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Reminder: TV Talk Podcast Q&A

November 2, 2008 by  

Later this week Ducky and I will be getting together to record the next TV Talk Podcast. This time around the podcast will be dedicated to answering YOUR TV questions.  We’ve had some great write-in questions as well as readers/listeners calling in and leaving messages on our Snapvine line.  If you want your question answered then just ask.

  • Email your questions to: info(at)givememyremote(dot)com
  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Record your question using Snapvine and maybe you’ll hear yourself on the next TV Talk Podcast

Note: We chose not to make the voice comments public, so if you see “0” messages, don’t worry about it.

We can’t wait to answer your TV questions!!

Missed our last podcast?
Listen Online:TV Talk with GMMR & Ducky #30 (Recorded on October 29, 2008)

Don’t forget to share your feedback (good, bad or otherwise) with us at iTunes. Just search with “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky”. Your comments help others decide whether or not they want to check us out.

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3 Responses to “Reminder: TV Talk Podcast Q&A”

  1. Lili on November 2nd, 2008 6:39 pm

    Hello, I was just wondering: are any of you watching True Blood? It’s cheesy and obscenely explicit sometimes, but I dig it. I really didn’t think I could love another vampire drama after Buffy/Angel, but I’m falling hard for this one….

    Love your podcasts!

  2. Kimber on November 2nd, 2008 10:08 pm

    Hey Ducky and Kath! LOVE your podcasts. They make me happy. Any idea what’s going on with Scrubs? I know it’s returning sometime to ABC, but I’ve heard this is Zach Braff’s last season … I thought it was just “ending” on ABC, as NBC didn’t give it the chance. Is there a possibility of it going on for more seasons? With JD?? I’m not sure if you guys watch it or not, but a little info would be appreciated!

    Also – please keep talking about Pushing Daisies!!! We have to save this amazing show!!

  3. Sam on November 4th, 2008 3:05 am

    hey guys.. love the podcast..

    just realized the other day that I haven’t seen Reaper on.. I don’t think it’s cancelled and everything I’ve read seem to say that it’s coming back for a second season.. but I’m not heard anything?