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NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre to be a Daddy

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NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre to be a Daddy

A New Kid is having a new kid. Former New Kid on the Block and ex-Dancing with the Stars contestant Joey Joe is going to be a daddy.  Joe and his wife Barrett announced their good news via Joey McIntyre’s website:

“I just bought a new house in L.A. We loved the beach in Venice, but what can I say, that freakin’ commute kills ya,” he writes. “Plus, it’s really a dream house for us and we are gonna need some more room – because my wifey is pregnant! Can you believe it?! I can!”

Congrats Joey!

LICENSE TO WED Premiere Date Now July 3rd

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Looks like I’m going to be able to attend those Independence Day BBQs after all. Warner Bros has officially moved the premiere date for LICENSE TO WED starring John Krasinski and Mandy Moore from July 4th to July 3rd.  There was no specific reason given for the change in date but something tells me it might have to do with that little indie movie premiering on July 4th – THE TRANSFORMERS.  Have you heard of it?

Hey I think this is great news…one less day that we have to wait to see the flick.

Also, the License to Wed official website has been updated with a few new features including some downloadable wallpapers and buddy icons.  Not sure who chose the pics for the wallpaper but they were clearly on crack.

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Jamal Could Win it All – SYTYCD

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Sorry for another SYTYCD video (hey, I warned you to get on the train since I was going to be talking about it a lot this summer).  But this was by far my favorite moment of the auditions so far.

A few guys from the Boston area (holla) made their way to the NYC auditions.  Jamal gave it his all during his initial audition but the judges weren’t convinced he could do anything more than hip hop.  He told them he dabbled in other genres like swing and ballroom, and quickly tried to back out of it when they called him on it.  The judges gave him one last shot and asked him to come back and wow them with a swing routine.  He found a partner and returned a few minutes later to audition again. The following was the hilarious result:

[gv data=”LMzH-42aLyc”][/gv]

And in case you were wondering, Jamal made it through to the next round in Vegas.  Ha!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. With enough Captain and Cokes I think I’m the world’s best dancer. Unfortunately, it seems that more than a few people in L.A. and Chicago also enjoy the Captain…so much so that they actually drank their way into thinking they were good enough to audition for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. There were some doozies last night.

Here were just a few highlights of last nights episode:

The Return of Benji Schwimmer…
Benji Schwimmer with Kath of and Dan of DuckyxDale.comYes, S2 winner Benji (to the left with me and Ducky) was back and he brought all that damn energy with him. This time around he was there to partner with his lil sis Lacey as she tries her best to keep it in the family. Um, I meant the title. Little Miss Schwimmer did not disappoint. She was fantastic and I can see her going really far in the competition, well at least if she is as versatile in other dance genres as her brother and Cousin Heidi (who made it to the Top 4 last year). Speaking of, did anyone else notice how much Lacey looked like Cousin Heidi? Give the girl a blonde wig and throw her on a bench and call it a day. Nigel gave some great advice to Lacey – keep the facial expressions in check. Big brother Benji had the same problem with making exaggerated faces while he danced. Stop making the faces Laci and you might get a few votes your way. (Ducky has just posted some Lacey Schwimmer dance videos)

The Kid with No Bones…
WTF? Did you see that guy? He was a pop ‘n locker or whatever they hell they are calling it these days and he was amazing. I swear he had no bones in his body whatsoever. Shane Sparks was floored and said this kid was one of the best he has seen in a long, long time. He was a thrill to watch but I’m not sure he’s going to go far since he might be a one trick pony. Then again, we all thought that about Jailbait Ivan last year and he proved us wrong.

Check him out…
[gv data=”gLUHQQ8gE74″][/gv]

More after the jump…

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What to Watch: Thursday, May 31, 2007

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As always, so much TV so little space on the TiVo (well not until I find it in my heart to erase all the eps of Veronica Mars and The Office I’ve been hoarding). There’s actually of new and old favorites to choose from tonight. I’m personally looking forward to “SYTYCD” and “Studio 60”, and I’ll probably TiNo “The Starter Wife” until the weekend. I saw a bit of it already and it was pretty good so check it out.

