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Gilmore Girls – Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?

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Gilmore Girls Episode Recap

Title: “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?”
Original Airdate: 2.27.07
GMMR Recapper: Whirl

We open up to Lorelai and Rory, on the hunt for all things baby. Why you ask? Rory is throwing Lane a baby shower, and to be honest she’s sort of freaking out about it. She’s worried it wont go well, since Lane’s bachelorette party ended up in Zack’s Aunt’s basement. Do you notice how this season they just keep bringing up past episodes? Yeah, me too. Anyway they have baby onesies for people to decorate, even though Rory is worried they wont have enough. Lorelai figures they will since there are 40 people coming and they have 60 onesies. What if they mess up on their first try and want to start again, like how you always throw out the first pancake. Rory throws out pancakes? Why can I not envision that? Lorelai promises it will be great, and that they have everything they need. Rory’s cell rings and it’s some guy named A.J. Abrams (Shout out?! It sounds like JJ Abrams, creator of all things awesome.) from the New York Times. Seems Rory gave him a call after getting his info from Hugh (that website guy she writes articles for) and he’s finally called her back. He wants to meet her for coffee in New York the next day and she’s going to do it, even if it means things will be tight for Lane’s shower. Lorelai says she’ll take care of everything. Rory decides it’s best if she spend the night in New York at Logan’s, to make things easier. Imagine that. Having a good looking and wealthy boyfriend makes things easier. You learn something new everyday.
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The Office Heroes

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Just try to get my mind focused on something else besides The Office. I triple dog dare you. Here’s the closest you’re going to get. Check out what happens when the world starts to discover the true identity of the Dunder Mifflin Heroes.

Video by Seat18B

I’m Back…

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There are no words for the day Tanster and I just had on the set of The Office. It was the most amazing experience. Everyone was there…and everyone was beyond fantastic. Of course I’m going to be writing more, but Tanster and I are going to try to coordintate our posts a bit, so please be patient. I promise I’ll be writing more over the next few days. For now…I need some sleep – it was a long day.

Update: The only bad part of the day? How about when I finally got on set and realized that I left the battery to my camera charging in my hotel room? I was so bummed. Luckily Tanster was kind enough to take a bunch of pics for me. She’ll be sending the rest on soon, but she managed to send one along last night that I thought I would share with you.

John Krasinski


24 Recap: “4:00 – 5:00pm”

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24 Episode Recaps

Title: 4:00 – 5:00pm
Original Airdate: 2/26/07
GMMR Recapper: LaLa

Wow. It certainly came in handy that Assad was a former bomb making terrorist mastermind, because a man like that can spot a bomb – or at least the leakage of a bomb – ANYWHERE. And I’m also really glad that he chose to protect President Palmer and get him out of the room instead of just running and trying to save his own skin. Certainly proves that he’s sincere in his desire to have peace and work with the U.S. – despite what that Ambassador from the conveniently not-named-for-obvious-real-life-political-reasons Arab country thinks. But man, those last five minutes of 24 tonight sure were nail biters, weren’t they? I mean, this show regularly slaughters main characters, so for a while there, I really thought Palmer and Assad were goners! Now that was some darn good television.

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Prison Break Recap: Wash

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Prison Break Episode Recap

Title: “Wash”
Original Airdate: Feb, 26, 2007
GMMR Recapper: Michelle

Quick and dirty, like they like it in prison. Let’s do a roll call by character and see what’s up with the associates of Fox River:

Michael, Lincoln and Sara
Linc calls LJ, who is being cared for by Jane Phillips, the blond co-worker of his dad. The phone call isn’t full of warm fuzzies, though, as LJ tells his dad that he just wants to stay where he is, continue going to school, and have a normal life (I feel bad for Linc, but can you blame the kid? I mean, consider his life thus far).

Michael, Sara, and a pretty despondent Lincoln listen to the USB recording, and in a really cheap shot, they hear what’s on it but WE don’t hear what’s on it. They decide collectively that they need to get THIS MYSTERY INFORMATION into the hands of someone in the government. Linc is obviously less than thrilled about handing over the one piece of real evidence that might exonerate him, but they have no choice.

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Grey’s Anatomy “Jane Doe” Revealed (SPOILERS)

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Grey’s Anatomy, Jane Doe

Ok, so I know I’ve been a tad bit preoccupied lately with the new job and haven’t spent as much time on the TV boards as I should, but I have to ask…did everyone (or at least spoiler hounds) know the scoop about “Jane Doe” on Grey’s Anatomy?  You know Jane, she’s the pregnant woman that was on the ferry.  The one with the crushed face that Alex has been treating?  Well I was just catching up on Kristin Veitch’s column and they were talking about it like it was spoiled a while ago.

