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The Boys of “The Office” Love the Red Carpet

July 28, 2006 by  

E! Online’s Kristin Veitch has the Best. Job. Ever. Don’t believe me? Click on the pics below and head over to Kristin’s site to watch the boys of The Office in action, and by action I mean ACTION!!

Just a fair warning that the video contains possible spoilers…nothing too revealing, but enough to cause some speculation. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

rainn wilson, john krasinski, david denman from the office
Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski of The Office

If the videos don’t work for you, click after the jump to read the transcripts of Kristin’s interview.  But remember what I said about the possible spoilers.


R: (Busting in on the end of the Friday Night Lights interview) They are the cutest cast on television!
K: Aww. Don’t you want to just pinch their cheeks! …(pinching her face) and I don’t mean these cheeks!
R: I want to take them home!
K: Awww… (Rainn appears to attack Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights)
S: (Clearly uncomfortable) Oh. That’s awesome.
K: Rainn, you’re not playing football right now. I know he’s a football player—
R: I know.
K: He doesn’t have the white pants on…
S: He could take me.
R: I could!
S: That’s why I’m moving away. (Scott retreats)
K: Hello! I mean, we all saw the fight episode with you and Michael.
R: Yeah! You see me tackle that guy?!
K: I mean, you are hard core.
R: Yeah!
K: When you show up on this red carpet, people, they tremble a little bit. I mean, it’s like ‘Oh, we gotta get out of Rainn’s way.
R: It’s the, uh, aura of testosterone (John Krasinski busts in and embraces Rainn from behind, kissing his cheek passionately) that emanates from my body. People throw themselves at me.
J: Why do we always make out at this.
R: (Pointing to Kristin) We always make out with her in the background.
K: There’s something about me interviewing you guys that makes you guys want to make out. Which I like.
R: (Embracing John) I just want to be held by you like a little baby.
K: I have this effect on men. I turn them gay.
R: I haven’t seen this guy in like three months.
J: (Gives Kristin a hug) Good to see you.
K: I haven’t either, and I’ve been a little empty inside.
J: (Noticing each other’s ensembles, Rainn and John hug) Whoa!
R: Suit and tie!
K: Aww.
J: Finish your thing.
R: (Yells into camera) BFF!
K: Who has the ‘Be Fri’ and who has the ‘st ends’? (Rainn and John, blank stares) I’m talking about the little heart necklace… No?
J: We have the ring like The Wonder Twins that, when we put it together, a ferret jumps out. (Kristin Laughing)
R: Form of?
J: Ferret.
R: Shape of?
J: I don’t know. How are you? Good to see you.
R: Nice to see you.
K: He was just pinching some football player’s butts, by the way.
J: Wow. So this has been a very homoerotic interview.
R: (To Kristin) How’s your website goin’?!
K: It’s good! Everybody loves you guys.
R: Oh that’s nice.
K: Yeah, they do. The website’s good. And The Office is coming back, which makes us very excited.
R: Yes, that’s right.
K: It’s good for us. It’s bad for you guys, because you have to go back to work. But just keep in mind, we’re all very happy about it.
J: Really?!
K: Yeah!
R: I’m excited to go back to work. I can’t wait to get back, to get my bad haircut going. Not that this one is any great uh—
K: This is dead sexy.
R: What’s that?
K: This is dead sexy.
R: Dead sexy haircut?
J: Wow.
R: It’s fake. I’m going to take the wig off! (Pretends to pull of his hair.)


K: I heard something though, that I’m not supposed to know, that we can’t really talk about, that makes me concerned for the fate of Jim.
J: Really?! Why are you concerned?
K: You’re not being killed off, but…
J: Am I?
K: But I, I just, I heard something that makes me, like, I want Pam and Jim together.
J: I feel like everybody wants that, right?
K: Everybody. Everybody! Make it happen, man! Make it happen.
J: I tried! I kissed her!
K: You actually gave it a pretty good shot.
J: Yeah! I tried really hard, and she sent me away, and I still came back. And I don’t know if that’s good enough. We’ll see. We’ll see. We actually don’t even know what’s going on yet.
K: What’s great too is that you and Jenna are so great with each other in real life.
J: Oh, that’s nice.
K: Do you know what I mean?
J: (Puts his arm around the imaginary Jenna) She is. She is so talented. You know, and we do interviews together, because of the chemistry, (looks at imaginary Jenna) right? (Laughs at imaginary Jenna’s imaginary response).
K: What I’m starting to realize is you guys are never actually in the same place at the same time when I’m doing interviews.
J: That’s because I’m her. I’m the same actor. Uh, the curly hair, it’s a four hour process.
K: It’s sort of like Clark Kent and Superman.
J: Yeah. Yeah. No, I’m really excited about this year. They wrote the scripts in invisible ink, so I think the ink, like, turns on next week.
K: Are you serious?
J: Yeah. No, I’m not serious.
K: I’m so gullible around you. Anything you guys say, I believe.
J: Our producers don’t write our scripts with Cracker Jack utensils! Ok?! We’re like ‘Omigod, page 1, (using his imaginary decorder) S = 7… Ugh! This is so hard!’


K: So tell me, Mr David Denman, Mr. David Denman. You’re rockin’ the beard here. Is this a new look for Roy?
D: Uh, you know, it’s for a section of the season premiere. I can’t really say what it is, but they told me not to shave and they may have me keep it. We don’t know. We’ll see. I guess I’ll find out on Monday.
K: I hope it’s that you’re so distraught that Pam is with Jim that you can’t even bring yourself to get out of bed. (David smiling) That’s what I’m going to cross my fingers for. No offense!
D: No, no. Hey, that’s alright.
K: You know, you’re a swell guy, and so is Roy, but you know, we have our preferences.
D: No, that’s OK. There a lot of Jammers out there. Lot of Jammers out there, but uh–
K: Is there even a term for Pam and [Roy]? Poy?
D: Yeah. Well, on the show, Michael Scott called us Ram. Ram, Ram, Rammers. So uh, Roy and Pam. I don’t know if it’s really going to catch on the way the Jammers did.


4 Responses to “The Boys of “The Office” Love the Red Carpet”

  1. javier neira on July 28th, 2006 12:31 am

    dont worry, you’ll get your shot as the new TV diva…

  2. Liz on July 28th, 2006 4:24 am

    That boy’s been in the sun! I need some Krasinski on the beach getting tan pictures!

  3. Sus on July 28th, 2006 8:45 am

    You know, I never thought I wanted to see John kiss Rainn but I’m pleasantly surprised. 😉

  4. Kris on July 28th, 2006 1:25 pm

    I love seeing The Office cast in interviews! They’re just so hilarious and fun to watch! I have never loved a cast more. And the off-screen chemistry between Rainn and John is hilarious! And David? Nice. Problems for Jim, i tell ya. I am even more excited to see season 3 (is that even possible?)!