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Ten Things You Don’t Know…from the Boys of “The Office” (WATCH)

A few months ago, I shared a funny column entitled “Ten Things You Don’t Know About Women“. It was written by Jenna Fischer of The Office. Well, the list is back, but with a little bit of a twist. How about the list read by the cast and the crew of The Office?! Not sure how this came about, I just got a link via email, but it seems that someone recorded this video with their cell phone camera. Check it out. Funny stuff.

WARNING! NSFW (they say bad, bad words)
[gv data=”_O0Do0idci8″][/gv]

Thanks to cipher for posting the video.

Veronica Mars Teaser

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KristenBell_WB_.jpgI know what’s in the briefcase…I know what’s in the briefcase. But I’m not tellin’ ya!!!

I hope by now that you have ALL watched the Season premiere of Veronica Mars on MSN. I know some of you are holding out until Tuesday to watch it on The CW, so no worries…I won’t be spilling anything here.

Even if you did watch the season premiere online PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch it again on Tuesday night. Even if it’s just in the background. If we don’t have the ratings, Veronica Mars will go bye bye…forever.

I’ll be pushing the show again on Tuesday and beg you to watch. But I had to let you know that “* ******* *** **** ******** *** ** *** briefcase”

Watchlist Weekend Edition: Sept 29th – Oct 1st

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601_man_220x130_2 Degrassi: The Next GenerationSeason Premiere
In the sixth-season opener, Emma’s relationship with Peter suffers after Sean (Daniel Clark) makes a surprise return to Degrassi to finish 12th grade with his old classmates. Elsewhere, Paige, Marco and Ellie get ready to begin their college careers.

Justinguarini American Idol Rewind
A look at ‘American Idol,’ beginning with the first season and including behind-the-scenes footage.
SNL.gifSaturday Night LiveSeason Premiere 
Dane Cook hosts and the Killers perform as the 32nd season premieres. Cast members include Darrell Hammond, Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig.

Aaa_1 Desperate HousewivesIt Takes Two
Bree and Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) wed; Susan and Ian (Dougray Scott) go on a date; Edie has an unexpected visitor; and Xiao-Mei makes a delivery.

Ugly Betty Recap: Series Premiere

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Ugly Betty Recap

Looks like ABC might have another winner on their hands.  Ugly Betty is a sweet and endearing new dramedy, the likes of which we haven’t seen in awhile.  This new show was quick to make it on to GMMR’s list of new favorite shows this fall season.  It’s only drawback…it’s up against my favorite show, The Office.  But, we are lucky that Julie from Television and Sympathy is back to recap each and every episode for us.  Thanks Jules…

Title: “Moment”
Original Airdate: 9/28/06

We open on our bespectacled, braces-wearing heroine Betty, nervous but hopeful, in an atrocious pink suit, in the ornate lobby of Meade publications. The first words out of Betty’s mouth are a compliment to a stuck-up poncho-sporting fashionista, who isn’t particularly flattered. The prissy recruiting coordinator calls her name, but once he spots Betty, tells her there’s been a mistake and that all the entry level positions have been filled. Unimpressed by Betty’s determined recitation of her skills and interest in Meade publications, the recruiter shuts the door in her face. Someone, however, is listening — a trim older gentleman (who you might recognize as Seth Cohen’s granddad) hears Betty’s impassioned plea from a balcony above the lobby.

Later, at Betty’s house, a wildly overdramatic telenovela (featuring a cameo by Salma Hayek) airs on TV while her father Ignacio, her sister Hilda, and her nephew Justin are all sitting down to dinner. They talk about plans for her dad’s birthday and he asks how her interview went. Betty reports that it went “really good,” but her sister’s unconvinced and asks whether she’s considered other options. Her dad is still supportive of her dream, though. Good daddy. They then bring up the news that her boyfriend Walter might be proposing soon. Betty is very “!!!” but hopeful.

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The Office Recap: “The Convention”

The Office, The Convention Recap

A standing O and a round of applause for all those involved with putting this week’s episode of The Office on the air. To Lee and Gene who wrote the episode – nice work boys, nice work. As for the actors…once again they played it all out to perfection. With lesser actors these characters would be foolish caricatures.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode and I think it’s an instant classic for most Office fans. So you want to know what went down? Well settle in because you are about to read a ridiculously long and self indulgent recap by moi. Ready? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First off, in a hysterical cold open, Michael tells Pam that he was inspired by Angelina Jolie to adopt a baby from China. He needs Pam to look into ir for him. Pam tells him it’s expensive and takes a while. Michael quickly rethinks this genius idea and offers another.

