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PUSHING DAISIES Guest Star is an “Ugly Hero”

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E! online is reporting that a familiar face will be popping up in Couer d’Couer during the fourth episode of PUSHING DAISIES. You might not know that name Jayma Mays, but you might know her as a girl named Charlie (not to be confused with Anna Friel’s character who plays a girl named Chuck on Pushing Daisies or for that matter with Zach Levi who plays Chuck on NBC’s fall show CHUCK).

Jayma Mays was seen this past season on HEROES as Hiro’s waitress friend Charlie. And she also played Charlie, Henry’s girlfriend on UGLY BETTY. But on PUSHING DAISIES she’ll be playing Elista, a woman who lives and works in a windmill. No word on whether or not Mays guest stint will be for just one episode or perhaps more.

Thanks to E! and for the info.

Cocktail Party Primer (Episode #5)

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Oh, Tim Minear, I Kid Because I Love

Labor Day marks the official end of summer. We may be sweaty and sunburned now, but soon we’ll pack in our flip-flops and bathing suits and hit the couch for an autumn of new TV. I’m about to head out for a long weekend of sipping watermelon martinis out of a thermos under a tree at the park, but before I go, here’s the gossip that should keep you humming at the final barbecues and beach parties of the season.

  • Brilliant-but-cancelled All-Star Tim Minear, the Grand Poobah behind such dearly departed shows as Wonderfalls, Firefly, and Drive, landed a new pilot at ABC. Miracle Man centers on a disgraced former televangelist who suddenly begins performing real miracles. Minear is reported to have been inspired by his experiences in calling in a variety of real life faith healers and voodoo priests in an attempt to save his previous shows from the ax.  It should come as no surprise that despite the show’s intriguing premise, Vegas is putting the odds on Miracle Man’s cancellation at or before the eight episode mark at 20-1. There’s money to be made here people. Beat the rush; call your bookie now!
  • Know what the only thing more pitiful than a middle-aged woman who’s trying desperately to recapture a piece of her high school glory days? A middle-aged woman trying desperately to recapture her high school glory days on television. The CW plans to take gleeful advantage of this sad state with a new makeover show called “I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again.”  With the help of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders trainer, ten women will work to see who can best fit into her old pleated miniskirt again. The winner gets $50,000 and the chance to wield her pompoms before a live audience. All it will cost the contestants is some soreness in the quads, their real high school age children never acknowledging them in public again, and whatever shreds of wounded dignity life hasn’t taken from them already.
  • In real life, if you’re 45, have raging commitment issues, and an admitted obsession with Playboy Playmates, you’re the kind of guy whose mother sets him up on blind dates with that nice girl from her gardening club with the lazy eye you’ll hardly even notice. In Washed-up Celebrity Land, you hire a life coach and get a reality show on VH1.  If you’re Scott Baio, your show about being 45 and single will get a second season even though you have ceased to be either 45 or single. No word on how much money Tim Minear is willing to give Baio to learn how, in the name of sweet Zombie Jesus, you get renewed for a second season.
  • If you need further proof that VH1 is determined to challenge Fox for the title of Network Most Likely to Make You Doubt the Future of Humanity, prepare for the end of all doubt. The network is planning a show for 2008 called Celeb Rehab. It will follow such train wrecks on legs as Tom Sizemore, Andy Dick, and Joanie “Chyna” Laurer as they go through the Pasadena Recovery Center.  I would have thought it impossible, but VH1 has come up with a show that makes watching one of Hugh Heffner’s girlfriends trying to prove “she’s got flow” on Celebrity Rap Superstar seem as understated and classy as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They’re overachievers at underachieving, those kids at VH1.
  • Matt LeBlanc is being sued by Camille Cerio, a woman who was his manager for about a year during the mid-90s. She claims he owes her money from his entire run on Friends. LeBlanc’s current reps are, unsurprisingly, deriding the suit as being totally without merit. However, they offered to forfeit some of the cash if, in return, she would be willing to publicly take the blame for the failed spinoff Joey. Cerio responed, “For the right price, I’ll claim responsibility for that Fox disaster Anchorwoman, the meltdown at Cheroybl, and throw in two of Tim Minear’s cancellations for free.”

    Martha Smith is a San Francisco-based freelance writer and editor. She writes mostly about food, TV, and other things that can be enjoyed while sitting down.

    Caption This: HEROES of What?

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    Heroes - Caption This

    There’s got to be a real story behind this picture of members of the cast of HEROES. I’m not sure I want the real story as much as I want the best story.  The best caption will be posted on GMMR later today.

    For more of these great HEROES pic visit 

    What to Watch…Friday, August 31, 2007

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    Will you all start your long holiday weekend today or tomorrow? I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend! I’m going to be traveling myself but I’ll try to update the site as much as I can.