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“Music and Lyrics” with Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights

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Oh holy hell, this had me laughing. Check out Scott Porter (Jason Street, Friday Night Lights) in an 80’s inspired music video that was featured in the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie “Music and Lyrics“.

Kudos to Porter for making Jason Street so believable, because honestly, I forgot for a minute that in real life he isn’t confined to a wheelchair.

This is funny, funny stuff.

Thanks to Kristin V for the tip

GMMR on the set of THE OFFICE

GMMR on the set of THE OFFICE

I’m sorry…geez I can’t remember if I told you or not. Not a big deal really, but I thought I should let you know. Remember how I told you I’m in LA for the week? Yeah, well it’s because I’m going to the set of THE OFFICE?! Woo Hoo!!

Did I pull off the calm, cool and collected vibe I was going for? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Yes, I’m freaking out. And yes, it’s going to be the BEST.DAY.EVER!! Tanster from OfficeTally.com and I will be heading to the set tomorrow. Of course we will bring you all the scoop (well at least that we are allowed to share) back to you later this week. Don’t expect any spoilers from us though. Our mouths are zipped shut and we have promised Greg Daniels our first born if we leak even the tiniest bit of info. But we should have fun pics and a great story to share.

Not sure who is going to be there. I’m assuming we are going to be able to meet some of the cast. Just being inside Dunder Mifflin is good enough for me. I mean, hey, if I don’t end up playing Madden in Krasinski’s trailer…it’s all good. (Actually, there’s a good chance John won’t be on set at all…who knows).

Just a few of the things on my list that I hope to so tomorrow:

  • Sit behind the reception desk (ok, sit behind as many desks as possible)
  • Get a grape soda from the break room
  • Stand in the PLOD (Parking Lot of Doom)
  • Take a pic with Angela’s kiddie poster, Dwight’s bobblehead, and a Dundie
  • Dish gossip with Kelly Kapoor
  • Have just enough shots that I can get Jenna to leave “Dunder Mifflin, this is Kathie” on my cell phone

…and the most important thing, is to try to imagine that John Krasinski has never been to GMMR. Because honestly…ugh, how embarrassing. Ha ha!!

I’m so grateful to those involved with The Office, and those at NBC who made this happen. A special, special thanks goes out to Tanster at Office Tally for being the supreme coordinator of all things Dunder Mifflin and making this happen. She rocks!!!


Antonella Barba and Blake Lewis Lead American Idol Searches

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American Idol

So which American Idol contestants are creating the buzz already? With the first round eliminations behind us, Yahoo! let us know who people online are searching the most. No surprise that Antonella Barba’s dirty pics had something to do with her being at the top (no pun intended). That aside, it looks like Blake Lewis for the guys and Lakisha Jones for the ladies are the front runners…are you surprised?

(according to Yahoo!)

1. Antonella Barba
2. Blake Lewis
3. Chris Sligh
4. Chris Richardson
5. Sanjaya Malakar
6. Sundance Head
7. Lakisha Jones
8. A.J. Tabaldo
9. Phil Stacey
10. Melinda Doolittle
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Watchlist: Monday, February 26, 2007

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I’m going back to Cali…to Cali…to Cali. Well, not going back as much as I am back. I touched down in L.A. last night and I’ll be here for the next week or so. I’m staying in West Hollywood, just miles from where the Academy Awards were held last night. I’ve never seen more limos in my life – crazy, I tell ya.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to listen to the latest GMMR|DuckyxDale podcast. Dan and I were STUNNED by the number of people who have already downloaded this podcast. THANKS! We’re always looking for feedback so we hope to hear from you. Also, we’re going to be trying to come up with a fun new name for our podcast, so if you’ve got some suggestions, pass them along.

Ok, on to tonight’s TV. There’s a LOT going on. Even more than usual. Sadly with no TiVo I have to be selective, but I figure you all will fill me in on the rest, right? On we go…

84x77 How I Met Your MotherArrivederci, Fiero
As Marshall’s beloved Fiero prepares to hit 200,000 miles, it stops dead. While the gang wait in the garage for the verdict, they recall, through flashbacks, their Fiero memories, which include the story of how Marshall and Ted became friends.

E010966aPrison BreakWash
Michael and Linc hear the tape on the memory stick that was in Gov. Tancredi’s humidor. It could exonerate Linc, but getting the information is only half the battle. Now they must get it out.


200pxgeorgetakeiHeroesCompany Men
The Bennets are taken hostage by Matt and Ted Sprague, which leads to a tragic showdown—and some insight into Mr. Bennet’s mysterious past. Eric Roberts guest stars.