Michael: You know what, Pam? If in ten years, I haven’t had a baby, and you haven’t had a baby …
Pam: No Michael.
Michael: Twenty years.
Pam: No Michael.
Michael: Thirty.
Pam (thinks for a moment): Sure.
Michael: It’s a deal.

Michael and Dwight are off to Philly for the Northeast Mid-Market Office Supply Convention – a raucous good time, and clearly one of Michael’s favorite office related events of the year (next to his camaraderie events of course). Michael’s claiming that it’s going to be a booze filled sex romp. Oh Michael if this is the high point of the year for you, then I am so so sorry.

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“The Office”, “Grey’s Anatomy” & “Ugly Betty” Threads OPEN

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GMMR_Logo1.jpgPeople this is what we call FANTASTIC TV tonight.  There are threads open for The Office, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty in the GMMR forums.  I am dying to hear what you guys thought of all these shows.  I’ll be back later to recap and discuss!WARNING! WARNING! Some people may leave comments with spoilers, so don’t look if you don’t want to know.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys thought!!

The Genius of Stephen Colbert

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Sometimes I feel the need to share clips that just plain out make me laugh. And this clip had me in tears. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report shows just why he is lauded for his quick mind and wit when he takes on this representative from DC.

[gv data=”uY0Rd8xrW74″][/gv]

Thanks to Joolie, one of GMMR’s MySpace friends for sharing.

GMMR Giveaway: “South Park: The Hits DVD”

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“People always ask us, ‘What’s your favorite episode?’ And I say, ‘It’s so hard. It’s like choosing between your children.’ But then I would have no problem choosing between my children. It would be the tall, smart one,” say Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

GMMR Giveaway: Stone and Parker are the comedic geniuses behind the award winning, yes, I said award winning comedy SOUTH PARK. Believe it or not, South Park is now in it’s 10th season. And to honor this milestone Comedy Central is releasing a new DVD.

South Park The Hits: Volume 1” DVD will be available in stores and online this Tuesday. The DVD set features 10 episodes (with new audio commentary) chosen by Parker and Stone as their favorite “top ten” to date. The DVD also includes four fan favorite bonus episodes: “Fatt Butt & Pancake Head” (a.k.a. J. Lo and Ben Affleck), “It Hits the Fan,” “Timmy 2000” and “The Death Camp of Intolerance” (the introduction of Lemmiwinks).

And for the first time ever, the infamous animated short “The Spirit of Christmas” will be available. For most of us around our late 20’s/early 30’s, “The Spirit of Christmas” was our first introduction to the kids of South Park. I remember watching it over and over again on the computers in my college library. It was so funny and crossed so many lines. And here we are, 10 years later and South Park is still groundbreaking comedy.

GMMR managed to get our grubby little paws on South Park The Hits: Volume 1, and we are kind and generous folk so we plan on giving it away to ONE lucky winner.

TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN simply email me at [infoATgivememyremoteDOTcom] and put “SOUTH PARK CONTEST” in the subject line. Many will enter and only one will make sure that winner is YOU.

Watchlist: Thursday, September 28, 2006

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0609264 Ugly BettySeries Premiere
Debut: Adaptation of a Colombian telenovela posits a bright but homely woman as a fish out of water at a glitzy fashion magazine. First up: Betty endures a series of humiliating tasks at the behest of her bed-hopping boss. (Read GMMR’s take on the premiere of UGLY BETTY)
Office_1b The OfficeThe Convention
With Dwight in tow, Michael heads to Philadelphia for an important office-supply convention. After meeting with Jan, Michael plans to spread brotherly love by having a party in his room for fellow conventioneers.

16455_p Grey’s AnatomyI Am a Tree
As the interns campaign for Izzie’s reinstatement, Cristina meets Burke’s parents (Diahann Carroll, Richard Roundtree) under awkward circumstances. Meanwhile, Addison takes a break from her hospital duties.

LIVE “The Office” Chat TONIGHT

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As we do every Thursday, Dunder Mifflinites will be gathering over at at 8pm (EST) for our weekly LIVE Office TVj session. This is a chat moderated by, well…me. It’s a great way to connect online with other Officianados and watch the show together. I hope you’ll swing by and check it out tonight. Click here on the link below to set a reminder.

