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What to Watch…Thursday, August 16, 2007

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So much TV…so little time.  I didn’t include the ‘Talk Show Roundup’  as almost all the late night night shows are in repeats.  But please be sure to check out THE DAILY SHOW tonight as Senator (and Presidential hopeful) John McCain will be Jon Stewart’s guest.

Check out just a few of the shows on tonight. What are you watching tonight?

MeeVee RecommendsSo You Think You Can Dance
The grand season finale reveals America’s Favorite Dancer. It’s sniff all over sniff tonight sniff.

MeeVee RecommendsMad Men
Don wins an award and a feature in Advertising Age, but it’s not as nice as he had hoped. Peggy and Joan learn some interesting secrets in the office.

MeeVee RecommendsBurn Notice
Fiona hunts down an alleged jewel thief she believes is innocent. So Michael investigates to find the real culprit. Elsewhere, Michael plots against the man who had him fired.

MeeVee RecommendsBig Brother
Tonight could be the most important night in the game thus far. The houseguests vote to evict either Dick or Dustin. Did America’s vote play a role in this week’s eviction?

MeeVee RecommendsBounty Girls Miami
Female bounty hunters track down bail-jumpers: an interstate flight from burglary and grand theft charges, plus two potentially violent “customers.”

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