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Big Brother Spoilers…The Golden Power of Uh Oh

August 7, 2006 by  

Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother: All Stars is damn good TV. Now don’t get all snotty on me and say you are sooo above reality TV. It’s here, and it’s now going away, so learn to enjoy it (TWSS). Anyway, I’ve been so into BB:All Stars this season, and I’m so glad that my friend Queen TV watches the feeds so she can give us the inside scoop.

Ok, so if you missed last night’s show, here’s what went down this pas week (courtesy of Queen TV):

After a completely unsurprising 7-1 eviction for Diane we got treated to the annual endurance HOH competition. All the houseguests got to lounge on a huge spider web and get gross stuff sprayed on them in the process. There were 5 mystery eggs to the first 5 to give up in the competition: 2 of them were rotten, 1 had a slop free week pass, 1 had a eviction vote nullifier and the last egg had $10,000.Will naturally was the first houseguest to get off the web and chose a rotten egg. Janelle was instructed that after about 90 minutes that the remaining HOH contest participants had to crawl under the web and hang from the bottom using only arms and legs. People started dropping out very quickly after that, James being the second one out and chose the eviction vote nullification power. Then Kaysar and Boogie came off about the same time. Boogie got the $10,000 and Kaysar chose the last rotten egg. Marcellas came off a little bit later and obtained the slop pass. George fell shortly after leaving Erika, Howie and Danielle. It was Danielle who wanted the HOH the most begging both Howie and Erika to get HOH. Howie fell and Erika gave it to Danielle. Less than 2 1/2 hours after the HOH competition began, Danielle walked away the victor.

On Friday Danielle nominated Janelle and James with the intention of getting Janelle out of the house. James wasn’t too upset about the nomination but wasn’t exactly sure of Danielle’s plan. Danielle mentioned she wanted to make it look like her and James do not have an alliance but the house isn’t buying it. Chill Town wants to flip the script to get James out but are not sure they have the numbers.


Saturday was the veto competition that was another how bad do you want it type of games that involved the food competition as well. Janelle, James, Danielle, Marcellas, Will and Boogie competed in the veto this week. It seems that there was a lot of hot sand and an elaborate set up in the backyard for the veto. The game appeared to work in a way that they would earn points for answering questions and giving up something (food, running water, beds) and could use points to buy things (trip, phone call, party). In the end Janelle has the most points accumulated and won the veto. This throws a huge wrench in Danielle’s plan as she is very unhappy Janelle won the veto. Danielle will likely put up Kaysar but Boogie is begging her to put up Marcellas. Kaysar would likely get voted out if he went up but there might be numbers to evict James against Kaysar. There was a lot of wheeling and dealing in the veto competition so it will take a while to sort out who agreed to what but Danielle will have to be in solitary confinement for 24 hours as one of the things she agreed to. UPDATE SPOILER: Danielle replaced Janelle with Kaysar on the chopping block. So it’s either James or Kaysar going home this week.

Oh snap…this was a MAJOR blow to the Legion Of Doom alliance. The Season 6 Alliance can’t seem to lose, and Chilltown..well they just continue to DOMINATE this competition. They don’t win the vetoes, and they haven’t managed and HOH, but Chilltown is really taking over this game. Will and Boogie should have been out weeks one and two respectively, but they have managed to play this game so smart that they have avoided eviction thus far. It’s really intriguing to watch how this is playing out.

I think James is probably freaking out right now about being on the chopping block. I don’t think he has enough votes to beat out Kaysar. Even though he’s still in the S6 Alliance, I think Kaysar is well liked enough to pull Chilltown and Floater votes away from James. Oh Danielle, you better ENJOY that solitary confinement because the minute you get out, James is going to be bitching your ear off.

Queen TV is a special contributor to GMMR. She loves to dish about TV just as much as the rest of us. Make sure you head over to her site, for more TV spoilers and gossip.

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