The Office Thursday on Give Me My Remote (UPDATED)

The Office Thursdays on

Although waiting all summer for last week’s season premiere of The Office was tough, I’m not sure it was tougher than waiting a whole week for a new episode. But a week has passed, and a new episode titled ‘The Convention’ airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c. Lots of Office gossip to share so let’s get to it. As always check this post throughout the day as there may be new goodies to share.


Jenna & John Take Over CNN…
Jenna & John on CNNJohn Krasinski is answering phones but it’s not in the Stamford OR Scranton offices of Dunder Mifflin.  He’s moved all the way up to CNN. ‘Big Tuna’ and ‘The Fish’ were recently interviewed by CNN.  (The Office Visits CNN) (once on the page look for the clip on the right)

Meredith Palmer Speaks….
Meredith Palmer (Kate Flannery) Following in the footsteps of Novak, Fischer and Baumgartner, last week Kate Flannery (Meredith) kicked off her stint as the resident Office blogger over at Check our Meredith’s updates every Thursday and go behind the scenes of the best comedy on TV. (Meredith’s Blog)

Jenna & John on Jim & Pam…

Jenna Fischer & John Krasinski also features a new interview with our favorite on-screen lovebirds (I feel like if I say it out loud it will happen). John Krasinski & Jenna Fischer spill on where they see their characters going this season, why it won’t be smoothing sailing, and who Pam is throwin’ down with. There are some subtle spoilers, so spoiler virgins beware. (John & Jenna in TV Guide)

A Sneak Peek at ‘The Convention’…

The Office, The Convention Can’t wait until tonight to watch the show? is offering a sneak peek of tonight’s episode. Watch three hilarious clips from ‘The Convention’. And I think it goes without saying but, um, spoiler alert?! (Yahoo clips – click on the NBC logo and then The Office)

The Convention Guest is also featuring a clip and behind the scenes footage from tonight’s show. ESPN you say? Yes. There’s a guest star tonight whose business isn’t selling paper. Let’s just say he’s more in the transportation business. (ESPN clip)

Jenna does Jay…

Jenna Fischer Get your minds out of the gutter people, I only meant that Jenna Fischer (Pam) will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno TONIGHT. It’s a new interview so make sure you check it out.

Battle of the Deadpan Dreamboats…

John Krasinski as Jim pits two of my favorite TV boyfriends up against one another to see just who has the advantange when it comes to guys who thrive off making people laugh with their deadpan humor and boy next door looks. So who in winning? John Krasinski or Topher Grace? You know who my vote goes to. (Krasinski vs. Grace)

John Krasinski & Rashida Jones Ladies & Gentleman, I have an annoucement. Just this week I have become an official member of TEAM RASHIDA. Yes, you heard me. I’ve had an awakening that has resulted in my complete and utter support of The Office’s newest cast member, Rashida Jones. I know, I know I was the one sounding the panic button when I first heard of her arrival, but I’m singing a new tune these days. If I love The Office as much as I claim to (and you all know I do), then I need to embrace Rashida and her character Karen (at least for now). It’s only fair, right? She’s one of us now.

I’ve been a little critical of Ms. Jones since news of her casting surfaced, but it’s been a tad unfair. I mean I loved her on Boston Public. But now that she’s on my favorite show I give her the cold shoulder? I mean, what has the girl done to deserve it? Ok, she may have once dated my #1 TV boyfriend (Um, J. Kras for those of you in the dark…LOL), but that just shows that she (a) has good taste in men and (b) she’s worthy enough for our boy to want to spend time with her. And yeah, her character Karen is being toted as Jim’s new ‘love interest’, but that’s not Rashida’s fault. If it wasn’t her it would be someone else…perhaps someone we would really loathe.

And on paper…well on paper Rashida Jones seem pretty frakkin’ fabulous. Here are some Rashida Jones fun facts:

  • Daughter of Quincy Jones & Peggy Lipton
  • Graduated from Harvard with degrees in Philosophy & Religion. She’s even featured on on the cover of the premiere issue of Harvard’s new alumni magazine. (click here for the pic, and here to read the article)
  • An accomplished singer (she even sang back up on three tracks on Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane”)
  • Has worked extensively with “Peace Games” an organization that teaches children to resolve conflict without violence

…now you see why J. Kras may have been interested?