    For tonight’s picks I thought I would go a little tea and crumpets on you. It just so happens that my two of my favorite shows of all time are playing two of my favorite episodes tonight. How fun for me. Cheerio!!

    The Office
    BBC America (8pm est)
    Dawn is distraught over relationship woes, while a consultant tries to conduct a training seminar at the Slough branch. Tim reaches his breaking point both with Dawn and with his career. “Free Love on the Freelove Freeway” – classic!! Tim and Dawn…sigh.

    Absolutely FabulousAbsolutely Fabulous
    BBC America (9:20pm est)
    “Iso Tank”
    Edina’s new isolation tank seems to be the perfect remedy for life’s problems, except for one thing: she hates being alone.

    BIG BROTHER Spoilers: Who Won HOH This Week?

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    When Julie Chen said her goodbyes tonight, all the houseguests were competing in the Head of Household competition. Want to know who won? Click here to find out: Who Won HOH on BIG BROTHER (September 2, 2010)

    BIG BROTHER Recap: Down to Six

    WARNING! This post contains not only spoilers for tonight’s CBS show but updates on the HOH competition happening LIVE in the Big Brother house tonight.

    Let’s get through a super quick recap of tonight’s BIG BROTHER so we can concentrate on the good stuff…like who won tonight’s HOH competition.

    Where we are…
    Zach & Amber were on the block. Eric won POV and opted not to use it. Eric and Jessica have been k-i-s-s-i-n-g late night in the HOH bedroom. Dick and Daniele continue to quarrel in the house.

    Romance or Showmance?
    During tonight’s show we met Eric’s EX girlfriend, Cheryl. It seems that he wasn’t lying after all – he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I watch the feeds and I honestly think Eric and Jess truly like each other. Will their relationship continue outside of the BB8 house? I wouldn’t put my money on it. But they do spend a lot of time talking about how they want to be together after the game so you never now. Stranger things have happened.

    You Gotta Have Faith…
    We also got to hear from Jameka’s sister and her pastor. It seems like they all are very pleased with how Jameka has been handling herself in the house. Like her or not, Jameka has been consistent about her faith since Day One of this game…unlike others who seem to turn to God when it’s most convenient for them (I’m not knocking it…just an observation).

    Live Eviction Time…
    Time for the live eviction. One by one the houseguests cast their votes, and in the end it’s Amber that goes home. I know you might not believe me when I say this but Amber cried! Crazy – she’s usually tough as nails. Amber’s heading out to meet Dustin and Jen in the sequester house. I was kind of bummed they didn’t show Jen’s arrival in sequester. I wonder if she actually went or bowed out on the whole thing forfeiting her BB8 stipend.

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    THE OFFICE Season 3 DVD Giveaway

    THE OFFICE Season 3 on DVD

    UPDATE: Oh holy hell…you people love this show!!  I took the day off and just came home to over 500 comments.  It’s so fun to read all your favorite moments of Season 3.  I got a number of emails today asking what my favorite funny moment of S3 was, and as many of you said, it was hard to pick just one.  But I guess I’m going to have to go with Andy’s talking head from “Traveling Salesman”.  Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

    “Oompa loompa, doompadee dossum, Dwight is now gone, which is totally awesome.”
    Why was he gone, he was such a nice guy. No, he was not, he was a total douche. Doompadee doom.

    I have a ton of great DVDs to giveaway over the next week so make sure you check back and each and everyday for a new contest. But for today, being that it’s Thursday and all, I think it’s only appropriate that I giveaway THE OFFICE Season 3 on DVD. I’ve got not one but TWO copies to giveaway today.

    As you would expect, the DVDs are dawesome. So many deleted scenes (and so many more than what were posted on, fantastic commentary and a hysterical blooper reel- and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the DVD extras. Oh and did I mention John Krasinski is in his boxer briefs…no I’m not kidding!!

    DVD Bonus Features:
    • Over 3 hours of never-before-seen, hilarious deleted scenes.
    • Over 16 minutes of laugh-out-loud bloopers.
    • Eight cast commentaries on some of the most comical episodes.
    • “Lazy Scranton” video.
    • The Dwight Schrute music video.
    • The creative videos from NBC’s “Make your own promo” contest.
    • And so much more!

    Want to Win?
    To enter just leave a comment telling us what you thought was the single funniest moment of Season 3. Was there a scene, a line or a moment that just had you rolling? Let us know and BE SPECIFIC!!

    Two winners will be chosen at random from all the comments. Please make sure the email address you provide is valid.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    A few notes on the DVD commentaries after the jump. And if you don’t win, be sure to go out and buy THE OFFICE S3 on DVD when it hits stores September 4, 2007.

