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FRINGE: John Noble on Walter, Walternate, Peter and Olivia

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Last week’s season premiere of FRINGE gave us a brief glimpse at “our” universe, but tonight’s episode will delve deeper, devoting an entire hour to the fallout from May’s alternate universe-traveling season finale.

As you’ve seen, Peter and “Olivia” are moving ahead with their new relationship — and Fauxlivia is determined to keep her cover intact by any means necessary.

And what is our dear Walter up to? Give Me My Remote caught up with the ridiculously talented John Noble on the show’s Vancouver set and we got his thoughts on the two different versions of his character, the state of the Peter-Walter relationship and whether Fauxlivia is still pulling the wool over Walter’s eyes.

Take a look…

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BONES: Does Booth Love Hannah?

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As BONES fans are well aware, Booth’s new girlfriend is first appearing in tonight’s episode.

Now, Katheryn Winnick (Hannah) has already said that Hannah loves Booth, but does he love her?

Well, you may want to sit down for this. And while you’re at it, please step away from all ledges and sharp objects.

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THE OFFICE: ‘The 3rd Floor’ Web Series Trailer

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THE OFFICE debuts its newest web endeavor on October 21st, and from the trailer NBC has released, it looks good.

Featuring series stars Mindy Kaling (who also directs the project), B.J. Novak, Ellie Kemper, Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner, the Dunder-Mifflinites decide to self-produce a horror film.

Check it out…

Do you think it looks like a good follow-up to “Subtle Sexuality”?

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: New Pic, Moments Later

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Hanna may have been hit by a car, but she ain’t dead, folks!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS doesn’t return until early next year, however the cast and crew are already hard at work on new episodes — this photo being evidence of that.

But we have to question if what we are seeing is real or a figment of someone’s imagination. ‘A’ at Hanna’s hospital bedside?

How could it be?

Have theories?

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THE GOOD GUYS Welcomes Joshua Malina

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Joshua Malina might be the new king of Twitter.

Less than a year after @JoshMalina used the networking site to score a role on BONES, he’s done it again, scoring a role on THE GOOD GUYS.

For those who haven’t been following his Twitter feed — and you should be — Malina has tweeted to and about the people who work on TGG, “trash-talking” his former WEST WING costar Bradley Whitford, telling writers he is game to take Whitford on, etc.

According to Fox — who confirmed Malina’s casting to Give Me My Remote — Malina will appear in the upcoming episode “Supercops” as Assistant Chief Josh Guthrie of the Bureau of Internal Affairs. Guthrie has earned the nickname “Cop Killer,” thanks to his knack for taking dirty cops’ badges. As you might have expected, Guthrie stumbles upon one of Dan’s old cases and sets his eye on Stark’s badge.

How epic is that showdown going to be? Cannot wait!

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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake – The History of Rap

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Try to find something cooler than this on the internet today!

Jimmy Fallon, guest Justin Timberlake and The Roots run through the history of rap on last night’s LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON.

Color me impressed!

I think that’s a video I might need to watch a few more times.


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This podcast, we cover TV’s first casualty (R.I.P. LONE STAR), our favorite new and returning shows, and the shows we’ve already dropped!

Plus we answer listener questions, read some listener feedback and celebrate 4 years of podcasting. 4 years, folks! That’s like a record or something. Give us a cookie!


*Recorded: 9/29/10

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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, September 30, 2010

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I’ll be honest. It took me almost a full week to recover after last Thursday’s premiere night. So many shows, so little space on the DVR.  But I got through it. I hope you did too.  And I hope that you were able to figure out what your new Thursday evening lineup looks like. Share it with us in the comments below. Which shows are you going to watch live, DVR for later, or skip altogether?

Here are a few highlights from tonight’s TV lineup…

My Generation | 8pm on ABC
“Home Movies”
Steven finds his footing as father to his 9-year-old son; Dawn opens up about her family; Rolly, in Afghanistan, misses the big moments in Dawn’s pregnancy. [GMMR: Give us a shout if you watched MY GENERATION last week. Will you be adding it to your regular Thursday night schedule?]

The Big Bang Theory | 8pm on CBS
“The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification”
Sheldon hatches a plan to extend his lifespan when he realizes he won’t be around to see the technology that will be able to download his consciousness into a robot. Steve Wozniak has a cameo.

Community | 8pm on NBC
“Accounting for Lawyers”
Jeff reconnects with his former law-firm colleagues (Rob Corddry, Drew Carey) and returns to some old vices. Seeing the changes in Jeff, the study group decides to come to his rescue, only to find themselves corrupted in the process.

Bones | 8pm on Fox
“The Couple in the Cave”
A surprise visit by Booth’s girlfriend, war correspondent Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick), forces Brennan to take another look at her relationship with Booth. Meanwhile, the team tries to identify a couple whose remains were found in a cave in a national park. [GMMR: Just remember to breathe. Everything will be okay. Kidding. But in case you missed it, check out what Winnick had to say about her new role.] Read more

The Vampire Diaries | 8pm on The CW

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Katherine reveals new secrets; Damon tries to resolve his issues with Mason; Elena and Stefan are left with limited options.

