have to wait unitl May to see the boys? Maybe not. Executive producer Paul Scheuring says the network is considering bringing the freshman jailhouse hit back as soon as January.

“It’s totally up in the air. We may come back in January, February or May,” he says. “I think we’re all going to find out in the next few days.”

So cross your fingers & say your prayers. Light a few candles…burn some incense…stand on one leg and say the Hail Mary backwards…anything to bring this show back in January.

Update: Prison Break will be returning to Fox in March. Yeah!!!!

All the Cool Kids are Talking About….

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Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy….Get in there & share your 2 cents on all things Grey’s. Alex bashing is allowed & encouraged.

Tonight’s Fall Finale of Prison Break. I think someone should have a support group for those of us who are going to miss seeing Wentworth Miller on a daily basis.

Talan is Back on the Market

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Looking for damaged goods? Then Talan Torriero might be the man for you. Just wanted to pass along the news that Talan Torriero, from Laguna Beach, & Kimberly Stewart have called off their engagement. Woop dee doo!!!

I guess now Talan can spend more time concentrating on his music career.


The Fire Guy is My Only Friend

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At the urging of some friends, I started a account for this website. Supposedly MySpace is all the rage with kids these days, and if you don’t have an account, well…you just aren’t cool, hip or fresh. From what I hear, MySpace is the place to connect online with your friends and friends of your friends. Problem is, I checked my MySpace account, and I only have one friend.

So who is my lone friend? Well, his name is BJ Novak. He plays Ryan “the Fire Guy” Howard, the intern on The Office. I’m not sure how I should feel about BJ being my only friend. I’m close to 30 and I have only one that’s kind of sad. But on the other hand, my one friend is BJ Novak, who is an actor and a writer and is on the verge of blowing up in H-town, so that’s kind of cool, right? Would I be happier if I had 8 friends, but they were all normal, boring people? Isn’t one actor-friend equivalent to at least 50 normal friends? I mean BJ is friends with a lot of cool people like Ashton Kutcher, Jenna Fischer, and John Krasinski. So if being friends with BJ means that I might be able to meet his friends, then having only one friend is fine by me.

Oh the fun I could have chillin’ with BJ and his “office-mates” after work. John Krasinski & I could kick it old school Boston style (while I look adoringly into his eyes).

And just think of the people I’ll get to meet through BJ’s other friends. Kutch alone could hook me up with a lot of fun people…there’s Demi, Bruce, and Fez. And we all know that Fez has banged many a celebutant, so hanging with him means hanging with Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan. Since Lindsay and I will be friends, she could introduce me to Princess Vapid, Stavros, Kimberly Stewart and her fiance Talan. Next thing you know I could parlay my new found friendship with Talan to spend some QT with all of the Laguna Bitches. Kristin Cavs and I can dish about men, while watching Alex M’s band play at a club. And you know who else would be there? Jason…oh J-Wahl…I could sleep with Jason and write all about it, right here on this very blog. And really, is there anything more important in life than figuring out the enigma that is Jason from Laguna Beach? Yeah, didn’t think so.

The way I see it, if you become friends with me, you can sleep with Jason too. It’s just that easy!!

So thank you BJ Novak for being my only friend. We are in for some good times brotha!!!

Big News…I know have 2 friends…Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on The Office, is now my friend too. Woo hoo!!! This is a good day people.

A Cool Million For You*

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Want to make a quick mil before the Chrismakkah season approaches? All you have to do is register on the Give Me My Remote Forums and get 10 friends to register too. That’s it…the money will be yours.


*This is all a lie. I am poor. It’s all a ploy…we need people to register and really get these forums hoppin’

It’s Official: Splitsville for The Newlyweds

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Jessica & Nick have split. It’s official…they even released a joint statement. “Please respect our privacy” blah blah blah.

So I guess those “Newlyweds” DVDs won’t be flying off the shelf at Chrismakkah time. I’m tired and want to go to bed. So if you want the official press release, go over to All This Nonsense...that’s where I picked it up from in the first place.

