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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Blues For Sister Someone (4/30/06)

Grey's Anatomy Cast

So what are those crazy kids from Seattle Grace Hospital up to today…

George and Callie are getting it on, and she’s not crying so that’s a good thing for George. Callie did a grat job with George’s haircut, and he looks more adorable than he ever has. I mean really, he looks HOT.

Addison and Derek just finished having “the most boring sex ever”. They can’t seem to get it together. Maybe because it’s not meant to be. I don’t know. The phone rings and Meredith tells Derek that Doc, the dog, will be fine. Thinking it’s the vet calling, Addison grabs the phone and tells him they are trying to have some decent sex. Keyword “decent”.

Meredith is still in the vet’s office talking to Finn. It’s amazing that Meredith can get a man, because she’s quite strange and annoying. Finn asks Meredith out. She denies him, well, because she’s crazy.
The next day, in the hospital, Meredith asks Alex for advice on Finn, another example of her craziness, and completely self absorbed behavior. He wants none of it. Nor does Christina who happens to think that dating a vet is below Meredith. I don’t think sleeping with anyone is below Meredith.

Addison, still reeling from her night of bad sex is in dire need for an intern and she grabs Alex. He tells her that the doesn’t “do vagina, not as a doctor anyway”. Yeah, not the right response, Dr. McMoron. Addy and Alex’s patient is a Rose, monther of oh, about, 1 zillion kids, ok 6, with another on the way.

Rose is played by Jean Louise Kelly, and although she is probably best known for playing Kim on Yes, Dear, she is and always will be Rowena Morgan from Mr. Holland’s Opus (beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Cole). Anyway, since she’ll always be Rowena, she seems way too young to play this role. But she is, so I have to deal. On with the show.

It seems her character, Rose, wants to have Addison tie her tubes during the C-section, and she doesn’t want her husband to know about it. She’s asked Addison to keep this surgery off the books,so no one will know. They are playing this out to be very dramatic. Um, not to get into politics here, but it’s her body, and if she wants to tie her tubes after having 7 kids, then come on, can you blame her? Well according to her husband, God can, and will. Her husband is quite religious and would never let her have this surgery. And since birth control is out of the question in the Catholic church, she wants her tubes ties, and her husband to never know.

Alex being Alex decides to throw out an intrusive and inappropriate comment. Addy puts him in his place, but Alex is still going strong with all that piss and vingar. Later on, as the patient is being prepped for her C-section, Alex continues with the jabs, and comments. Why he hasn’t been written up for his behavior is kind of beyond me at this point. Bailey would have had him kicked out of the program if he ever dared to speak to her like that.

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Chris O’Donnell is My McVet

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Chris O'DonnellEvery good looking man that passes through Meredith Grey’s life seems to get the same thing.  No, not VD.  Well, yes probably VD (Meredith is a little loose), but more importantly, all these men get a McTitle.  It all started with the original, or very first “Mc”.  The one and only Derek Shepherd, also known as out “McDreamy“. Then Mark, the steamy bad boy, and ex-best friend of McDreamy passes by Seattle Grace, and is quickly monikered “McSteamy“.  But will veterinarian Dr. Finn Dandridge (Chris O’Donnell) be worthy of a McTitle? It seems so!!! Early indications are that Finn has been given the esteemed title of…you ready for it….McVet.  Yeah, not sure I love it too.  I feel like given time we could have come up with something a little better, but if Meredith wants McVet, I guess McVet it is.

So excited to see all my McBoys tonight!!!  

Grey’s Anatomy is Back

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Grey's Anatomy Boys 

The wait is finally over.  For the first time in ages, we have an all new Grey’s Anatomy tonight!!!  I’m so excited to see Chris O’Donnell back in action. Can you please just think about hot many hot men are on this show?  Seriously. Seriously.  It des NOT suck to work at Seattle Grace Hospital.  Now if we could only find a way to get McSteamy back into the mix, I will be a happy girl.

Sunday, Apr. 30 at 10/9c.
Blues For Sister Someone
Izzie grills George about the personal details of his life, Addison takes Alex to task about a sensitive case, and Burke feels the pressure when he treats his musical hero.

If you’re watching the show tonight, feel free to drop me a line in the GMMR forums.  I’m going to be online writing a Grey’s Anatomy recap.  Hope this hangover subsides before the show starts.  If only McDreamy could perscribe me something for this headache.