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    What to Watch…Thursday, August 30, 2007

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    The second night in a row where I’m not going to be tied to my TiVo. Of course we’ve got BIG BROTHER, but since I already know who is going home (damn you live feed addiction) I’m not overly excited to watch it.

    I have the day off from work and I’m going to spend it with my friend Jess. I’ll have a few more updates this morning (and fun ones at that) but if things are a little quieter than usual around here, that’s why.

    MeeVee RecommendsBig Brother
    “Eviction Night”
    The Big Brother dinner table is getting smaller and smaller each week. After tonight only six houseguests will remain. But will it be Amber or Zach’s picture that fades to black and white tonight? And can Eric, America’s Player, pull off his assigned tasks without putting himself at risk?

    MeeVee RecommendsMad Men
    “Red in the Face”
    A boys’ night out for Roger and Don ends badly as Roger’s erratic behavior damages their relationship; Pete encounters problems on the home front as he and his bride continue to adjust to being married.

    Talk Show Round Up…

    The Late Show with David Letterman
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Willie Nelson & Kenny Chesney

    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jarod Miller, Wilco

    Jimmy Kimmel Live
    George Lopez, Matt Dallas, Yung Joc

    Late Night with Conan O’Brien
    Kevin Bacon, Will Forte, Eisley

    Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    Pamela Anderson & magician Hans Klok, Avi Liberman, Nellie McKay (R 8/3/07)

    Last Call with Carson Daly
    Kathy Griffin, Enrique Iglesias (R 6/22/07)

    The Daily Show
    Stephen F. Hayes (R 8/15/07)

    The Colbert Report
    Markos Moulitsas, Michael Wallis (R 8/15/07)

    THE OFFICE S4 Spoilers – Summer Vacation (New NBC Promo)

    OH MY GOD!! NBC just released a new promo for Season 4 of THE OFFICE and it’s beyond dawesome. Want to know what your favorite Dunder Mifflinites have been up to on their summer vacation? Well how about they tell you in their own words!! There are some spoilers but ones that Greg Daniels and crew clearly were ok with letting slip.

    [gv data=”HCDXIyRdwG0″][/gv]

    My take on the spoilers after the jump!!

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    Shows I Won’t Be Watching: CELEBRITY RAP SUPERSTAR

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    Celebrity Rap Superstar

    So MTV is pairing up eight former famous rappers with eight E-List celebs (I refuse to call them D List out of respect for Kathy Griffin) for their new reality show CELEBRITY RAP SUPERSTAR, which premieres this Thursday at 10/9c. Each week the celeb and their rap star mentor will work together on a rap that the celeb will have to perform live in front of a studio audience and selected judges. Some weeks the celeb will cover familiar rap songs, other times they will have to write their own, and in what is sure to be a complete train wreck the celebs will freestyle rap – 8 Mile style.

    Following each week’s performances the viewing audience will vote for their favorite contestant and the person with the least amount of votes will be eliminated until the rapper with the best skills is chosen as the winner. I wonder if online voting will be allowed because if it is, I think Perez Hilton might have this one locked.

    Here’s a list of the celeb rappers and their superstar mentors. These celebs makes the Dancing with the Stars contestants look like Brad & Angelina.

    The “Celebrity” Wannabe Rappers…

    • Perez Hilton – the producers were smart to pick Perez since they couldn’t pay for the advertising they’ll be getting for free from his website
    • Shar Jackson – K-Fed’s ex, really, shame on them for keeping her in the spotlight
    • Kendra Wilkinson – One of Heff’s girls, I wonder if she’ll get naked for extra votes
    • Sebastian Bach – Now that Gilmore Girls is over, it looks like Sebastian needs a new gig
    • Countess Vaughn – She’s got some pipes, but can she rap?
    • Jason Wahler – Now this is just plain wrong!! I’m surprised he’s doing this because he’s kind of shy (no, I’m not kidding)
    • Kevin Hart – Um, who?
    • Jamal Anderson – name one ex-NFL star who hasn’t tried to rap
    • Efren Ramirez – Once again I ask…who?

    The Rap “Superstars”…

    • Redman
    • Bizarre
    • Too Short
    • Bubba Sparxx
    • Kurupt
    • Tone Loc
    • Warren G
    • McLyte
    • Da Brat
    • DMC

    Just because I won’t be watching doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile for others to check out. If you plan on watching, let me know.

