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We’ve Got a Hot One Tonight…

March 14, 2006 by  

I was less than enthusaed during the first half hour of American Idol. I figured a night of Stevie Wonder songs was going to be crazy good, but the show started off slow. As Simon said (left arm up…sorry), but as he said it was like we were watching two different shows. There were some truly amazing performances tonight, most notably from Katherine McPhee, Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks and my favorite Idol-wannabe, Chris Daughtry. I’ve already watched Chris’s performance of “Higher Ground” twice..is was that good.I’m with the Vegas oddmakers on this one. I think my boy Chris is going to take it all. What did you think of tonight’s performances? I love to hear how others interpreted the same show.

And as always, the best place to talk all things Idols is over with our friends at Idol Chatter.

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  1. duckyxdale on March 15th, 2006 9:30 am

    Really GMMR, the best place to laugh about Idol is on your friends blog, well mine at least! Kidding, I do love writing about these Idol kids! And could we love us some Chris Daughtry more? Good God Man!