GMMR’s Blog Spotlight: Silly Pipe Dream

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Give Me My RemoteWritten by a young, recently signed TV writer, Silly Pipe Dreams is a love story between a man and his TV. Nah, it’s just a really cool site with a little look behind the scenes into the crazy, wacky world of television. I’m a big fan because he’s living the dream. This guy is just weeks away from leaving his “shitty-paying industry job” to take on a new role writing for, maybe, one of our favorite shows (everything is on the DL right now). Hopefully he will find time to continue his blog once his TV writing gig starts, because I think it would be an incredible view behind the scenes for TV addicts like us.

A few things worth taking note of over at Silly Pipe Dreams

  • Oh, and if heard a song you liked playing in the background of one of your favorite shows, then check out the Musical Monday posts to see the song name and a short clip.

I think you guys should really check out this blog, and keep an eye out for this guy. He could be the next Judd Apatow, Bill Lawrence, Rob Thomas, or JJ Abrams.

Do you have a new blog you want Give Me My Remote to check out? Drop me a line.

New Interview with Wentworth Miller

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Wentworth Miller

Before you ask, NO, I didn’t interview Wentworth Miller.  Do you really think I would be coherent enough to write this if I did?!  The lucky folks over at The Daily Mail, however, lived to tell about the experience. 

Here’s a few excerpts of the great interview.  Make sure you click over to The Daily Mail to read the rest.

What is it about Prison Break which has made it such a huge hit?

It’s a little bit of something for everyone – action, adventure and romance. It’s a story about a family and how far one man is willing to go to save a loved one. Plus I think the idea of prison is universally compelling. I don’t think anyone would want to be in my character’s shoes but they’d certainly like to go along for the ride.
Does it help that the show is shot inside a real prison?

Joliet State Pen was a functioning prison for over 150 years until 2002. It’s the most important character on the show. It lends the show an integrity that we couldn’t replicate on a sound stage. It helps to remind you of the reality of prison life.

How much research did you do into prison life before filming began?

There’s only so much you can do. It’s like the difference between researching a car accident and being in a car accident. I’ll never know what it’s like to really be an inmate. Working at a facility like Joliet does ground you. We do use the facility and all it has to offer. They planned my character’s escape via the real lay-out of the prison.

Have you met any former inmates?

We have many former inmates on set, playing extras. They’ve all come back which struck me as odd at first until I realised there was a sort of closure going on. People were returning to a place that had caused them a great deal of pain and suffering to achieve something positive by putting together a TV show.
Click here to read the rest of the interview

Jenna Fischer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday

Jenna FischerI just want to personally thank Ellen DeGeneres for having my FAVORITE people on her show lately. Today it was Wentworth Miller, and tomorrow it will be the fabulous Jenna Fischer. Jenna is so damn bubbly on these talk shows…I can’t wait. Remember to set your VCRs and TiVo’s because I have no idea what time the show will air in your area of the world.

The OC Prom Night Was Special

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rachel bilson and adam brodyI think the wackiest thing that happened at my prom was when the DJ split up the boys and girls so we could sing “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” to each other.  Seriously, it was crazy.  Yeah, my prom was lame.  I’m not sure Seth, Summer, Ryan, or Marissa will say the same.  There were so many interesting nuggests, but it’s late and I need to go to bed.  So let me share my sleep deprived thoughts on tonight’s The OC.

(1)  Did anyone else pick up on the inside Seth/Adam joke tonight?  Summer’s date was in a band called Little Korea.  Adam Brody (Summer’s Rachel Bilson’s real life beau) is in a band called Big Japan. Cute!

  • (2)  Um, has anyone noticed what a himbo Ryan Atwood is?  Seriously, the boy needs to cool it off a bit.  I thought getting Theresa pregnant last year (oh come one, you don’t really buy that it’s NOT Ryan’s baby…do you?) would have been enought to slow down Ryan’s libido, but I guess not.  Just in the past few weeks, Ryan has banged Coop, Sadie, that girl whom he knew all of 4 minutes who worked with his mom, and you know he could have banged Theresa again tonight.  Slow it down boy.  Do you want to be the face of teenage STDs?  Oh right, that’s Veronica Mars.

(3) How is anyone NOT noticing that Coop is a raging alcoholic?  Have we learned nothing from Kirsten Cohen? No wonder this girl turns to the bottle, no one knows she exists.  Listen, I think alcoholism is a terrible thing, but I’ll take drunk Coop over sober Coop any day.  See when we have to watch sober Coop, I’m the one that has to booze it up.  It’s just a lot cheaper for me when Marissa drinks – and I don’t have to deal with the hangover in the morning

(4) Has Samarie Armstrong always been a terrible actress?  I remember liking her during her first stint on The OC.  And I don’t remember her sucking this much when she was on Entourage (how I miss you Entourage).  I was so distracted by the bad acting, I never really understood why she felt the need to come all the way to Newport.  Was it really just to help get her ex-boyfriend back together with his ex-girlfriend?  Right.  And I don’t know who her stylist is, but she should be fired for letting Samarie go out in public with those horrible extensions.