P.S. I’ve got a great idea…go talk about Nick & Jessica in the new Give Me My Remote Forums

RIP Alias

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ABC has announced that Alias will end its 5-season run this coming May.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this news. Although the show had a cult-like following for the first few seasons, it never garnered (no pun intended) the ratings that ABC needed to keep it on the air.

On a personal note, Alias has been one of my favorite shows of all time. The first few seasons were fantastic. From the writing, to the acting – Alias was good television. But there has been a noticeable change over the past few seasons. With series creator JJ Abrams spending time developing new projects (Lost, MI:3), Alias seem to lost the “it” factor that made it so special. The already complex storylines got more convulted, and even diehards like myself found them hard to follow. I just wasn’t as interested in the characters as I once was. Sydney Bristow lost her depth when they took away her outside life and her friends. Alias became just another action drama. I wasn’t involved in the show anymore. I didn’t live for the the opening scenes as I had for so many years. Alias hasn’t been the same for some time now, and although I am sad to see a favorite go, I think I am ready to say goodbye.

I only ask for one thing – that JJ Abrams comes back to pen the final episodes. Do it for the Alias diehards among us. Those of us who stuck with this show (and Rimbaldi) for 5 seasons. You owe us. And oh yeah, if you wouldn’t mind sending someone to Austrailia to bring back Michael Vartan for the seriese finale, I woul greatly appreciate it. We miss Vaughn!!!

BIG NEWS: The Forums are Here

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I’m so excited to announce that we have just launched the Give Me My Remote forums!!! Forums, message boards or whatever you want to call them are a great place to share your opinions and news with your fellow TV addicts.

These forums are new, and they are for YOU!! Be the pioneers people. Be the first to post.

So head over to and register today. For easy access to the forums, use the button on the right side of the page.

My Office Crush

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We’ve know each other for quite some time now. We’ve become friends, right? Well I think I’m finally ready to share a part of my personal life with you. So here it goes…I’m in love. True love.

Who is the lucky gentleman that I have chosen to grow old and gray with? His name is John Krasinski. See I’ve had a crush on John for quite some time now, but I wasn’t ready to take it to the next level with him. My friends have been telling me how perfect he was for me, but I just wasn’t sure. You know how actors can be. Oh did I forget to mention that John is an actor? Well he is. He’s on this little show on NBC called The Office. But I’ve decided that I can deal with John’s choice of careers, because true love just can’t be denied. So there it is. John & I are in love, and we plan on living happily ever after….in the delightful little world I created in my mind.

Seriously though, I’m not sure I’ve met a woman who watches The Office that hasn’t developed a crush on John, who plays the charming Jim, on the show. Then again, I don’t know many people that actually watch The Office, but I digress.

John Krasinski, stars as sales rep Jim Halpert, a decent and funny guy who likes to make trouble for his cubical mate, Dwight. Jim might be the one guy at Dunder Mifflin who can break out and make something of himself. So why does he stay? Pam. Jim has a crush on co-worker, Pam- the engaged receptionist and his partner in office-crime. Week after week I tune into The Office because it’s one of the only shows on TV that makes me laugh out loud. It’s that funny. But I won’t lie, my favorite part of the show is watching Pam & Jim flirt their way into all kinds of trouble.

John Krasinski recently had this to say about his on-screen persona:

“[I figure] Jim maybe didn’t quite finish college and fell into his job selling
paper supplies at the Scranton, Pa., branch of Dunder-Mifflin. He’s content with the money he makes, but though he could probably leave whenever he wants to,”the thing that keeps him there is Pam. He really believes he’s found someone he really, really cares about. It’s not just a crush,” he says. “I think you realize over the course of the episodes that it isn’t something he enjoys, it’s something he finds that he needs. … [The job] is not about the excitement for him, it’s about, Do I have everything I need, and every time he runs through that checklist, he’s got it.”

All of us girls know a “Jim”. He’s the lovable goof. The not overtly hot guy that you just fall for because he’s so damn funny and charming. And oh how I’ve fallen.

So if you haven’t checked out John Krasinski on The Office now’s the time. Watch a few eps and you might just development the same crush that Pam and I have.