So You Think You Can DanceSo You Think You Can Dance
Auditions continue in Hotlanta tonight. Will the crown of America’s Favorite Dancer go to someone from the dirty South? Who cares, I would rather just watch the judges – the best on TV. We know Mary and Nigel will be there, but who will be the third judge tonight. Let’s hope it’s Wade Robson.

Studio 60Studio 60 (NEW)
Things go haywire during a live broadcast when Jordan has a scare with her pregnancy and Tom has to face his own crisis. To make matters worse, Matt’s pill popping is no longer a secret.

MeeVee RecommendsPirate Master (NEW)
“Survivor” producer Mark Burnett creates what seems like a spinoff, set aboard ship in the Caribbean – but with intrigue and hidden treasure, and we hope some plank-walking and eyepatches too.

MeeVee RecommendsThe 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee (NEW)
No swords or planks here, just a lot of “nascent” and “pluperfect” and other hard words that we swear we didn’t have to look up, really. Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” hosts.

MeeVee RecommendsThe Starter Wife (NEW)
Two-hour premiere of the six-hour miniseries. Debra Messing is getting sterling reviews for her role as a woman who finds out what really matters when her husband throws her over for another woman.

What else I’ll be watching tonight…

Thursday Night TV

My Name is EarlLarceny of a Kitty Cat

30 Rock – Jack-Tor

The Office – The Coup

Scrubs – My House

Grey’s Anatomy Don’t Stand So Close to Me

House Season Finale Recap

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If you are looking for a discussion on tonight’s season final of HOUSE, please click here: HOUSE Season Finale (May 11, 2009)


A big round of applause comments to LaLa for all her fantastic work recapping HOUSE this season.  LaLa had double duty with both 24 and House recaps and I am so thankful to her for all her help.  Thanks!!

Title: Human Error
Original Airdate: May 29, 2007
GMMR Recapper: LaLa

Um, what? Wait…. Really?? That’s it? So, House fires Chase randomly, Foreman leaves as planned, then Cameron resigns as well – and the last shot is just House playing his new guitar, signaling that he’s making changes… and that’s the end? They’re really going to end the season that way?? Oh no they didn’t!!

Ok, so then are Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, and Jesse Spencer all leaving the show?? Well, at least according to a recent TV Guide interview, Omar Epps will be back. But what about the other two? I mean, I guess we sort of got a little closure on their storylines – Chase went all zen after being fired and talked about how change is good, and then of course Cameron finally went after Chase in the end (but not before, naturally, turning him down one more time). I have to admit it was sort of cute/sweet the way she waited for him outside his door, and said, “It’s Tuesday” – because even though it was Monday, she just couldn’t wait that long. But man, as cute as that was, after being rejected constantly, I don’t know if I would have immediately gone for a kiss the way that Chase did. But I guess he must really really like her… for some reason that is escaping me now….

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It seems that my little vacation from original TV programming is over. It was nice to revisit my old, pre-GMMR life for a few days….Red Sox games, bed before midnight – it was nice…the whole three days it lasted. But there’s no break for a TV blogger and tonight we’ve got a few summer show premieres to talk about.

MeeVee RecommendsHidden Palms
“Dawson’s Creek” creator Kevin Williamson is behind this moody teen drama set in Palm Springs, which features the usual angst and romance with a healthy dose of mystery. Taylor Handley stars as the new kid in town.

So, we’ve got a show from the man who brought me The Creek (plus) starring someone from The OC (plus), but it was Oliver from The OC (minus). Hmm. Wait, did I mention Kevin Williamson brought us Pacey Witter? You are forever in my debt Mr. Williamson. Yeah, I’ll be watching,

TV with MeeVee has got us covered here. Check out their interview with Kevin Williamson and another interview with Hidden Palms star Taylor Handley.

After it’s sneak peek premiere went well a few weeks back, TRAVELER is back tonight in its permanent summer home. If you missed the series premiere, ABC is showing an encore viewing at 9/8c tonight, right before an all new ep at 10/9c. In tonight’s episode Jay and Tyler seek refuge at Carlton Fog’s private retreat, but soon question whether they are truly safe there. Meanwhile, FBI agents grill Jay’s girlfriend about his whereabouts.

In case you missed it the first time around, here is Give Me My Remote’s review of Traveler.