(5) Seth and Summer are back together…yay!! But how are they going to get these two to stay in Newport next year?  I’m thinking that they are going to pull a “Dawson” and go to the other coast, hate it so much and come back -or- something tragic will happen (such as Summer’s dad kicking in), that will require them to stay in Newport.

I love that Marissa’s loser, skanky, alcoholic, moron, drug toking boyfriend is named Kevin.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with K-Fed, but I like to believe that it does.

Rosie O’Donnell to Be the New Co-Host on “The View”

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Rosie O'DonnellBreaking News!!!  Sources are saying that Rosie O’Donnell has been chosen to replace Meredith Viera on The View.  I think Barbara Walters is going to be announcing this very soon.  A few years ago I would have thought this would have been the obvious choice, but Rose has become very political as of late so I’m not sure how easily she is going to fint in with the other women on the show.  I’m not saying I disagree with Rosie’s politics, actually I pretty much agree with everything she says, but I’m not sure she will mesh well.  More details as they come.

Expanding Our Horizons to Boston (Legal)

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As more and more of you have found your way to this site (we have hit records numbers this week), I want to make sure that we are talking about YOUR favorite shows.  I’m actually in the process of putting together a survey to find out what your favorite shows are, and how we can make this site better for you.

In the meantime, I have received some emails from some diehard Boston Legal fans, asking me to include more info about the show on Give Me My Remote.  I have heard you and am more than happy to oblige.  I haven’t seen the show in a long time, but I’m going to do my best to work it into my TV schedule. Hell, any show that has my hometown in the title can’t be all bad, right?!

Good thing for me I have awesome readers that can keep my up to speed.  GMMR all star, Marisa, was kind enough to give us a mini recap of this past week’s Boston Legal.

If you have a favorite show that we aren’t covering, email us!!  Also, we LOVE when you send along tips, news stories, and any other TV related gossip.

Now on to Marisa’s recap!!
“Race Ipsa”
Airdate: 4/25/2006

Denny CraneDenny’s therapist, Dr. Sydney Fields, is tired of treating him. Knowing that Denny carries a gun with him always, the therapist goads him. The therapist is suicidal, but his death policy doesn’t cover suicide, so Sydney produces his own gun and aims it at Denny, warning him if Denny doesn’t shoot him, he will shoot Denny. Denny shoots him and he collapses on the ground. Alan is chosen to represent Denny. During the trial, the therapist is put on the stand and he points the gun at Alan. Denny, who had sworn off guns after shooting Sydney, pulls a gun out and shoots Sydney in his other shoulder. Denny gets off on all charges from both shootings because the judges figures Denny shooting Sydney may have saved lives.

Alan also represented a client who resisted arrest when he refused to provide identification when he was looking around a white neighborhood. He and Chelina Hall (who was previously seen in “Death Be Not Proud” the season one finale) represent the young black man. Even though the man broke the law by resisting arrest, they manage to get a “not guilty” verdict.

Brad confides in Denise that he got dumped because he is a lousy kisser. He also called up an ex-girlfriend who confirmed that. Denise offered to “teach” him how to kiss better and they ended up having sex on the floor of the office. Denise is firm in saying that nothing more can happen between them.

Update on The Office T-shirts, Mugs, and More

I’ve received a few emails asking why certain Office related items weren’t available for purchase in the Give Me My Remote Online Store? Well, you see, I’ve had a TON of traffic to the GMMR store as of late, and that set off some kind of alarm at Cafepress.com. The Cafepress people think that I am trying to make you all believe that I am selling “official” Office related items. Not the case, but I guess I see their point. I’ve had to make a few revisions (sorry, no more “Threat Level Midnight” shirts), and a few products were removed 🙁

But…there are still some fun Office related stuff in the GMMR store, so you should definitely check it out TODAY!!! We have a ton of t-shirts (all shapes, colors and sizes), mugs, mousepads, teddybears, and more.

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It’s All About “The Office” Today!!

Jim Halpert & Michael ScottIn honor of the return of NBC’s The Office, Give Me My Remote is going is having an Office party!!  For you Office fans, check back throughout the day for some great Office pics, posts, and videos!!