John Krasinski Fun Facts:
* John grew up in Newton, Massachusetts*, which was recently named the Safest City in America.

* John went to Newton South High School with fellow “Office”-mate B.J. Novak, who plays Ryan Howard (the intern) on The Office.

* After graduating from Brown University, as an Honors playwright, John studied at the National Theatre Institute

* John’s small part in Jarhead became a bit bigger when director Sam Mendes thought that a scene needed a bit more comic relief. Mendes asked Krasinski to write a few pages of dialogue for the scene – most of which made the final cut.

*As FATE would have it, I happen to be writing this little update from..wait for it…NEWTON, MA. And don’t think for one second that I won’t be doing a little “investigative reporting” this weekend to see if John is home visiting his folks for Thanksgiving.

Gotta Love Logan Echolls

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With Christmas bonus time fastly approaching, I figured I would spend this week trying to get some work done. I’m still here, and I’ll make sure to post good articles if they come along.

For you all Veronica Mars fans, The Detroit News has a great article on Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls). Read it here…enjoy!!!

Light Weekend Reading

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I know, I know…I haven’t posted much lately. To be honest, I haven’t been able to clear my head since Talan Torriero and Kimberly Stewart announced their engagement. I promise to get back on track early next week with more regular updates….so STOP sending me nasty emails!!

Just to show I care, I threw together a few tidbits from some of our favorite shows. Enjoy!

Laguna Beach
Two of my very favorite Laguna Bitches, Ste-phen and J-Wahl, were in town on Thursday hosting a Laguna Beach party at a club about 10 minutes away from my apartment. Did I go? No. Did I have any idea this was happening? No. Does life blow? Sometimes. I would have loved to see these guys in their element, and by element I mean hammered and surrounded by skanky LB groupies. Just think of the pics I could have shared with you today. I suck.

Arrested Development (lifted from
Leave it to Arrested Development to mine the tragedy of its imminent death for laughs. Per Variety, series creator Mitch Hurwitz is planning an episode that will poke fun at Fox’s decision to reduce the show’s episode order from 22 to 13, effectively canceling it. In the episode, titled “S.O.B.” for “Save Our Bluths,” the Bluth clan considers throwing a fund-raiser to save their construction company from shutting down. In one scene, Jason Bateman’s Michael notes, “Our backs are against the wall…. It’s just hard for me to accept that it’s really come to begging.” There’s even a conversation about whether the Home Builders Organization — HBO — might be willing to come to their rescue. That idea is quickly nixed though, leading George Sr. to say, “I guess it’s Showtime. We’ll put on some kind of show at the [fund-raiser].”

The Bachelor
Looks like we are going have to endure yet another season of The Bachelor. So who have the producers tapped to woo those desperate oh so sincere women just looking for love? Well, it seemsthat there will be a Dr. in the house. Dr. Travis Stork, who unfortunately is not an OBGYN, will be playing doctor with the bachelorettes in the next installment of this tired show. The 33 year old ER physician from Nashville will be taking a break from saving lives to hand out roses to single women. According to one producer, a doctor has been on the radar since the inception of the show.

“For 10 [cycles], we looked for a doctor,” said executive producer Mike Fleiss. “But we never found him.” Weiss went on to say, “He’s so good-looking and so personable, he’s not what you expect from a guy who wears a stethoscope around his neck.”

Right, right, because so many doctors are ugly and boring?! Weiss should visit Seattle Grace Hospital. All the doctors there are gorgeous and charming. There is this one doctor…the interns call him Dr. McDreamy, …wait..what…that’s a TV show? Oh. Anyway, The Bachelor is back on the air on January 9th. So make sure you tune in, I heard the first episode is going to have the most dramatic rose ceremony every!!! Source: NY Daily News

Veronica Mars
Johnny 5 is alive. And so is Steve Guttenberg. Fans of Veronica Mars have seen a lot of the Three Men and a Baby star lately. Guttenberg joined the cast this season as Neptune’s new mayor. Those who are not fans of Veronica Mars are obviously stupid so I don’t care about them (I kid, I kid). Read more about the return of Steve Guttenberg here. Source:

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