MeeVee RecommendsNext Best Thing
You know it’s summer when the reality/game shows get this niche-y. The judges are the comedians Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Ann Walter and Elon Gold. I”m not sure if this is going to be absolutely hysterical and really, really lame. With a show on celebrity impersonators it’s anyones guess. But some of the people on the commercials are pretty amazing. I think I’m going to TiNo this one until the weekend.

Are you planning on watching any of tonight’s summer premieres? Drop me a line and let me know.



Are we ready for some more dancing? Tonight we have another 2-hour episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE starting at 8/7c tonight on Fox. This time Cat, Nigel and the rest of the judges head to L.A. and Chicago to see another group of dancers shimmy, shake and inevitably make fools of themselves on National television. Expect more of the Dancing Derrick type, but sadly there is the one and only Sex and we will won’t ever see the likes of him again. Ducky and I will be watching together so you can expect a full break down tomorrow.

I pushed last week’s premiere pretty tough. Did we get any newbies on the SYTYCD train? I’m telling you, it only gets better. The dancers are going to get more amazing with each week and unlike American Idol you are going to see these kids stretch their God given talents when they are forced to one-two step outside of the comfort zone of their genre.

Whether you are already a SYTYCD fan or a newbie, you’re going to want to check out these incredible videos of Travis Wall and Ivan Koumaev performing at the New York City Dance Alliance. I love that BF Travis and Jailbait Ivan are BFF’s even after the show.

And speaking of my two favorite SYTYCDers, check out this hilarious video from someone who clearly wanted something a little more that friendship between BF Travis and Jailbait.

[gv data=”1l0oHCfZt40″][/gv]


What? A New TV Podcast? Huh?

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TV Podcasts

Despite appearances, DuckyxDale and I have not given up the dream of taking over the internet with our TV podcasts. Life, being what it is, has prevented us from podcasting the past few months, but we are coming back…I promise. If all things go well we might be back podcasting as soon as tomorrow. Yup, you heard me (but don’t hold me to it because it all depends on whether or not my hot date with Jason Dohring falls through. Veronica Mars got canceled and he needs me. He needs me more than you need my podcasts.)

Since it’s been a while who knows what the Duckster and I will be chatting about. But we do know that we want to hear from YOU. So here’s your chance to be part of the GMMR|DuckyxDale TV Podcast. If you have a question for Ducky and me about any of the Fall season finales, or about TV in general that you would like answered during the podcast then leave us a message. We might just choose to answer your question live during the podcast.

It’s super easy and free (and no, I’m not talking about Ducky) to leave us a message:

  • Step 1: Click on “Record by Phone”
  • Step 2: Dial the number shown and enter the four digit code when prompted
  • Step 3: Leave a message
  • Step 4: Listen to our next podcast to see if we answered your question

  • We’ve decided to keep the recorded messages private for now. So if you see “0 messages” above, don’t worry…you won’t be the first to leave a message. SO EXCITED to hear from you guys!!!

    *A few rules…

    – Please identify yourself and where you live (but please don’t share any other identifiable information).

    – Please watch the language – our parents are listening

    – Feel free to leave comments about the podcast as well ask questions. Don’t bother SPAMMING us because all comments will be moderated and kept private.

    – If you don’t want to record a message that’s cool. Always feel free to email Ducky or myself with any questions you may have.

    – If you want to share your feedback about our podcast with the masses, click here to head on over to the GMMR|DuckyxDale Podcast page at iTunes. That’s the best way to let others know if they should check out our podcast or not to bother because we suck (me and my truck driver mouth).

    Miss USA Slips During Miss Universe Pageant

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    Oops.  Those heels will do you in every time…that’s why I wear sneakers.  It was Miss Japan that took home the Miss Universe crown this weekend but Miss USA, Rachel Smith, definitely made an impression…by falling on her ass.

    [gv data=”ANAsj4ihg6w”][/gv]

    We kid, we kid.  I couldn’t stand in those heels for one minute none the less walk across a stage with that smile plastered. And ladies you know the entire time she was walking she was thinking “please don’t let me fall…please don’t let me fall”.