BONES’ Katheryn Winnick: Hannah Truly Does Love Booth

September 29, 2010 by  
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BONES fans, tomorrow night is the night.

Some of you have been anticipating it, some of you have been dreading it, but ready or not, Hannah Burley is making her official debut in Thursday’s episode.

I just got off a conference call with Katheryn Winnick (Hannah) and she spilled some of what we can expect from her character…

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PARENTHOOD: I’m Cooler Than You Think

September 29, 2010 by  
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Small victories are often the sweetest. In a culture that is becoming both more interconnected via computers and smart phones and more impersonal because of texting and busier lifestyles, there are few substitutes for the comfort of simple human kindness. TV writers and producers have hit us over the head for years with stories of kids who suffer from a lack of parental love or involvement. Yet, we rarely talk about Moms and Dads as human beings, who also yearn for the satisfaction of their children’s good deeds, kind words, and respect.

Tonight’s PARENTHOOD sent an important message to parents who tuned in. It is ok to want your children to love you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to build connections with your kids. Isn’t that what raising a family is all about?

In this season’s first two episodes, Adam Braverman was buried under a cloud of workplace distractions. This week, Peter Krause reminded us why no other actor could play Adam with as much authenticity. Adam’s conversations with Kristina and Gabby about Max’s lack of social skills were brutally revealing, demonstrating how emasculating it could be for a father to think of himself as a stranger to his own son. However, Krause’s best moment was unaccompanied by dialogue. Early in the episode, Adam caught a glimpse of Max on the staircase, head buried in a video game and removed from the family dynamic, then watched Joel and Sydney completely in sync, planning a father/daughter building project.

It has become a tradition for PARENTHOOD to move me to tears, and the fearful look in Krause’s eye just slayed me. Powerful, powerful stuff…

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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Eat a healthy lunch. Take a 2 p.m. siesta if you can. There’s a lot of TV to watch tonight and I don’t want any of you falling asleep too early.

Here are a few highlights from this evening’s TV lineup…

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
Mike and Frankie must decide whether to attend Axl’s football game or Sue’s first cross-country meet; after raking the yard, Brick wants to set the leaves free in the forest.

Survivor: Nicaragua | 8pm on CBS
“Glitter in the Eyes”
A battle erupts over a clue to the hidden immunity idol; a fearless competitor makes a bold move to earn an upper hand.

Undercovers | 8pm on NBC 
Steven and Samantha must rescue a scientist who is kidnapped by the security detail that was hired to protect her. [GMMR: Did you watch the premiere last week? I’d love to hear from those who have added UNDERCOVERS to their Wednesday night schedule.] Read more

GLEE: ‘Brittany/Britney’ – The Best Episode of GLEE Ever?

September 28, 2010 by  
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You can disagree and say that Tuesday night’s Britney Spears-themed episode of GLEE wasn’t the best hour of the series thus far, but you’d be wrong. And you’d have to live with the knowledge that you are wrong for the rest of your life.

“Brittany/Britney” was 44 minutes of hilarious dialogue, fun songs, fierce dancing and laugh out loud brilliance!

If Heather Morris wasn’t given the spotlight tonight, she certainly would have stolen it. Morris sparkled (and I’m not just talking about that hot see-thru get up she wore during ‘Slave 4 U’) as she embodied the sexiness and energy of Ms. Spears. I think she had us all wondering why tonight was the first time she was given the chance to show us the true extent of her talent. She was fantastic!

I was worried that an episode that focused so much on Brittany would be overkill and would take away from that special something she brings to each hour with her hilarious interjections. But my worries were for naught. She had more lines than ever and each one was more zingy than the last!

In fact, I think this episode was by far the most quotable episode of GLEE to date. I wanted to jot down my favorites to share with you, but it seemed I was pausing a few times in every scene to capture the notable quotables.

Before I share Tuesday night’s best lines, there are probably a few more things we should cover.  So while I’m busy getting that blue stuff off my teeth, here are some other thoughts to ponder… Read more

BONES Welcomes Back NIKITA’s Tiffany Hines

September 28, 2010 by  
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On last week’s BONES season premiere, Cam’s job was in jeopardy, but now she has something to look forward to: her adopted daughter, Michelle, will be back on-screen later this season.

Tiffany Hines, who plays Michelle — and who is currently starring on The CW’s NIKITA — has tweeted about her return to BONES, and Fox has confirmed to Give Me My Remote that she is filming scenes for the seventh episode of the season this week.

Hines last appeared on the series in April’s “The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle,” when Cam went on a quest to find Michelle an OB-GYN. So what brings her back to the show this time?

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LONE STAR Canceled

September 28, 2010 by  
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LONE STAR is the first show of the 2010 fall season to be canceled.

Despite dismal ratings in its first week on the air, Fox gave LONE STAR a second shot this Monday, but to no avail, pulling just 3.2 million viewers in.

LIE TO ME will fill its spot on the schedule for now.

Other new series in trouble at the moment? NBC’s OUTLAW (4.9 million), ABC’s MY GENERATION (5.2 million) and THE WHOLE TRUTH (4.9 million).

Any thoughts?

Speak to us in the comments section…

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