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AGE OF LOVE’s Bachelor Likes ’em Young

June 25, 2007 by  

AGE OF LOVE, Mark PhilippoussisTalk about guilty pleasure. After just one episode I’m already hooked on NBC’s AGE OF LOVE. It’s got everything a good (and by good I mean trashy) reality show should have. A hot guy, catty woman, really bad faux boobs and drama, drama, drama. Tonight the “cougars” and Mark are meeting “the kittens” and we can expect a few catfights.

In the first episode, it was clear that AGE OF LOVE bachelor, Mark Philippoussis, considered the idea of dating a woman in her 40’s was a fate worse than death. Granted all the cougars look like they were castoffs from “Real Housewives of Orange County” (aka fake, orange, and desperate to appear much, much younger than they are) so I’m not sure you can blame him. But do the cougars even stand a chance given Mark’s predilection for the young ladies?

Philippoussis has a track record for young love that’s not only creepy but borderline illegal. The tennis pro, who has been linked with Paris, Tara Reid and Anna Kournikova, was actually engaged…to an 18 year old…when he was 28. Ew. When Mark started dating his former fiance, Alexis Barbara, she was still in high school. And according to BuddyTV, just a year before Mark started dating Alexis, he was involved in relationship with Austrailian singer Delta Goodrem, who was just 19 while was Mark 27.

So why would the producers go with a guy that has such an obvious “taste” for younger women? The creator of the show told me personally that “they were lucky to find someone so open to being in love as Mark”. Hmmm. It all seems a little suspect to me, but I’ll still be watching, so they obviously know what they’re doing.

If you missed last week’s premiere episode, read SB’s AGE OF LOVE recap here.

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