    2006-07 Primetime Ratings

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    It’s no surprise that AMERICAN IDOL once again ruled the ratings, but where did your other favorite primetime shows rank in the war of the ratings?  Some of the results kind of through me for a loop.   The fact that some of this year’s most short lived shows had better ratings than some of my very favorite shows was a little disappointing.  When is someone going to give me a Nielsen box so I can make some changes.

    Here are the Top Twenty primetime shows for the 2006-07 season. 

    2006-07 Primetime Ratings - Top Twenty

    Rankings for shows 22-142 (click to enlarge)

    2006-07 Primetime Ratings (2) - click to enlarge  2006-07 Primetime Ratings (3) - click to enlarge  2006-07 Primetime Ratings (4) - click to enlarge  2006-07 Primetime Ratings (5) - click to enlarge  2006-07 Primetime Ratings (6) - click to enlarge

    Patrick Dempsey in “Enchanted”

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    GREY’S ANATOMY’s Patrick Dempsey is starring alongside Academy Award nominee Amy Adams (Junebug, The Office) in the upcoming Disney film “Enchanted”.

    A classic Disney fairytale collides with modern-day New York City in a story about a fairytale princess (Amy Adams) from the past who is thrust into present-day by an evil queen (Susan Sarandon). Soon after her arrival, Princess Giselle begins to change her views on life and love after meeting a handsome lawyer (Patrick Dempsey). Can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world?

    [gv data=”AJ1e_yPfFD8″][/gv]

    Watchlist: Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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    I don’t think I have to convince anyone as to how much I love TV. That being said, this small break between the end of the regular television season and the beginning of the summer season has been really, really nice. With no major TV commitments I actually found the time to watch my Red Sox (no TiVoing through 9 innings for me yesterday) and I went to bed before midnight which never happens. It’s been nice.

    MeeVee RecommendsOn The Lot
    Three contestants in the Hollywood version of “Survivor” are eliminated after an audience “box office” vote on their short films.

    MeeVee RecommendsHouse
    A Cuban couple makes a desperate journey to have House diagnose the wife’s illness, but things only get worse once they arrive at the hospital. Plus, Forman’s departure could be at hand.

    MeeVee RecommendsFlashpoint
    CBS News special, subtitled “Kimberly Dozier and the Army’s Fourth ID – A Story of Bravery, Recovery and Lives Forever Changed,” looks at the aftermath of a single explosion in Iraq that killed four, including two members of a CBS crew.

    John Krasinski – Mean Magazine Coverboy (Update Pics)

    THE OFFICE’s John Krasinski graces the cover of the June issue of Mean Magazine. The issue hits stands on June 5th so keep an eye out for it on newsstands and major bookstores. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and the swoon-worthy photos from inside the magazine. New photos added on May 28th. (Click to enlarge)

    John Krasinski, Mean Magazine (1)

    John Krasinski, Mean Magazine (window - 1)

    John Krasinski, Mean Magazine (Inside #1) John Krasinski, Mean Magazine (Inside #2) John Krasinski, Mean Magazine (Inside #3)

    The Interview
    John Krasinski, Mean Magazine, Table of Contents - Click to Enlarge  Mean Magazine Interview, John Krasinski (First Page) - Click to Enlarge  John Krasinski, Mean Magazine Interview (1) - Click to enlarge   Mean Magazine Interview, John Krasinski    John Krasinski, Mean Magazine Interview (3) - Click to enlarge

    Special thanks to eyegypt for the scans of the pics. Make sure you go out and buy MEAN MAGAZINE which will be on news stands June 5th.

    Steve Almighty on

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    It’s Steve Carell 24/7 over at NBC’s To get us psyched up for the premiere of EVAN ALMIGHTY DotComedy has launched Steve Almighty, a section of their site featuring a new Steve Carell clip every day thru the June 22nd premiere of “Evan Almighty”. Check out classic Steve Carell moments from “The Office, “Saturday Night Live”, “The 40-Year Old Virgin”, Steve’s hilarious Golden Globes acceptance speech, talk show appearances, and even Steve’s most dramatic role as Gary from Ace & Gary: The Ambiguously Gay Duo among others.

    Check out the clips below.

    I got an email from NBC letting me know of some of the future clips that are going to be added, and it’s all good stuff. Enjoy!

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