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Ryan Sutter Gives Fatherly Advice

April 7, 2008 by  

Ryan Sutter Gives Fatherly AdviceOne of the very few “we met on TV and actually fell in love” reality TV success stories is that of “Bachelorette” Trista Rehn and her dreamy husband, Ryan Sutter. I was one of those suckers that were pulling for Trista to pick Ryan from the minute he walked out of the limo, and followed them through happily to their lavished (televised) nuptials. And now a few years later, together they have an adorable 7-month old son, Max (it looks like Max got his Daddy’s baby blues).

Ryan still remains as easy on the eyes and is swoonworthy than ever – especially after reading his “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Dad’s” piece for MomLogic.com.

1. Even when you’re about to breastfeed, we get turned on because we’re guys and we just see boobs.

2. When we’re left in charge, we break all the rules. (Sorry, Trista, I know you said it was too cold for Max and me to go out the other day, but we bundled up and went anyway.)

3. Sometimes we “don’t realize” they have poopy diapers and let you discover it.

4. Dads are sensitive too, and sometimes we feel fat.

5. Honestly, we do steal glances at cute 25-year-olds who walk by. That’s why we never leave home without our sunglasses!

6. We really do love having our mothers-in-law around when they help with the kids and give us a break.

7. We’re actually proud when he discovers his pee-pee.

8. It’s really sexy when you have no makeup on. Honestly, we prefer less makeup and seeing you in casual clothes.

9. We’re scared to death during the days leading up to the due date. We have no idea what to expect during the birth process. Everyone says just focus on caring for your wife…what does that mean? We need more direction than that!

10. We just don’t talk about beer and sports with our friends. We talk about being dads and how much we love our kids and wives.

For an exclusive photo gallery of Ryan and baby Max, click on the link below click here to head over to MomLogic.com

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