    DANCING WITH THE STARS Announces Season 5 Cast

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    DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 5 Cast Unveiled

    Put on your dancing shoes because it’s time to rumba, waltz, and cha cha with the stars once again.DANCING WITH THE STARS returns to ABC on September 24th and today they announced the new cast. As you would suspect this season’s cast is an eclectic mix of folks eager to reignite their careers. Take a look at this seasons dancers:

    • Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown
    • Sabrina Bryan (The Cheetah Girls)
    • Helio Castroneves (Indianapolis 500 champion, 2001, 2002)
    • Mark Cuban (owner of Dallas Mavericks NBA team)
    • Jennie Garth
    • Josie Maran, model
    • Cameron Mathison (All My Children)
    • Floyd Mayweather Jr., champion boxer
    • Wayne Newton
    • Marie Osmond, singer and actress
    • Albert Reed, model
    • Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)

    I can’t say that I’m overly excited about any of the dancers, but at least the producers stuck with another 90210 alum this season.  That’s reason enough for me to tune in.  Now if they could only land Brian Austin Greene then I’d be hooked.  But I love me some Kelly Taylor, so I’ll be rooting for Jennie Garth to do well.

    Jane Seymour seems like she’d be great at the waltz and the more traditional dances, but if I learned anything from The Wedding Crashers it’s never to underestimate the power of Kitty Kat.

    As for the others…well I can’t say that I’m all too excited.  I haven’t heard of half of them.  Although Mark Cuban should be interesting as he’s certifiably INSANE and he will definitely cause some chaos on the show.  But Wayne Newton? Marie Osmond? Clearly DANCING WITH THE STARS have a very specific target audience they are going after.

    Are you excited about this year’s cast?  Anyone you are rooting for already?  

    TV Podcast #14: Big Brother, K-Ville, Damages & More

    Ducky and GMMR are back with another TV Podcast and this time we’re tackling the nutjobs at Big Brother 8, Kathie’s been to K-Ville and back, and Dan’s been talking to some Damages folks. All of this and more in our TV Podcast #14.

    Ducky Does TV and Give Me My Remote TV Podcast Logo

    Listen to TV Podcast 14

    This week Ducky & GMMR discuss:
    BIG BROTHER, K-VILLE and PRISON BREAK, our upcoming red carpet PUSHING DAISIES event at NYTF, some recent interviews Ducky’s done with the DAMAGES cast and KYLE XY’s Matt Dallas, SUPERNATURAL semi-scoop and more.

    Contest Time: We’re looking to name this here podcast and we’re looking for your suggestions. Please listen and participate – leave name suggestions in the comments section of this post.

    Subscribe via iTunes

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    Listen Online: Podcast #14

    We love to hear from you, so make sure you leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

    MORE after the jump!!

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    What to Watch…Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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    I just checked my MeeVee guide and I don’t have a ton of shows earmarked for tonight.  Am I missing something? Are you guys watching something I’m not tonight?

    Comic-book superhero myths are put to the test. I’ve just added this show to my TiVo. It was never appointment TV before but I’ve really become hooked.

    MeeVee RecommendsLast Comic Standing
    Four comics are left to redeem this faltering reality contest. The challenge: being funny without being too dirty for prime-time TV.

    MeeVee RecommendsRescue Me
    Tommy goes on a date with someone played by Amy Sedaris (Strangers With Candy), the queen of absurd comedy. Should be worth it even if you don’t normally follow the show.

    Bill Clinton to Visit with David Letterman

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    Bill Clinton to Visit with David Letterman

    Former President Bill Clinton will visit the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, Tuesday, Sept. 4th.

    This marks President Clinton’s fourth appearance on the LATE SHOW. His previous visits were June 16, 2005, Aug. 3, 2004, and Sept. 11, 2002 (the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks).

    Mr. Hilary Rodham-Clinton is promoting his new book on citizen activism and public service, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, which will be also be released on Sept. 4, the day of his LATE SHOW appearance. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to various charities and nonprofit organizations. President Clinton’s last book, My Life, was released in 2004 and is one of the best-selling memoirs of all time. To coincide with the release of Giving, President Clinton has launched a new website,, where readers have the opportunity to share their stories of giving and learn more about opportunities to give.

    President Clinton’s visit comes only a few days after his wife, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, makes her seventh appearance on the LATE SHOW, Thursday, Aug. 30.

    “The Beek” Goes On…UGLY BETTY

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    James Van Der Beek

    James Van Der Beek, who much to his dismay will always be fondly remembered as the one and only Dawson Leery, will be making a rare TV appearance this season on UGLY BETTY.  According to E!, James will play the owner of Atlantic Attire, a fashion house who has dealings with the Mode Magazine.  But when Van Der Beek’s character finds out that Mode’s Editor, Alexis Meade (played by Rebecca Romijn) is a transsexual, the business dealings may turn sour.

    My love for Dawson’s Creek (at least the early years) knows no end, and so to hear that a Creek alum will be returning to TV,  even if for a brief stint, makes me happy.  Not as happy as if Josh Jackson got his own lead role on a lead drama series (um, yeah Shonda Rhimes, I’m STILL talking to you), but this will do.

    No word yet as to when The Beek’s appearance will be, but when I know…you’ll know.

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