For those of you have stopped by my humble site a few times, you may have picked up on my mild obsession with NBC’s The Office.  I honestly love this show and I think it’s the funniest thing on TV today.  But it’s been forever since we’ve had a new episode.  To get my Office fix, I’ve been relagated to watching reruns over and over again.  There’s only so many times my little TiVo can replay Jim & Michael’s karaoke scene before it revolts against me.  So it’s a good thing that we have a brand new episode tonight.  Here’s the synopsis:

Dwight Schrute When half a joint is found on company property, Dwight dons his Lackawanna County volunteer deputy sheriff’s uniform (complete with badge) and launches an investigation. He brings in a professional drug tester—a turn of events that makes Michael nervous. Meanwhile, Jim and Pam play a game in which Jim is forbidden to speak.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not sure how I feel about an episode that requires John Krasinski to remain silent, but as long as he’s on screen I will be happy.  And how can you not laugh at Dwight in that Sheriff’s Volunteer Sheriff’s uniform.  Classic.  Oh, and I don’t know how many of you have heard the radio promos, but the ones they are running here in Boston feature Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) and they are hysterical!!!  I can’t wait!!

In other Office news, as you all know NBC supersized the season finale of The Office.  As I’ve said before, I think NBC would have done this with or without our Supersize The Office petition, but its nice that the petition was appreciated by the cast.  Here are a few quotes about (directly and indirectly) about the petition:

Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Brian Baumgartner

From Jenna Fischer’s TV Guide Blog

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who voted for the Supersized Office Finale. You did it! NBC has agreed to make the finale 10 minutes longer than a normal episode. I’m not allowed to talk about what happens, but I promise — you won’t be disappointed Enjoy the new episodes. They are leading up to a great season finale!

From Angela Kinsey’s MySpace Blog

Thank you, thank you to all our fans!  It’s official! The finale will be super-sized due to the extraordinary efforts and loyalty of our fans!

From Brian Baumgartner’s MySpace Blog

I guess some of the fans of the show have been lobbying NBC for some extra time on the air for the “Season Finale”. Well guess what folks- you won! NBC has added 10 minutes to the season finale episode and so it will now be a whopping 40 minutes. Pretty F’ing cool. You may not have been able to save Arrested Development, but dammit, you got us 10 more minutes. And I guess everyone who is anyone is very pleased and excited about that.

Thanks again to all of you who left your thoughts.  And for those who have asked that we start another petition…well, we will have to wait and see.  Maybe James and I will start a petition to lobby for a visit to the set and bring you the behind the scenes scoop on The Office.

5 Questions with BJ Novak of NBC’s The Office

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BJ Novak

BJ Novak

BJ Novak is a busy guy. In addition to playing Ryan Howard, the object of Kelly Kapoor (and Michael Scott’s) affection on The Office, did you know he is also one of the head writers? BJ has written some of the greatest episodes to date including “Boys and Girls”, “The Fire”, “Sexual Harrassment”, and my personal favorite, “Diversity Day”.

Despite his crazy schedule, BJ was kind enough to answer a few questions for Give Me My Remote. This time we changed it up a bit, and went a little Craig Kilborn, 5 Questions approach.
Give Me My Remote: If you could change places with one person, who would it be?

BJ Novak: Someone really stiff and uptight. Once we changed places, I’d re-arrange all their stuff. Then when we changed places back, they’d be like, ‘What the hell happened here!!?!?!”

GMMR: If you could have dinner with 5 Famous People, who would they be?

BJ: I’d choose four total C-list celebrities, and one superstar, like Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks would be polite and smile the whole time, but inside he’d be like, ‘huh… am I not that famous anymore?’

GMMR: Who is the funniest person you know?

BJ: Oh. Am I not being funny enough? You want me to try to find you someone else?

GMMR: To date, what is your favorite scene from The Office?

BJ: I have so many…. I’ll go for one that might be a little obscure. One that I’ve always loved, for some reason, is the scene in “Sexual Harrasment” when Michael’s lawyer, James P. Albini, arrives to defend Michael from a man who turns out to be his own lawyer.I just like every bit of that scene — the name James P. Albini, the actor who plays him, the way that Albini talks to the camera, the pride Michael that Michael shows when he says “I think you’ll recognize him from the billboards.” I don’t know why, that always delighted me.

GMMR: Who has the biggest ego in the cast?

BJ: The biggest eagle? Probably John Krasinski. Jenna owns a pretty large eagle too, though.

GMMR: No, biggest ego.

BJ: Oh, ego. No one in the cast has a big ego.