I’m not saying that you have to love her or her character, but let’s be fair and give her a shot. I mean, she is a Dunder Mifflinite…she’s one of us.

Rashida Jones of The Office

[GMMR steps down off her soapbox, and changes from her TEAM RASHIDA shirt to her PAM + JIM 4-eva shirt]

Most photos courtesy of NBC/Universal

Wentworth Miller was a Popular Manazon

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Check out this hilarious clip from the classic, and seriously underated show, Popular. This is a side of Michael Scofied we just don’t get to see enough.  Wentworth Miller…Kennedy High’s first ever Manazon!

Not sure this video does anything to help Wentworth Miller deal with the rumors surrounding his sexuality.  Gay, straight, who cares…the boys is simply the finest thing these eyes have seen in quite some time.

[gv data=”PSddrF_mT1s”][/gv]

GMMR First Look: “Freak Show”

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Forget Sydney Bristow. Move over Jack Bauer. We’ve got a new set of secret agents protecting us against the world’s evil doers – The Freak Squad.

From the disturbed yet hysterical minds of David Cross (Arrested Development) and Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz) comes a new animated series that shows us that really, anyone can save the world…even if you are freak of nature.

The Freak Show, goes into the lives of circus freaks who just so happen to moonlight as a team of covert, not-so-secret agents for the U.S. government. Conjoined twins Tuck & Benny, the World’s Tallest Nebraskan, Primi the Premature Baby, The Bearded Clam, and the Log Cabin Republican unite to handle the missions that other, lesser agents would…turn down cold.

This for-adults animated series is a little bit Superman, a little Barnum & Bailey with a side of Robert Smigel. And it looks like it’s pretty funny. Did I mention this one isn’t for the kids?
The Freak Show premieres on Comedy Central on October 4th. Check it out.

[gv data=”JYF5_CqXsck”][/gv]

Gilmore Girls Recap: A Long Morrow

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Gilmore Girls Recap

A GMMR special welcome to WHIRL who wil be taking on the daunting task of recapping the witty banter of our favorite mother and daughter duo…The Gilmore Girls.

It was nice to have Lorelai and Rory back. But I did find myself talking just a bit faster today…didn’t you? Looking forward to next Tuesday when we get the one two punch of The Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars…and their respective Logans.

Title: The Long Morrow
Original Airdate: 9/26/06

It’s the morning after Logan’s going away party and the penthouse is a mess. Rory, of course, looks better after a night of drinking then I do after 3 hours getting glam in front of a mirror. Waiting for her is a long gold box with a pretty red bow. My guess, the world’s longest diamond! Nope, it’s a rather large model of a rocket. Why Logan, how very phallic of you. Rory looks just as confused as I am.

Pickup right where we left off last season, Lorelai is trying to sneak out of Christopher’s bed without waking him. It doesn’t work. Christopher’s being sweet, offering to make Lor breakfast but she’s not interested (GMMR note: too bad he wasn’t that sweet when he knocked her up at age 16). Christopher is a little perplexed and pushes Lorelai a bit on why she’s in such a rush. Using Paul Anka as an excuse she ducks out without incident. Finally out of the bedroom, the magnitude of what just happened seems to hit Lorelai…big time.

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House Recap: Lines in The Sand

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House Recaps

LaLa, our favorite HOUSEkeeper, is back with a recap of last night’s episode. With all the site issues, I will admit I’ve fallen a bit behind on the ‘ol TiVo, so I didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s show. So LaLa, I’m sure you rocked the recap, but I just can’t deal with reading it until after I watch the show.

Title: Lines in the Sand

Original Airdate: 9/26/06

It may have taken a few weeks, but it turns out House most definitely has not forgiven Wilson and Cuddy for the dirty, dirty thing they did to him. Apparently, he was just waiting for the right time to exact his revenge – which, as it turns out, involves getting all OCD about his blood-stained office carpet which Cuddy recently replaced, and taking over Cuddy and Wilson’s offices until they give it back now! Obviously, House is purposely pulling the kind of exaggerated power trip on those two that they hoped they could prevent by making him think he had failed that case. But maybe, as Wilson likes to think, House is also a little bit like his current patient, an autistic boy, in that he reeeeally doesn’t like change; or following the rules; or being polite. But unlike House, this boy is exempt from society’s rules because of his autism – which is exactly why House admits to envying the kid.

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