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More Ways to See NBC Fall Shows Early

September 14, 2007 by  

Yesterday we reported that Blockbuster was renting the NBC Fall pilots for free, but why go all the way to the video store when you can just use your remote. Some cable companies are offering CHUCK, BIONIC WOMAN and LIFE through their On Demand feature for free. I’m watching CHUCK right now (just to make sure it works, not because I need to see it for the 8th time…really). Not sure if your cable company is offering JOURNEYMAN, mine oddly is not.

More Ways to See NBC Fall Shows Early

If you cable company is offering it, leave a comment and let us know!!  And once you watch the shows, provide you mini-review in the comments (with no spoilers).  I might be posting some of your thoughts the day after the premiere.


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10 Responses to “More Ways to See NBC Fall Shows Early”

  1. More Ways to See NBC Fall Shows Early — All This Nonsense on September 14th, 2007 9:24 am

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  2. Martha on September 14th, 2007 9:46 am

    This is a genius move on the part of the network. I’m always so excited about the return of my favorite shows that the new shows get lost in the shuffle, but if I can watch the pilot BEFORE everything else comes back I might get hooked.

  3. Dustin Mayfield on September 14th, 2007 10:07 am

    TiVo is offering NBC pilots on the tivo box through the Amazon UnCut feature on the 2nd Generation box…

  4. Brad on September 14th, 2007 10:21 am

    Yeah, ditto what Dustin said. I already downloaded “Life” and “Bionic Woman.” Watched “Bionic” already and can’t wait for more!

  5. SB on September 14th, 2007 10:48 am

    Me and Billy have decided to wait until they’re on TV, but it is so hard when they’re so available! I’m especially having a hard time staying away from Chuck, but I think it’ll make my recap more enthusiastic, and I’m all about the dedication to GMMR. 🙂

  6. Give Me My Remote on September 14th, 2007 10:56 am

    SB – You were the one person I thought would watch early so you could get a head start 🙂

  7. Dianne on September 14th, 2007 12:13 pm

    Saw these 3 on my ON DEMAND cable:

    Journeyman – it was fantastic. Kevin McKidd is such a good actor. I’m hooked on this show for sure. Solid A
    Then I watched Chuck. I was either smiling or laughing OUT LOUD the entire time. A+
    Bionic Woman was good, but not as good as I hoped. The bad chick is much more interesting that the one we’re supposed to be routing for. I give it a B

  8. JJ on September 14th, 2007 1:05 pm

    Just watched “Chuck” on DISH Network’s on demand. Very entertaining show. It has a mix of comedy, action and suspense that makes it very unique.

  9. k on September 14th, 2007 2:11 pm

    My cable company has offered: Life, Bionic Woman & Chuck. I have no interest in watching Life, so not comment. But Chuck was very cute & fun. I don’t know how I feel about the female CIA agent. She certainly is not a Sydney Bristow! I definitely enjoyed the show – but I’m not sure it has the potential to keep me sucked in week after week. But I’m certainly going to give it some time.
    Bionic woman *sigh*… I love me some Starbuck! She was amazing as the baddie! While watching it, I asked is it wrong that I’m cheering for the ‘bad girl’? Also, I know that Egg’s (Arrested Development) role was recast due to a lack of chemistry?!?! Ok, that new little sister was extremely annoying – could Egg have been worst? Finally, the actual Bionic Woman… she is just not what I’d like to see in my kick-ass action hero. This show – I’m willing to give it a little more time b/c I do love the concept but I fear that any episode without Starbuck (Katee Sackoff) will be painful.

  10. silsont on September 14th, 2007 4:34 pm

    I downloaded my early previews from amazon unbox via my TiVo for free. First time I’ve tried it and it was pretty cool.

    Quick thoughts:
    I loved Chuck! It was a great blend of action and comedy. Can’t wait to see more!

    As for Bionic Woman, it was alright. Maybe I’ve seen too many commercials and previews, but I was very underwhelmed. The acting by the lead was a little stiff and it was a bit cartoon-y. I’ll give it a chance but I don’t have high hopes.

    I still need to download and watch Journeyman, but I love the lead actor (I forget his name) from one of my favorite HBO series Rome. The guy who played Pullo (sp?) should definitely make a guest appearance. =)