Wentworth Miller on Ellen DeGeneres Show TODAY!!

Wentworth Miller of Prison BreakSet your TiVos!!  Wentworth Miller of Prison Break will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today!!  Since Ellen is syndicated, I’m not really sure what time it will be airing in your area of the world, so make sure you check your local listings.

For my girls and my gays, here’s a few pics to start your morning off, right!!! Click on the pics to enlarge.



Wentworth Miller Wentworth MillerWentworth MillerWentworth Miller of Prison BreakWentworth Miller of Prison BreakWentworth Miller of Prison BreakWentworth Miller of Prison Break

Alias Recap: “There is Only One Sydney Bristow”

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You think Sydney Bristow has a tough mission???  Try posting a recap of a show you haven’t seen yet, avoiding spoilers along the way!!  GMMR’s fabulous Julie took on the daunting task of recapping Alias.  I was out last night and haven’t been able to see the show yet.  So I’m just posting, and not looking…wish me luck on my mission.  Should I be wearing a pink wig? Nah.

There is Only One Syndey Bristow
Airdate: April 26, 2006
100th Episode

Minsk: A hooded Sloane arrives at a large mansion. His hood is removed by Joseph Ehrmann, who we last saw telling Sloane he has a few more tasks to complete before they can give him Nadia’s cure. Joseph escorts him inside, where the 12 heads of Prophet Five are waiting. In a dark library-type room, the 12 inform him that he has to complete just one final task before they give him back his daughter.

Meanwhile, a prison guard is leading Peyton to the cell of what he warns her is a very dangerous inmate. Guess who it is? Our old friend Anna Espinosa (Zoe!!!), who doesn’t exactly welcome Peyton with open arms. However, she becomes a bit more receptive when Peyton explains that they’ll release her in exchange for a “long-term deep cover operation” that will help her get the ultimate revenge on the person who put her in prison — Sydney Bristow.

Back at home in her apartment, putting her daughter to bed, Sydney looks a far cry from the woman who put Anna in the slammer. After some sweet, bumbling attempts at baby-proofing the apartment, Jack explains to Syd that no one has heard anything about Irina and there’s no significant activity from Prophet Five. This worries Sydney, who thinks it must be the calm before the storm and they must be plotting something big. Jack encourages her to leave it and enjoy her time off.

Sloane’s done reading the plans for his last job. He insists that Sydney not be harmed as part of the plan and warns the Prophet Five peeps that they might have trouble getting Syd active, since she’s on maternity leave. They promise to provide “incentive”. Hmm…that doesn’t sound ominous at all.

Anna arrives at Will’s door, posing as a CIA agent. She tells Will his cover may be blown, and Sydney’s in trouble. Will lets her in with trepidation. Not enough trepidation, though, because as soon as she confirms he’s alone, it’s taser time for Will. Poor guy – looked like he might’ve been expecting a romantic evening, if the candles were any indication.

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Kellie Pickler Booted From American Idol

 Kellie PicklerCan I hear an AMEN!!! I was so over that dumb hick. Dude, some of the my favorite people in the world are from the dirrty south so I mean no disrespect, but seriously, how can someone make it 19 years on this good earth and still be friggin’ stupid?! I think Kellie Picker put on a nice showing during her stint on Idol. She played up the cute dumb chick routine because she was trying to compensate for her lack of talent. Hey I thought she was great at the beginning. She had me fooled in the early days…I personally thought she could take it all. She was the next Carrie Underwood. But unfortunately for Kellie, as her fellow Idol wannabes got better with each week, Kellie progressively got worse. Her last two performances were abismal and I’m glad I don’t have to listen to her perform next week.

Random Idol thoughts….

The judges and Ryan played nice but they are so full of themselves. And can Robert Downey Jr, or someone just come and get Paula and drive her to rehab already? She is out of control…again!!

Katharine McPhee’s dress stayed on tonight, much to the dismay of many perverts

Chris Daughtry is still hot…in case you were wondering

American had the bottom two right tonight. I’m glad Paris is still in the running, but she better find her “Idol moment” and fast. I personally think Paris peaked during her audition. Seriously, we haven’t heard anything that good from her since that time.

The Soul Patrol know how to use their phones. I really think Taylor has a chance to take it all. I missed next week’s theme, but I hope it’s something Taylor can bust a move to.

Glad people cleaned out their ears and really heard b last night. The kid was on fire…or as we here in Boston say…fiyah!!!

As always, our friends over at Idol Chatter have the latest and greates American Idol new and reviews.

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