E010966a24Day 6: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Jack follows up on the lead his father gave him; Fayed gets assistance from a Russian accomplice; and President Palmer tries to cement an unlikely alliance. Reed Pollock: Chad Lowe.


The Black DonnellysThe Black DonnellysDebut
Debut: A drama that follows four Irish brothers involved in organized crime in New York City. First up: When Kevin’s gambling debts pile up, brother Jimmy kidnaps his mob-affiliated bookie.

NBC.com is featuring an inside look at The Black Donnellys. Click below to check it out.

The Black Donnellys on NBC.com

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

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Check out the took home the top prizes during last night’s Academy Awards.
If you missed any of the acceptance speeches, head over to Oscar.com where you can see the big winning moments, read the text of the acceptance speeches, and find out who the winners forget to thank you on stage via the backstage “Thank You Cam”

Full list of Oscar Winners


Rainn Wilson on SNL

Rainn Wilson was FANTASTIC on SNL last night. And I’m not even being biased because he’s on my favorite show. I laughed my ass off. The opening monologue had me rolling – the SNL regulars as the cast of The Office was spot on. And did anyone else find it creepy how much Jason Sudekis looked like John Krasinski? Check it out below. Also, if anyone finds the Tarantino-esque sketch with the 4 guys singing in the bar, send it along…I loved that one.

Antonella Barba, American Idol’s Dirty Girl

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Antontell Barba, American Idol

When you have friends like these, who needs enemies? Antonella Barba, currently a contestant on American Idol is paying the high price of fame and she ain’t even that famous. This week pics were leaked on line of Antonella in some compromising positions. Can you say SCANDOULOUS!! I mean really, they were bad. And not to be cold, but seriously, in the age of Paris Hilton WHY WHY WHY would you ever let someone break out a camera during those oh so “intimate” moments? If she was dumb enough to take the pics, then really is she all that surprised.

Now GMMR has never really gone into the NSFW territory and I’m not interested in doing so now. But hey, if you want to see the pics I’ll gladly tell you where to go. (WARNING! NSFW!!!) How about here and here for a start.

Naughty, naughty Antonella. I’m so wondering if Ryan and perhaps Simon will mention it this week on the show.

A Little Change in Plans

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gmmr_icon_myspace.pngSo I dug myself a little bit of a hole by letting you know yesterday all the things that I was planning on posting this weekend. Yeah, a little change of plans. I know I just got back from a week in California (actually I came home one week ago today), but as it turns out I need to head back. Tomorrow. Kind of crazy I know, and I promise to share all the details later. I just found out about all this yesterday late afternoon and my flight for LA leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow, which leaves me only today to do laundry, go shopping and get all my stuff together that I’m going to need for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, blogging is going to have to be on the back burner today. I will try to update when I get settled tomorrow.

It’s going to be business as usual over the next two weeks…for the most part. I never did have time to get that Slingbox*, so there are going to be shows that I miss, but I know you guys will fill me in, right?

Tons of very fun stuff happening while I’m in LA. I’ll fill you in when I can. But one thing I’m really looking forward to while I’m there is The Office and Prison Break panels at the Paley Festival. A TV lover’s dream. I know most of you couldn’t go, so I will do my very best to capture the night and share all the deets, and make it like you were there.

Ok, well I’m off to begin my day. I know it’s been kind of nuts the past few weeks, but things will be settling down soon. Thanks!!

*Slingbox – It’s this amazing invention that allows you to access your home DVR (TiVo) from your computer…anytime, anywhere. So what I need.

TV Podcast #7: GMMR & DuckyxDale Podcast

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Podcast Episode 7 is here! Dan and Kathie are back and as chatty as ever. It’s been a big week of television. Someone flied, someone died. We lost a rack of Lamb. Someone walked among us but was not one of us. Dylan and Denny came to us in a vision. Someone threatened to kick Jim Halpert’s ass! Like I said, a big week…

GMMR|DuckyxDale Podcast


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As always, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the podcast.  Please leave us a comment here or over at iTunes. The good, the bad…we want to hear it.

HIMYM annoyed us
Heroes delivered on its promise
Studio 60 went from zero to suck in less than 60 minutes
Prison Break tried to break back in…

Veronica Mars said goodbye to a shirtless wonder…

Friday Night Lights tackled sex
Lost loses some but keeps us glued
Dan Cries too much…

The Office threatens a life
The OC says goodbye bitch
Grey’s heads into the afterlife…

Brothers & Sisters gain a sibling and we scream
Battlestar won’t be spoiled…


New Segment Alert: Desert Island Game. This week we discuss our desert island tv shows. What’s yours?

Plus this week we’ve added another contest!

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